The Watering Hole: January 10 – Popcorn

Popcorn is many things to many people.

For some it is a magazine for teen people.

For some it is software.

For some it is a place to go.

For some it is .. well.. pick your favourite.

For me it is the irreplaceable ingredient for having to watch the GOP Presidential nomination unfold. As there is still some time to go for the New Hampshire results, you can have fun making your own predictions here, or right here at The Zoo voting at the polls.


For more on Romney solid positioning in politics read this.

This is our daily Open Thread. Actually it is YOUR daily Open Thread. So use it if you feel like it.


217 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: January 10 – Popcorn

      • Mine was similar: Mitt the Mor(m)on, the only Mitt there is.,

        Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone dumb enough to vote for such a zipper for anything … including even chief septic tank spiffer. The guy is the closest thing to absolute zero we’ll ever see or know. With the possible exception of all the other Republican candidates.

        Seriously, I’ve been politically aware of presidential races since 1952 and can never remember a more desolate and despicable slate of possibles than that which the GOP brings to the fore this year. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel! These guys even make Bob Dole look like a winner!

        There. That’s the best I can do describing the worst there is. I’ve failed, I know, but it was worth a try at least!

        • You are correct. This bunch of bozos on the Republican ticket are the worst of the worst. It’s like scum crawled out from under rocks and with an inflated sense of self worth and self importance believes that it deserves to be the President of the United States.

          How was my description? Of all the candidates, Romney is the most nauseating.

          • Your description was good, but of course also inadequate. There are no words available to adequately describe this cluster of despicable bums. It’s like trying to adequately describe the contents of the basement of an outhouse in a leper colony.

  1. From HuffPo…

    Residents in the small town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire were the first to cast ballots in the state’s presidential primary election just after midnight on Tuesday.

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman each won 2 votes of the 9 cast in the contest. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) each received 1 vote. Three Democratic ballots were cast for President Barack Obama.

    According to the Associated Press, the group of 9 registered voters in Dixville Notch comprised three Republicans, two Democrats and four undeclared voters.

    Looks like Obama was the winner in Dixville Notch.

  2. I remember dialing “popcorn” to get the time.

    Phones don’t “dial” anymore and everything other than a hearing aid has a digital clock function.

    The only reason why I wear a watch anymore is because people expect it as part of my image.

    • I wear a wristwatch so I know that I’m at work. It’s about the last thing I put on in the morning and the first thing I take off when I get home.

    • That reminds me of the day when my son wanted to place a call from my mothers house. I told him where the phone was and all I heard after he saw the phone was: Moooom???!!!

    • Had it been up to me, I’d have seen to it that after he jumped and was on his way back down to earth, he’d quickly discover that all the strings on his “golden parachute” had been severed!


  3. It would be fun to actually have a “none of the above” on the official ballot. It would then be fun to see how the candidates spin it when “none of the above” gets twice as many votes as all the other candidates combined.

  4. I voted for the other Romney, the weasel who claims to have been worried about pink slips.
    The only reason he would have to worry about that is if he was secretly wearing one.
    Rich boy punk.

    • I voted “Other” as well for the “Simultaneously all/none of the above versions of Romney.” He’s never met a position he hasn’t held. At least for a few minutes.

  5. My vote was for Mitt Romney the “Corporations are people, too, my ‘friend'” advocate.

    I hear Romney and Huntsman split the take-it-to-the-bank Dixville Notch vote 2-2.

    I wonder what happens if somebody in Dixville Notch or Hart’s Location is too sick to go out at midnight and vote. Do the poll workers have to stay there all day until the missing person(s) shows up to vote? Or do they just tally the results and say, “Bill Jones didn’t vote. Someone go to his house and have him fill out an absentee ballot,” so they can be done by 1 AM?

    • NPR said they are only nine registered voters. I suspect that someone would go over to Bill’s house and drag him to the voting station.

      • Thanks to our zero-attention-span media, I did not realize that there were nine votes cast. The radio couldn’t be bothered to mention that fact and only said that Romney and Huntsman were tied 2-2. Serves me right for repeating somethign I heard on the radio as if it were valid. 😳

  6. Comment of the Day (h/t daily kos):

    Romney wouldn’t have caught Bin Laden. He would have bought al Qaeda and fired him.

    • It looks more like the dog found the sea kayaker. At least he had the good sense to head for the boat and to let himself be brought aboard. I’ve seen too many obviously lost dogs running in all directions in a panic, and running away from anyone who tries to help.

      • Twice I’ve been driving and come across lost dogs on major roads. Both times I and others tried to get them and in each case they ran away from people. A panicked dog is not a good thing.

        • A group of people and I tried to help a runaway dog once…and you are so right, we were trying to help him get back home, but the poor thing was so panicked that he kept eluding us.

  7. Here’s Romney’s “I like being able to fire people” quote, in context:

    “I want individuals to have their own insurance. That means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep people healthy. It also means if you don’t like what they do, you can fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. If someone doesn’t give me the good service I need, I’m going to go get somebody else to provide that service to me.”

    The real issue is that very, very few people have the luxury that Romney is endorsing. Let’s say that you are self-employed, and lucky enough to have found a company to provide you with health insurance. Then, let’s say you develop cancer. You suddenly find out that your insurance company stinks. So you fire them, right?

    Of course not. You’re screwed. Now you have a pre-existing condition. There’s not an insurance company out there that wants to cover you. So you don’t fire them. You scream, and curse, and cry, but you’re stuck. Only healthy people have the luxury of picking and choosing.

    • The raging far left should read this and I mean far, far left, the ones that are so pissed at Obama because he isn’t perfect that they will hold their breath and not vote for president in November.

      • Not voting for Obama is not an option. Remember the ultimate prize is STILL the Supreme Court. If the far left sits it out, then they will solidify a very, very conservative court for generations. A reverse Warren Commission if you will.

  8. QOTD:

    “The more this goes on, the more I think he’s not going to beat Obama. And I can’t believe that’s the case,” one well known New Hampshire Republican told HuffPost.

    Believe it.

  9. Right wing pollsters up to their old tricks again. I saw a Newsmax headline that said Americans fear an Obama re-election by 2-1. It turns out that out of five choices, 33% said the feared Obama’s re-election while 16% said they feared his defeat. THAT’S the “2-1”. In reality, of the five choices given, more Americans feared something other than an Obama re-election by a margin of 2-1. (And the five, and only five, things to fear were stupid choices.) See the article for yourself here:

    • My sister Maggie tried that little trick when Mom was lecturing her on something or other – Maggs uttered “F..k you” (obviously not low enough).
      Mom: “What did you just say to me?”
      Maggs: “I said duck pew.”
      Mom didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt but a drop or two of Tobasco sauce on the tip of the tongue1

    • There must be a Black Panther standing around on a street corner with a baseball bat somewhere in NH? No?

    • Now that I think about it; I wonder if pRick’s ridiculous lies are calculated. It’s entirely possible that their internal polling shows that a silly and unbelievable denial is less damaging with the GOP base than apologizing to black people for a racist remark.

  10. If Mitt doesn’t get over 30% in NH tonight then he’s in trouble and in for a long slog.

  11. A side bar to today’s conversation… I gave in and spent my physically hard earned money today and bought myself a refurbished MacBook. It has a new harddrive with 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 and Lion operating system. It is only a 15 inch screen. My PC laptop is a 17 inch screen and I actually like this smaller screen better or maybe I just like the Mac better.

    Back to your regular programming. Should be an interesting evening.

  12. Montana State Supremes weigh in…

    Corporations are artificial creatures of law. As such, they should enjoy only those powers—not constitutional rights, but legislatively-conferred powers—that are concomitant with their legitimate function, that being limited-liability investment vehicles for business. Corporations are not persons. Human beings are persons, and it is an affront to the inviolable dignity of our species that courts have created a legal fiction which forces people—human beings—to share fundamental, natural rights with soulless creations of government. Worse still, while corporations and human beings share many of the same rights under the law, they clearly are not bound equally to the same codes of good conduct, decency, and morality, and they are not held equally accountable for their sins. Indeed, it is truly ironic that the death penalty and hell are reserved only to natural persons.

  13. Rick Santorum’s Wife Was In Unmarried Relationship With Abortion Doctor

    Rick Santorum‘s wife Karen, before their marriage, was living in an unmarried relationship with the founder of Pittsburgh’s first abortion clinic in the 1970′s, left the doctor to marry Santorum, and at the time both Karen and Rick Santorum claimed to be pro life. Further, the doctor, OBGYN Tom Allen, is the same man who actually delivered Karen Santorum (then Karen Garver,) and is 40 years her senior.

    (Editorial note: Rick Santorum’s attacks on the lives and relationships of unmarried people, including but not limited to people within the LGBT community, we feel allow for this level of scrutiny on both his past and that of his family..)

  14. Speaking of wildlife…

    I was just out enjoying a beautiful, 55 degree, day and was shocked to see a few insects buzzing around. There are also a few blades of green grass on southern slopes with enough moisture. Needless to say, that just isn’t natural for January 10th.

    • “Yosemite like you’ve never seen it (10 photos)

      Tioga Road in the high country of Yosemite National Park has no snow and is open to cars. This is the latest in winter that 9,943-foot Tioga Pass has been open since park officials started keeping records in 1933.”

    • It’s 67 outside my window here in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Tomorrow, however, we’re expecting snow and a night temp of zero F. “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait ten minutes and it’ll change.”

  15. I thought that if I was unconscious and/or completely drugged for four days that I would surely regain my senses and find little ricky sanctimonious santorum gone.

  16. OustandingIMF…. I hadn’t heard about Randall Terry… what a exceedingly lowly piece of excrement.

    • Children watch the Super Bowl with their parents and it is disgusting that Randall Terry would subject children to this. I hope enough parents start complaining to the network to have these commercials removed. Is there someone we should contact to complain?

      • I would imagine we should complain to the network.

        It’s stunning to me that the Randall Terry (spit) crowd SO loves the fetus, even dead ones, that they will scare the bejeebus out of actual living and breathing children. Ya know the end product of any fetuses we liberal women manage to miss with the hanger?

        • I went yesterday to my state capitol and walked with about 200 other women (and a handful of men- including one former police officer) wearing pink t shirts to support Planned Parenthood. It was the first day of the new session of our Republican Congress.

          It was a wonderful turnout and we made the news. Of course there was also a handful of anti-abortion advocates carrying signs that said “Choose Life” — my comment to them was simply: Isn’t it nice to HAVE a choice?

      • Here’s one way to contact them, publicly. I won’t have the channel the game is on on my television all that day. My tender little man doesn’t need to see such things.

  17. That explains why he crashed two planes:

    Speaking to Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening in New Hampshire, Sen. John McCain said naming Sarah Palin his running mate was “still the best decision I’ve ever made.”

    • If you look up “stubborn old man” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of John McCain there.

      Funny that his decision to marry his current wife just didn’t rate…

  18. Things will get interesting if the NH results hold up. With 11% of precincts reporting, Ron Paul is in second and Huntsman is in a solid 3rd with about 17%. What will the Reichwhiners do when Newt and Sanitarium are hovering around 10%?

    BTW. Prayerry is only at .7%. Look for him to go back to Texas soon.

  19. I heard that old conservative battle axe Shiefly on the radio (did I get the name right?) and she predicted that Romney would not reach 50% tonight. She said that the conservatives are still making up their minds (what little minds that they have).

    • Phyllis Schlafly?

      Looks like Romney is hanging about 35%. That still means 2 out of 3 primary voters want someone else.

      • Yes, Phyllis Schlafly. Thanks for providing the name. You can tell I don’t like the woman, if that is what she is, because I don’t want to remember her name.

    • Oh please, I think I’m going to get sick. Romney is the most disgusting of the group. I don’t like the others but Romney is the worst. He is a phoney elitist and the Obama camp will tear him apart. Romney has given Obama plenty of ammunition especially with his “I enjoy firing people” statement. What the hell is wrong with the people of New Hampshire to even consider voting for him? Are they elitist too?

  20. Romney simply recites the economic stats since January 2009. And says that Obama is not an American.

    And by the way, the exit polls found no black voters.

  21. Mittens: “Tonight we made history!” he said to the cheering crowd.

    He won the GOP primary in another dinky white state and he’s “making history”?

    • Romney is an idiot. Yeah, he made history alright. He was the only candidate stupid enough to state that enjoys firing people when it is public knowledge that that is exactly what he did when he worked for Bain Capital. What a fool. Oh, and the Corporations are people will come to bite him in his dupa.

  22. Romney even says that it was Obama who lost the AAA credit rating. Not how I remember it.

      • I believe he does think, he just doesn’t care. As long as his comment is something negative and defamatory about the President, he doesn’t give a shit whether it’s a total lie or not. This is a person utterly devoid of ethics or morals. What’s the word? Oh, yeah. He’s a sociopath.

  23. How much does the Ailes-GOP-FNC Axis of Evil hate Ron Paul? Brit Hume says that Ron Paul has the same chance of winning this election as RuPaul.

  24. I’ve been following the guardian coverage of the primary.

    One comment from the correspondent at Romney’s camp:

    Romney as a Mormon does not drink either coffee or alcohol. Journalists, though, had access to both.

  25. So far, Paul looks as if he will get more votes than Santorum, Perry and Gingrich combined. But somehow, all three are serious candidates and Ron Paul is RuPaul.

  26. Holy crap!

    Mike Malloy is reporting that “more than one” GOP candidate has approached Tim Tebow for an endorsement. To his credit, it sounds like Tebow has declined all queries.

    • Jesus has thrown most of the GOO Clown Car completely off with his ‘batshit – you run for president’ followed by ‘Governor Brokeback, run for president’ and also ‘Herman, put down that pizza I want to make you a pizza-maker of men… wait it sounded a lot better when it was fishermen’

      So now they are going to Jesus main man on earth…. Tim Tebow.

        • It’s a God thing.

          Bitter sages, long ago
          Had visions how this world should grow
          They wrote their thoughts down in a book
          God help us all their ideas took

          Ancient wisdom or a psychic disease
          The Word of God has us on our knees
          Suppress your will don’t dare to look
          We have His Word in a moldy book

  27. Nate Silver notes something ominous for the GOP:

    “With 85 of 301 precincts reporting, 52,191 voters have cast a ballot in the Republican primary so far. That projects to about 185,000 votes statewide, as compared with about 240,000 votes in the Republican primary in 2008. The drop-off in turnout looks worse for Republicans since a higher fraction of voters – about half this year, compared to 37 percent in 2008 – are independents. That means that turnout among registered Republicans could alone be off by nearly 40 percent from 2008.”

      • Silver:

        Romney Improves Performance in Northern N.H.

        In comparison to 2008, when Mitt Romney’s performance was much stronger in Hillsborough and Rockingham counties, which border Massachusetts, he is having a more even distribution of results this year.

        Mr. Romney is only outperforming his 2008 numbers by 2 percentage points in Hillsborough and Rockingham. That could hold his percentage of the vote to about 35 percent statewide, since they typically account for more than half of New Hampshire’s Republican vote.

        However, Mr. Romney is beating his 2008 benchmarks by more than that in rural, northern counties. In Grafton County, for instance, Mr. Romney got just 20 percent of the vote in 2008, but he has 34 percent so far tonight.

        • Mind you Gramps slapped him around like a red-headed stepchild last time around…

  28. Summary of Romney’s horrifying speech by McSweeney:

    “There is no primary. There is no general. There is only this: I am Mitt Romney’s haircut. This is my year, and I will not be denied. Everything about me is presidential. You may not even know why, but you’ve all thought it, and that’s no accident. I’ve been designed precisely for this moment. I’m a hybrid of every classic American presidential hairstyle since the 1930s. Roosevelt’s fatherly gray temples. Kennedy’s insouciant bouffant. Reagan’s lethal, revolutionary amalgam of feathering and pomade.”

  29. Here’s Governor Brokeback on Romney the Vulture….

    “Speaking to reporters after the event, Perry complained that “greedy people on Wall Street” were taking advantage of small companies, but added that the answer was not more regulation.

    “We’ve got plenty of regulations,” he explained. “You got a Congress that’s in bed with Wall Street. When you look at Barney Frank, and when you look at the people who did away with the oversight of Glass-Stegal and then go to work for Wall Street firms.”

    “I think we need to have a serious look at substantially reducing all of the agencies that are supposedly protecting the consumer,” Perry continued. “They’re not protecting the consumer.””

    Governor Brokeback arguing that if we all f**k more then we will protect virginity for all of us…..

    • The person that benefitted the most from the repeal of Glass-Stegal and then going to work for Wall street is Perry’s fellow Texan Phil Graham…

  30. Open Question: If Republicans are “still making up their minds” why hasn’t God told them how to vote?

  31. Neut didn’t break 10% — tsk tsk tsk. That must be sooo ego deflating for the (marshmallow) Puff man.

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