Music Night, December 9, 2011

Gripped by the sensation of awesome power (bwahaha I can play whatever I want!!) and an equally awesome awareness that I’m not only out of the musical loop but can’t even find where the loop begins, I’m exploring music from people I’ve never heard of. You know, anyone who wasn’t even alive in the 70s. So, now it’s up to our corporate masters, who will determine which videos play for me at The Zoo.

Y’all will have to either indulge me or ignore me. Carry on.


80 thoughts on “Music Night, December 9, 2011

  1. Heh, β€œThat goddam little drummer boy is pounding on our head … Old Granddad, Budweiser, it’s good to be drunk again”

      • The only time I saw her live the venue refused to turn on the heat and she was buried in a hoodie. Of course, I’ve never seen Aniston in person, so a comparison would be tricky. I would say that the big difference is that Jennifer is still hot.

  2. It is yet early (for me, at least) and I’ll likely post this again as the Day approaches. But this is hands down not only my favorite Christmas hymn, but the only one I fully celebrate:

  3. “It’s hard for us to understand, we can’t give up our jobs the way we should”

    – To the men of the Upper Big Branch mine. 18 months have gone and still no one has gone to prison…. the money doesn’t bring them back.

    • Coming on the heels of Beds are Burning, Blue Sky Mine didn’t seem to go as far – but I liked it lots, especially Blue Sky Mine and the Stars of Warburton.

    • Was talking with a friend of mine Weds and she was revealing her secret 80s fetish.. πŸ™‚ I have to educate her though that the best band to ever come out of Australia was *not* Men At Work πŸ™‚

  4. Sound quality bit iffy, but here’s another Judie Tzuke, this time with daughter Bailey Tzuke, another sweet love song…

  5. And this one goes out to all those 2nd amendment nutters out there ……. and my god there are a lot of them ….

    “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco!” – what a great line!

    • A man and his guitar all alone…. and gone too soon….

      Here’s mine…..

      The song that Elvis Costello called ‘the perfect song’…. a song for this season.

      Alan Hull (1945-1995).

  6. And before anyone knew what ‘Goth’ was, God has already created Johnette and declared she was good (bite me Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart ya pussies)

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