Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 24th: Pass the Pepper, Please?

Too Much Pepper?

If you like your turkey (or your face) extra-spicy, you can probably hire Lt. Pike to come by your house with fresh pepper spray.  I, for one, will stick with just fresh-ground pepper.

On a more serious note, I’d like to say how thankful I am, on this Thanksgiving day and every day, to have such a wonderful family.  I’m speaking of my Zoo family.  Faceless and far apart, nevertheless you are always here to share laughter, sadness, joy, outrage, ideas, photographs, or just a simple electronic hug when needed.  I have learned so much from all of you, and you have had a profound effect on my life.  To my fellow Critters and our many frequent and always-welcome guests, I thank you all for being who you are, and I’m thankful to be part of such a talented, intelligent, and loving family.

Wherever you are today, I wish you all a wonderful day, with good people around you and good food in front of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

This is our open thread.  What are YOU thankful for?

80 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 24th: Pass the Pepper, Please?

  1. Lt Pike (hopefully, soon to be parking enforcement officer Pike or homeless and unemployed), I’ll bet you never planned on your fifteen minutes lasting sooooo long.
    And, their not over yet.

    You’re now an albatross and your former career is effectively over.
    Got kids in a local school? Good luck.
    Remember how you urinated and defecated in detainees food when you were at the station? (cops never do that)
    Have you been contacted by a lot of real estate agents offering to help you sell because, you will eventually move?
    Life has some real surprises waiting for you that wil linger on.

    Maybe Karl Rove could use you on his staff.

  2. I hope all of you enjoy a day of love and abundance. I also hope that those of you required to spend time with wingnut relatives have either the gift of patience or some excellent whiskey.
    I include you folks among the many things I have to be thankful for.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. There are many things for which I am thankful.

    I am thankful for having been invited to be a part of The Zoo from its beginning, and for the wonderful people I’ve come to know here.

    I am thankful for the internet (It’s a series of TUBES) and for Al Gore for creating the initiative that led to it, so that we could have a Zoo and I could meet you people.

    I am thankful for Twitter, which allows me to give snarky replies to RWers like @KarlRove, who thanks our military personnel serving overseas away from their families on the holidays. I replied, “Happy Thanksgiving to you, Karl. I remember when I was stationed overseas during the holidays. What about you?” Hee-hee.

    I am thankful for our military personnel who serve overseas, away from their families, during the holidays. I know how they feel.

  4. I have my Thanksgiving wish fulfilled. I have a job. And all you great folks to tell about it.

    And a new post from Margaret and Helen! Don’t run over each other to get there! 😀

    Oh, and how about the Mercedes Official who got arrested under the new Alabama anti-furriner law? I am still laughing about that one!

  5. I am also very thankful for my family, both around here and here at the Zoo. I am also thankful I have a job. At present that thanks is a teeny bit begrudged because I have to work both today and tomorrow. Not full time and mostly on the computer. Hope all of you have wonderful days. (For the feetsball types the Packers/Lions game should be interesting.)

    • Hoodathunk, sorry you have to work, but I’m glad that at least you could join us here.

      Indeed, the Packers/Lions game should be good. Funny, last week the point spread for the Packers vs Tampa Bay was 14-1/2. They only won by 11, today the spread is down to 6-1/2.

      • Should be a great game. I like the Packers but damn, those Lions are a different team than the last 100 thanksgiving games. I’m going to pull for the Lions – Detroit could use some good times.

    • Because, in spite of a higher percentage of raises, when you start so low, it doesn’t mean much. If they didn’t have free health care and PX privileges they would really be hurting.

      • hooda, it’s like after WW I in Europe. The corporate assholes have created their own time machine and it is the weakest who got front seats back to misery.

  6. The aforementioned expressions of gratitude exemplify the magnamousity of this conglomeration of individuals previously disconnected from one another now cojoined through electromagnetic impulses transmitted via international commerce, for which I must heretofore and for all times present, past and expected in perpetuity be humbly thankful for my admittance into, and, yes, even acceptance by, said conglomeration.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving all! I’m grateful to have a quiet warm space that’s mostly dry, a freeze dried 4 man turkey tetrazzini dinner for later, and above all, freedom.
    For all those who have struggled, suffered, been detained, tortured and died this past year for the cause of freedom, regardless of culture or tradition; you are first and foremost in my prayers of thanks.

  8. New Fox News lie: “Weapons cache” found among OWS seized property. Only knives were mentioned and vague references to “potential weapons” (a pencil can be a potential weapon”), and hypodermic needles (well, they did have a medical tent which got seized in the raids.) Talk about an unfair and unbalanced report. No comment from anyone within OWS.

  9. I’ve been watching MSNBC this morning and first saw this Al Sharpton promo. This just strikes me as hilarious! And true.

  10. I’m starting a new tradition and only eating Halal and Kosher foods for Thanksgiving. No unblessed, unclean christian crap for me.

    Hoping all zoo critters have a wonderful day.

  11. You’ve all summed up the blessings in my life as well: a roof, heat, food, job, and friends and family. And a health plan that apparently pays $3500/month for my wife’s MS treatment.

    I’m having a lunch/dinner with my parents at The Home and then driving to Eugene for the big event, with my son, his g.f. and a group of other friends. Lots of great food and wine to be thankful for.

    Oh, and no football.

  12. Have a good day Zoosters….. driving with the Turtles to Leavenworth to join friends….

    No hand-egg will be watched……

  13. Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    Just popped the Turkey in the oven and am currently watching the Macy’s parade. Llooking forward to the OWS Sitdown entry to be followed by the UC David Precision Pepper-spraying Cops. 😉

    Love to you all. I am thankful that so many smart and funny people reside in one place…

  14. Best of the day to everyone! The traditional Thanksgiving pizza is on the “Presto” pizza cooker (DiGiorno’s Rising Crust Spicy Chicken Supreme, supplemented with fresh sliced jalapeno and tomato.)

    I remain thankful for friends and colleagues who value my company enough to ensure that neither I nor my cats end up on the street; for the opportunities thus created to be a functioning human being in Aristotle’s sense of eudaimonia; for the projects I’m able to engage in because of all this; for the grace to actually be gracious when friends bestow these gifts upon me.

    (And if you don’t already know, this last is the one that really requires gritting your teeth. If it is better to give than to receive, it is only because it is easier. The receiver must choke back his pride and, if possible, stay clear on those times he earned this generosity by being generous.)

    Grace, delight, and peace to you all.

  15. I did get a meal which included roast beef, fried chicken, country ham, turkey, and pork ribs, plus green beans, turnip greens, yams, and I don’t know what all else.

    Had to pick the future-ex up from cleaning/feeding animals at her pet store, so we went to Barnhills Buffet for lunch. Nobody’s cooking this year.

  16. For a whole bunch of reasons, that I won’t dwell on, I find the holiday season to be a trial. So? Today I’m thankful for a quiet afternoon with my cat, a new computer to keep me occupied, temperatures of nearly 60 degrees that facilitated a long walk, my best friend who is going to stop by with leftovers on the way home from his family gathering, and the bottle of schnapps my friendly neighborhood liquor store owner gave me for customer appreciation day (NOTE: I think that also means I should cut down a bit but I’ll cross that bridge another day.).

    Be safe and well, everyone.

    • Nothing wrong with quiet holidays good friend, and not making a whole lot of plans.
      Impromptu dinner here in the park with all those who don’t have anywhere else they need to be, could be interesting… have a good evening and remember to check in later. Cheerfullness!

    • I’m with you, Pete, I’m not good with the holidays, for reasons which everyone here knows. A quiet day avoiding people would be really nice. Unfortunately, it’ll just get worse (as will I) as the next several weeks go by.

      • Me too. By the time New Year’s rolls around every “merry Christmas” is like salt in a wound. Thankfully, I have good friends who know better than to pester me about it but I have been known to glare at “bell ringers”.

    • Ah yes. That reminds me of an old joke that, to the best of my knowledge, an old friend came up with.

      Q: Where have you been?
      A: Burning the cat.
      Q: It took you four hours to burn the cat?
      A: Well. It took three hours just to cook it.

      • Monty Python ( to the best of my recollection):
        Mrs PepperpoI 1:( Graham Chapman, I think) :”I had to bury the cat last week”
        Mrs Pepperpot 2 ( Terry Jones) : “Oh dear, was that difficult?
        Mrs Pepperpot 1 : “I should say so! It wasn;t dead yet!”

        I suspect this joke actually dates back the the Sumerian rule of Hammurabi, about 2500 BCE? .

  17. Heh! Ms. Kelly is going with the “you took it out of context” excuse for her “pepper spray is a food product” quip. Just once I would like to hear one of them say “you’re right, that was a horrible thing to say and I’m sorry”. Of course, in this case, that would entail an admission that the victims really didn’t do a damn thing to provoke the assault by police. That wouldn’t pass muster over at FAUX”News”.

  18. I am still trying to fathom out why the folks over at TP think that human rights are not an issue on weekends or national observances.

    • Is there a story if there’s no one there to write it?

      PBS Newshour is the best option except for Al Jazeera or RT America on a day like today. BBC America is running a Star Trek – Next Generation marathon, so no BBC World News there.
      Faux GOP TV and Faux GOP Business TV have their regular programs listed. Facism never takes a holiday.

  19. The Texas – Texas A&M football game tonight is The Aggies’ last as a member of the Big 12. Next year they join the Southeastern Conference. It’s also the last time they will play each other for the foreseeable future.

  20. To my fellow Zoo Critters all: Happy Thanksgiving.

    Thanks to Zooey for establishing this venue, and thanks to the official Critters for sustaining it and thanks to those ( including me, I guess) who, dare I say, “Occupy” it.

    I not only enjoy the company here, but I am also uplifted by them ( meaning the rest of you who aren’t me–which would be you lot of course,
    I just got back from working today and then catching up on/responding-to vital emails—damn its bee two hours to do that! And let’s see,,, it’s about 9:45 pm my time and I have another probably 10-hour shift tomorrow, so I should really get to bed by 11 pm but I have to make a last minute run to the shops for some necessaries but that gives me time to get in one last comment for tonight,

    So back in a few—but meanwhile my extra warmest regards to all here at the Zoo,

  21. So, I worked 10 hours today, and will likely work 10 hours tomorrow, putting up Christmas decorations,
    It really is a fundamentally stupid job but it is one I am thankful for. I don;t resent it, even though it is stupid, because it foes no great harm, it keeps me from being homeless, and I get to work with some very interesting and pleasant people.
    So that’s my Thanksgiving and despite my work being part and parcel of commercialization and vapidity, it is still not without the Thanksgiving spirit, though only because of the spirits of the people I work with rather than those I work for at this time and in this business/ .

    So I have plenty to be thankful for–but there is no deity or mysterious force which deserves my thanks, but rather my fellow human beings who by accident or design, have helped tangible and intangible but nonetheless meaningful, ways.

    My heartfelt best wishes and warmest regards all critters and ‘zoosters’.

  22. This is late, but I’ve had company since I got out of bed this morning and I just now finished doing the dishes. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. You all have meant an awful lot to me.
    I too am especially grateful this Thanksgiving for health and well-being. There are some things happening in my life that are very sad and tragic at the moment, and I am realizing once again just how short a time we are here on this earth, and how fragile life can be. I am grateful for the time I am given and I just hope I can give back as much as I have been given, to make the most of my time here and do right by all those I come in contact with. I am grateful for my family and friends, for my wonderful husband, for shelter, warmth in the cold, food, and for all that is good and beautiful. I sometimes miss the good and the beautiful when I get so caught up in being so distracted and angry with things that are wrong in this country and around the world. Kinda hard sometimes to find balance..
    I am grateful for TheZoo, for all the Critters I’ve gotten to know for the last four years, for all the Zoosters I have met since. You are all pretty wonderful people and I count you as friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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