Music Night, January 13, 2012

I’m back to a previous theme: music from people I had never heard of before. A fair amount of what I’ve been listening to appears to be from young people whose parents had really good vinyl collections, going back to the 80s and even the 60s. Case in point:

60 thoughts on “Music Night, January 13, 2012

      • One friday rainy night in Oct. 1978, just driving along, wondering what to do, I passed a roadhouse in Beaverton that had a crowd milling out front. I pulled in and discovered the original “Seafood momma”
        band. They. Were. Really. Good. They had an outstanding fiddle player that knew how to shred. But L.A. beckoned. So Marv & Rindy dismantled that band, and went gloss, and imho lost their musical soul.

        • So many bands do that. They must think that at some point they’ll be able to get back to their ‘real music,’ but that never happens.

          Glad you got to see the original!

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