Music Night, December 16, 2011

More music from people I’d never heard of, although this band is a spinoff from the toxic sibling rivalry in Oasis, a band I had heard of (and not always favorably). And Manchester is pretty cool, particularly in terms of music.


127 thoughts on “Music Night, December 16, 2011

  1. Another from Simply Red – beautiful song about the passage of time…. made me homesick – video is filmed in Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast of England.go to Whitby every time I go home…. the port of Captain Cook and featured in the stories of Dracula…. you can’t move for Goths in the place 🙂

  2. Sorry to give you the Vevo version (who are those f***ers?). Here’s the Verve from Manchester and Bittersweet Symphony – the video is boss.

    • Ebb must confess to a teenage (14) crush on the entire group.
      It was the days of 45 rpm – we played A and B sides, over and over and over.. until my Mom took the needle out of the “portable” player.

      Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today

  3. So both themes here – bands you’ve never heard of and from Manchester…. Ebb, you will like this one.

    Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds….

  4. Saw that your second hit nw had some Robert Cray in the list on the right…. This might be my last one – nighty night all.

  5. Zoo; Yes. The published story is that Neil states it’s about his father-in-law. No, no, no. When Neil bought the land he calls the Broken Arrow ranch, with it came an elderly couple, Louis and his wife. Louis was Portugese and had worked this land for decades, and his wife made the best morning cake ever. Anyway, Neil decided to keep them on his newly purchased ranch, with full bennies. Where else were they do go? For that I will always respect the man.

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