Not ROMNEY! The GOP needs a Sorting Hat.

Sorting Hat: Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of hypocrites, I see. Not a bad will for dominance, either. There’s cruelty, oh yes. And a thirst to have all the power all to yourself. But who do I give you?
GOP: Not Romney. Not Romney.
Sorting Hat: Not Romney, eh? Are you sure? He could be useful, you know. It’s all there in his platform. And Romney will help you on the way to greatness, there’s no doubt about that. No?
GOP: Please, please. Anything but Romney, anything but Romney.
Sorting Hat: Well if you’re sure, better be… WHO??

Help the sorting hat. Who is it to be? Oh, and apologies to Ms Rowling, I just couldn’t resist.

8 thoughts on “Not ROMNEY! The GOP needs a Sorting Hat.

  1. The only problem I see with a Republican Sorting Hat is they all seem to wear their asses for hats so whatever gets sorted out tends to have qualities only approached with rubber gloves and clothes pins.

  2. Perfect, EV!

    My first column, which I finally started working on today, is going to be about the remaining (dregs) candidates. While I can’t re-use my thread from November 10th,, it’ll be along the same lines. I’ll elaborate a tad more about the candidates.

    EV, mind if I use your line “The GOP needs a Sorting Hat”? I’ll attribute it to “a fellow blogger”. I can’t link to here in the article, but my bio in the paper will mention TheZoo. I doubt if any of the Pawling readers would bother to do more than google my name

  3. I’m a tad behind on my Pottery but I remember the Sorting Hat as directing which person went to which house at Hogwarts. For it to choose which Reeperbahnican should go to the White House, shouldn’t there be other houses for the others to be placed in? An obvious one should be Boobyhatch. Maybe Codswill?

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