The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 29th: Dizzy

Republican debates…who’s up…who’s down…Donald Trump…Herman Cain…15 minutes of fame stretched into more than 15 days of insanity…Rick Perry…Michele Bachman…Rick Santorum…Jon Huntsman…forever Ron Paul…oh, and Mitt Romney…
Pundits…polls…pontifications…predictions…profound pronouncements…
Birth certificate…next…“oops”…pause…start over…more polls…new
leader…which one now?…”Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan-stan”…next…The gunslinger?…
the lady with the crazy eyes?…the “diplomat”?…Gran’pappy Amos?…the
god-boy?…oh, yeah, and Mitt Romney…more polls…WTF-Newt Gingrich?…
Gingrich takes lead instantly…anyone but Mitt Romney…more debates…
Newt speaks…Newt’s lead shrinks as his ego inflates…hypocrisy…
wives…”patriotism defense”…“invented people”…polls, polls, polls…
another debate…pundits prognosticate…flip-flops…photo ops…
Newt’s veneer thins…Paul avoids “personal responsibility”…what
newsletter?…I didn’t write that…I didn’t say that…another
debate…pundits…text polls…more polls…oh, yeah,
and Mitt Romney’s steady in the polls…anyone
but Romney…Buddy Roemer, where are you?
…strategists speculate…idiots bloviate…
money pours in…PACs weigh in…
watch it all spin…I’m dizzy
it’s not even

This is our daily Open Thread, what’s buzzing in your head?


75 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 29th: Dizzy

  1. Good morning! I’m sure that soon the teahadis will be as outraged by this as they were by the existence of ACORN, right?
    From Reuters:
    “”We hired somebody who turned in false signatures. We turned in 11,100 – we needed 10,000 – 1,500 of them were by one guy who frankly committed fraud,” Gingrich said, according to CNN.”

  2. Of all the phrases I’d just as soon never hear uttered, “Santorum Surges” has to be in the top 10.

  3. As I said yesterday, watching the Republican race to win is like watching a horse race except in a horse race, we see the horses’ face and body and in the Republican race, all we see is a horse’s ass. It doesn’t matter who is in the lead because each one is a horse’s ass. My apologies to horses.

  4. Senator Franken speaks out on climate change and I helped. As you may recall, I recently traded some emails with senator Franken and he asked me to send him some of my hand collected weather data. I haven’t plowed through the transcript to see if he directly quoted any of my stuff but I’m really glad to see my favorite Senator debunking the lies of the idiotic Reichwhiners.

    • That’s cool Pete. Whether or not (weather or not?) you’re quoted, I’m sure your data helped.

    • I had a dream. Okay, not that kind of inspirational MLK-type dream. Or deranged Glenn Beck type of dream. This was a dream while spleeping. Last night.

      I went to a party with some friends, and much to my surprise Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar were both there. It was way cool.

      • Yeah well I had a dream that my non political husband invited Rick Santorum to our house and promised to support him. I threw them both out. Very nightmarish.

  5. You know a few years ago, I had a bit of time for Hugo. Victim of a poorly disguised US-sponsored coup. I had been to Venezuela to consult with the state-owned oil company about how to improve their planning, made some friends, saw some of the country.

    And now…. Hugo should probably use his illness as his chance to quit while he’s still at least taken seriously and could be forgiven for turning himself into a ‘presidente-for-life’.

    Venezuela is one of the most violent countries for murder now. And Hugo isn’t making any sense anymore..

    • Although the Venezuelan leader insisted he was ‘not accusing anyone’, his controversial theory is unlikely to improve relations between the U.S. and Venezuela.

      Remind you of the Repugnant party? Blurt out crap then walk it back.

  6. Michael Reagan endorses Newtie:

    Soon Iowa will make a critical vote . . . In a minute we are featuring a person who we believe will help continue my father’s vision . . . A man who fought in Congress for my father’s programs. That person is Newt Gingrich.


  7. On the pages of C&L today
    Gingrich Was a Lobbyist…for Crappy Medicare Bill in 2003

    Pertinent excerpt:
    “Gingrich, who is running for president, has said he never lobbied members of Congress after he resigned as House speaker in 1998. But U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake and former congressman Butch Otter – now his state’s governor – told The Des Moines Register this week that Gingrich met with on-the-fence Republicans to persuade them to vote for the prescription drug bill.”

    What part of lying scumbag do you deny being, Newt?

    • I dunno, they seem like fake names to me ‘Flake’ and ‘Otter’ ? Or maybe porn names.

  8. Jane, I love your blog post. I don’t know if you intended it to be poetry but I see it as a great modernist poem.

  9. Speaking of climate science:

    TP linked to a good piece from PBS. I was a little hesitant to watch it at first because I thought Judy Woodruff would host the discussion. She has an annoying habit of letting people lie their ass off and then letting them have the last word with a “we’ll have to leave it at that”. I was pleasantly surprised. They actually had two qualified scientists and didn’t leave the segment with the impression that there’s still a debate. If anyone from FAUX”News” watches it I’m sure they will offer it as proof that PBS is a communist front but I find myself caring less what Rupert’s minions have to say.

  10. Crazy Shelly is making news again. First, the deputy head of her Iowa campaign defected to the Ron Paul camp. She said he was paid to switch sides. Then the head of her Iowa campaign said that he didn’t think the first guy left for money. Now he’s gone too. I have a feeling he crossed the line when he disagreed with the voices in Batscat’s head. The funny part is that it sounds like she continues to suffer from the delusion that she’s doing anything but making a bigger fool of herself. Even if she wakes up and shifts her focus back to winning her district I think there’s a good chance that she’s done enough damage to her local image to lose her seat anyway. (NOTE: It’s impossible to overstate the stupidity of people who have already elected her three times.)

    • (given what you say about that citizenry)

      Would she be re-elected with a “consolation prize” vote from her constituents? (meaning they’d feel sorry she didn’t make the clown-fest cut to be the Repugnant/teapottier nominee)

      • I’m afraid that, in order to predict the actions of a Bachmann supporter, I would have to scoop out at least 3/4 of my brain. My guess is that most of them watch FAUX”News” or no news at all and decide to vote for her when their preachers say “she’s a good Christian”.

    • “making news again” == “swirling around the pan one more time”

      There – fixed it for ya 😉

  11. Ain’t it sweeeet that attempted voter suppression would bite them in the culo.

    Court schedules Jan. 13 hearing for Perry’s Virginia primary challenge

    A hearing on the request from Texas Gov. Rick Perry for a federal court order to place him on the Virginia primary ballot has been scheduled for Friday, Jan. 13th in Richmond before Judge John Gibney, Jr.
    Lawyers for Perry claim that Virginia’s stringent requirements to qualify for the ballot froze him out of the March 6 primary.

    • I would not be surprised if pRick Prayerry is stupid enough to blab out, “but they told me this would only work against Democrats.”

  12. I think I might have discovered part of the problem. The guy who skipped from Batscat’s campaign to Paul’s was asked about the infamous newsletters and this was his response.

    “I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I have better things to do than sit at home and Google what news reporters are saying,” Kent Sorenson, the former Iowa co-chairman for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) who endorsed Rep. Paul (R-Texas) on Wednesday evening, told The Huffington Post. Sorenson said he was not aware of the controversy.

    Maybe I’m too picky but, if my State Senator endorsed someone without learning everything about the candidate in question, I would hold that against my Senator when the next election comes around. Sigh… I’m forced to conclude that, since they were stupid enough to elect this freak in the first place, his constituents probably view ignorance that becomes stupidity and/or insanity as a sterling virtue.

  13. (from Aug. ’11) I wouldn’t trust Paul with a dog pooper-scooper let alone the presidency.

    Lawrence O’Donnell Educates Ron Paul on Civil Rights Act

    “The Civil Rights Act of ’64 did not improve race relations of enhance freedom”
    -Ron Paul

    • For all the progress made as a result of the Civil Rights Act of ’64, I’ve long wondered how my town never had the integration, busing, and demonstrations that you saw on the TV news in the late 60s. I went to schools that were basically all-white, from 1961 through 1974.

      Do you suppose that the importance of the space program to the Cold War, and Huntsville’s contribution to it, was the reason that the government never cracked down on segregration here?

      • Interesting – never knew/realized that was the case.
        What was the racial makeup of Huntsville at the time?

        Being integral to the space program would make (federal/governmental) sense as to why they wouldn’t mess with Huntsville at the time.

        • We had a significant number of blacks here, but the ‘neighborhood school’ concept kept them at mostly black schools. I remember in middle school, that in football and basketball, we played a Council Middle School, that was all black. Butler, Lee, and Johnson High Schools were on the north side of town, and had significant numbers of black students, while Huntsville and Grissom (my school) were nearly all white.

  14. Who was the fuckwit that said Michelle Obama had a ‘large posterior’? Based on the ‘’ commercial I just saw, there’s nothing large about it! We should all be so lucky as to be that size!

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