The Watering Hole: December 27th – Headlines

Some headlines for today:

Hope: The tanks are being withdrawn, relief for the people of Homs.

No Surprise: Vladimir Putin rejects scrutiny into last elections 

Kill the Poor: Britain’s poorest hit by Stealth Tax

Critters and such: Confusing Weather Patterns for Britain’s Wildlife

Nature Victimized and her victims: Rising Seal Levels and Erosion leave landmark crumbling.

Romney: Inevitable? Well…

Not Romney: The Molotov Party

Cute Overdose: Red Panda

This is our daily Open Thread, what’s your news?

69 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 27th – Headlines

  1. “Nature Victimized and her victims: Rising Seal Levels and Erosion leave landmark crumbling.”

    Wouldn’t rising seal levels be a good thing, unless you’re a fish?

  2. So. back in 2006 Gingrich was for Romney’s healthcare plan in MA and supported the individual mandate. What do you call a flip flop that flip flops off another candidate’s flip flop?

  3. Good grief. And why can’t these idiot GOP candidates learn how to disable the like/dislike option? The dislikes are winning big — again:

    • The point idiots such as Santorum invariably miss is that science, even when details are missing, at least makes sense and its theses are addressable, while creation-creator does not and cannot make sense because there is absolutely zero basis or evidence for the premise. Period.

      • Sometimes I think that their biggest failing is that they don’t realize “I don’t know” is a perfectly valid and appropriate answer to many questions. “I don’t know” is the most important statement in science. Those three little words are why scientists devote their lives, not always successfully, to finding out how and why something happens as it does. Once the “I don’t know” is replaced by “God did it” one might as well just eat a bullet because anyone who accepts “God did it” will never know the real answer even if said answer is handed to them complete with all the supporting evidence.

    • She had to devote a few days to bothering God over the holiday, since God bothering is more important than visiting Washington during the contentious decision about the payroll tax holiday, but she’s due to make another bus tour of Iowa over the next few days. I suppose it’s also possible that one of her handlers convinced her that her numbers go down every time someone points a camera at her but she’s never shown any inclination to trust handlers who dare to disagree with the wailing voices in her head so that doesn’t seem likely.

      • I think I might even go up to $3.50 to see that. Can you imagine his acceptance speech at the convention? The spinning head and spewing pea soup all over the floor would be well worth the price of admission!

        On the other hand… if Beckyboy entered the race while there are still a few hundred “debates” on the schedule he would probably whip out his gun and shoot someone. Frankly, even though I abhor violence, I think I’d pay to see that too.

  4. How badly did the GOoPers screw up the payroll tax issue? Well, looking at various polls, President Obama’s approval rating has shifted as much as ten points in his favor since the teabaggers tried to stop the compromise deal. I hate to get too hopeful but it looks like the “librul media” hasn’t convinced people that the whole mess was Obama’s fault.

  5. Hey, Zooey. If you hear from Pachy please pass on my best wishes. Also, is liquidating their old inventory and one can pick up a pretty good refurbished computer, with Windows XP-pro installed, for around $150.00. Office Max is also still selling the one I picked up for $329.00.

    • I can’t see Newt ever voting for anyone but himself. I would imagine that his ballots have his name written in for every office despite the fact that his home state doesn’t allow write-ins.

      Old Doctor Paul, on the other hand, probably writes in Ayn Rand. I suppose it’s also possible that he votes for “not the black guy”, “not the chick”, or “not the fag”.

  6. Evenin’ everybody! This was inevitable, especially for an anti-lawsuit governor, until he’s the one who wants to sue!

    Rick Perry Sues Virginia Republicans Over Ballot Access

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who along with Newt Gingrich didn’t submit the required number of signatures to petition to make it onto the Virginia Republican presidential primary ballot, is taking the fight for ballot access to federal court.

    In a release sent late Tuesday, Perry’s campaign announced it has filed suit against the Republican Party of Virginia and the state board of elections in the Eastern District of Virginia over what the campaign claims is a ballot access statute that “limits the rights of voters to vote for the candidate of their choice.”

    • Thom Hartmann’s “wingnut of the day” was a guy speaking in favor of voter suppression. One of his arguments was that people who won’t fill out the required forms shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I wonder if that guy and his cohorts at the Heartland Institute will apply the same logic to the candidates who failed to fill out the proper forms to get on the Virginia ballot?

      There was also a hilarious post yesterday where a bunch of teabaggers opined that President Obama and his “union thugs” are actually responsible for the bulk of the GOoPers failing to qualify in Virginia because “he’s afraid to debate pRick Prayerry or Newt”! You can’t make this stuff up. At least sane people can’t make this stuff up.

      • “Union thugs” is one word with these morons. All union members want to beat up real Americans and avoid work while getting benefits they don’t deserve.

        Why would any union member vote Repub?

        • Why would anyone, union member or not, vote for these freaks? You named one of the groups. “Morons”. A whole lot of people are morons. The other two bastions of GOP support are bigots, religious bigots and/or racial bigots, and professional thieves that have been labeled as “job creators”. Of course, they aren’t really “job creators”. They are merely hoarders of cash at the expense of everyone else.

          Obviously, these groups are not mutually exclusive and there’s a fair amount of overlap.

  7. I got bored and hungry. I had a nice little beef fillet but didn’t feel like taters so I invented a new recipe.

    Take a 4 oz. beef fillet and sear it (Dad called it “giving the steak a good scare”.)
    Set it aside, slice about 3/8″ thick, and dust with salt and black pepper.
    Brown, in butter, a clove of garlic, four medium portabella mushrooms, and half a small onion.
    Add the steak, ALL the juice, 1/4 teaspoon of lime juice, a pinch of oregano, and a tbsp of your favorite salsa to the onions and mushrooms.
    Make sure that everything is good and hot (about 2 minutes) and pour the whole thing over a bowl of Mexican fried rice.

    Frankly, it kinda looks like Hell. The sauce ends up a weird purplish brown but it sure tastes good.

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