The Watering Hole: December 31 – What’s Really New?

Happy New Year everybody ! (about 23 hours and 29 minutes early)

Blurb from Popular Science - September, 1922

While doing some research on early 20th Century electronics, I hitched onto the above blurb. I explored a bit further and became even more convinced that every day is Groundhog Day. The articles were all sensational both then and now. Some were based on fact, and some on fantasy – according to more recent scientific findings. What is amazing is how often they were right.

To take a few examples from back then, these (plus the one above) offer a few examples of the absurd:

  • Electric Spark to Ignite Aviator’s Cigarette (Can’t do this, even in the lavatory!)
  • New Phonograph Built Like Human Ear (Hearing aid?)
  • Voting Machine Arrests “Repeater” (Don’t voter ID laws solve this?)
  • Will This “Whirling Leaf” Flying Machine Solve Greatest Problem in Aviation? (Pilot error?)
  • Typewriter Prints Whole Word at a Touch (Can it discern between “everybody” and “every body”?)

There is even a blurb on shale being the elixir for the nation’s energy problems!

Others can be harbingers of practically when adjusted to a practical design. For one:

  • Mirror at Blind Crossing Warns Motorists
    Now convex mirrors are prevalent examples of how this can be made practical.

Still all-in-all, ideas then were only limited by the science of the time. There were still some interesting thoughts on weaving together the fabric of the Universe around us. They even speculated on the existence of multiple universes. What makes human curiosity today differ from what it was then, from the Greek philosophers or the individual who first fashioned a stone ax? Leaves a bit for thought!

This is your Open Thread. Now it’s your time to think! Or opine.

Music Night, December 30, 2011-Almost a new year

I considered Them the coolest band of the British Invasion, mostly ignored in later days even though their lead singer wrote the seminal rock & roll tune of the period, along with several other superb songs. The songs of their debut album stand the test of time, as does the lead singer, who has had a tremendous and highly-respected career in the years since. I don’t know if this is a great song to end 2011, but the performance is brill. No lip syncing here.

Really, don’t skip this one.

The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 29th: Dizzy

Republican debates…who’s up…who’s down…Donald Trump…Herman Cain…15 minutes of fame stretched into more than 15 days of insanity…Rick Perry…Michele Bachman…Rick Santorum…Jon Huntsman…forever Ron Paul…oh, and Mitt Romney…
Pundits…polls…pontifications…predictions…profound pronouncements…
Birth certificate…next…“oops”…pause…start over…more polls…new
leader…which one now?…”Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan-stan”…next…The gunslinger?…
the lady with the crazy eyes?…the “diplomat”?…Gran’pappy Amos?…the
god-boy?…oh, yeah, and Mitt Romney…more polls…WTF-Newt Gingrich?…
Gingrich takes lead instantly…anyone but Mitt Romney…more debates…
Newt speaks…Newt’s lead shrinks as his ego inflates…hypocrisy…
wives…”patriotism defense”…“invented people”…polls, polls, polls…
another debate…pundits prognosticate…flip-flops…photo ops…
Newt’s veneer thins…Paul avoids “personal responsibility”…what
newsletter?…I didn’t write that…I didn’t say that…another
debate…pundits…text polls…more polls…oh, yeah,
and Mitt Romney’s steady in the polls…anyone
but Romney…Buddy Roemer, where are you?
…strategists speculate…idiots bloviate…
money pours in…PACs weigh in…
watch it all spin…I’m dizzy
it’s not even

This is our daily Open Thread, what’s buzzing in your head?

The Watering Hole: Wednesday, …….December 28, 2011……. …..Hump DayyaD pmuH…..

Well, another year, shot to hell. Obama’s still the President, much to the chagrin of Christian Extremists. Osama bin Laden is dead, much to the chagrin of Christian Extremists.

Obamacare is still the law of the land; the government didn’t get shut down; and Republicans have gone on record supporting tax breaks for the very, very rich at the expense of everyone else.

Occupy Wall Street sprang out of nowhere and put the issue of the disparity of wealth, opportunity and power in the forefront of the news. Whether the movement will gain any traction going into the coming primaries and fall election remains to be seen. For now, it is enough that the ruling class has called out their police forces to put down the movement with violence, while letting Teabaggers attend protests bearing sidearms and assault rifles.

The battle lines are being drawn. It’s the age-old battle between altruism and selfishness. Just think, in a little more than 11 months, God will come and call the game on account of Judgment Day.

Or not.

This is our open thread.

O pen, opine,

or pen

a pun.