Picture of the Day: Castor II

The Castor transport has reached it’s destination.

The overwhelming majority of protesters remained peaceful, which in itself is surprising, given the official contempt for their cause. Since the first CASTOR rolled in 1995 all they got was more police in full riot gear, but noone listened to their just complaints. The Gorleben storage site is labeled temporary, that is a lie. As of yet there are not even serious attempts at finding a final storage place, I can’t blame the residents of the area for their wrath.

The State of Lower Saxony has another site, which is already in deep trouble.


4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Castor II

  1. There is NOTHING temporary about anything involving nuclear energy.

    Side note: Texans call it nukular enurgee.

    • Vinyl, depends how you define temporary, if you have 600 million years it hardly matters. It totally gets my goat to see the nuclear industry in league with governments disregarding the will of the people.

  2. That’s because biggest corporations can monopolize nuclear but they can’t solar and wind.

    • Right, but they’re stupid enough not to make use of what comes cheap, because it is just there.

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