between earth and sky

A winter steelhead (rainbow trout) far upstream in the Coast Range mountains of Oregon, ghosting within the rocks and reflections. The rains of a week or so ago brought the rivers up enough for these ocean dwelling fish to start their spawning runs.

5 thoughts on “between earth and sky

  1. Trout, trout, pretty little trout.
    Jump on in and splash about.

    Sorry, I was channeling my inner Bugs Bunny.

    Beautiful shot raven. Glad to know there are still steelheads out there.

  2. Some original haiku you might relate to about fish, inspired by your photo:

    Gray skies pour thick rain
    forcing torrents over banks,
    murky pool hides trout.

    Born in Sargasso
    elvers wiggle up rivers,
    hope to become eels.

    Shad move through currents
    seeking least resistant path,
    destination clear.

    Sun’s rays strike water,
    trout patrol riffle’s surface
    expecting caddis

    Rough sea gales buffet
    Superior’s vast expanse,
    fish school around wrecks.

    Salmon leap tall falls
    desperately seeking redds,
    before floating dead.

    Cool overcast sky
    Perfect canopy for duns
    preparing escape

    -Cat’s Old Man

    • Thanks! These have evoked many images and remembrances.
      There is a process by which anadromous fish deliver marine derived nitrogen to old growth forests, enhancing the riparian habitat, and I thought this photo seems to have caught that.

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