dapper ducks

Harlequin ducks have few rivals for a sense of style, both in plumage and activity. Inhabiting wild waters of surf and stream, they dive and squirt off the rocks with aplomb.

A combination of early morning low tide, a sunny day and wet feet got me close enough for these shots.

6 thoughts on “dapper ducks

  1. Exquisite!
    That Harlequin wanted to be photographed and you certainly captured it well!

    …a sunny day and wet feet got me close enough for these shots.

    You may be the only ‘webbed footed’ Raven!

    • I got some nice warm rubber boots to wear on the beach, but there’s always a sneaker wave that comes up over the top of them… ;>

  2. Life is quirky…
    In my e-mail, from Peninsula Birding forum. this morning:

    (Coyote Point, San Mateo, CA)

    The drake harlequin duck was seen amongst the flotilla of surf scoters along the jetty north of the marina.
    Also, there was a solitary Bonaparte’s gull on the shell bank east of the marina.

    • I imagine they are moving down the coast, I saw one up on the Strait of Juan de Fuca about a month ago. I’m trying to get all the shorebirds sorted out right now, gulls will have to wait. They are challenging in their winter plumage.

      • They are a rarity around these parts.
        From what I’ve read and e-mail discussion with ‘bird folk’: Northern California, near the Oregon border, is generally the furthest south they venture.

        Your photos are gorgeous – and impressive!

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