Music Night, Dec. 2, 2011 We have a theme!

Mind you, it didn’t start out as a theme but rather a tribute to one of the greatest doo-wop tunes of all time. It evolved, except evolution doesn’t exist. So let’s say I intelligently designed it. Needless to say, because y’all always do, you can ignore the theme and even skip my contribution entirely. Hope you all have a great night and weekend.

More below the fold. I try to avoid music videos without visuals of the musicians, but this version of a song recorded by a zillion artists, may be my favorite.


96 thoughts on “Music Night, Dec. 2, 2011 We have a theme!

    • Crap that is good. I closed my eyes, took a drag from my smoke, and visualized sitting in a dark pub watching Sonny Boy Williamson live in front of me.

  1. Heard What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on the radio as I was running some errands this evening. Just had to share. And with this I bid you all a good night. πŸ™‚

    • oh, be still my heart — I’ve bookmarked this!
      Just Googled – again tragic results from booze and drugs…more is the pity a talent cut short!

  2. How could I forget? Had to get back out of bed to post this one….. Alan Hull Angels at Eleven.

    “Oh when you’re lying beside me I swear that the angels guide me…” – night for real now..

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