RIP Etta James, January 20, 2012

Born January 25, 1938. Died January 20, 2012. And lived a hell of a life in between. Jerry Wexler called her the greatest of all modern blues singers. There’s an excellent eulogy from the Sun Times here.

It was difficult finding any live performances on YouTube but here is one. I’ve also included an audio/video of one of her best songs.

43 thoughts on “RIP Etta James, January 20, 2012

    • So that Wilson Pickett number had in mind of a fake band put together for a movie in 1991 – that sold millions of soundtrack copies and the film has been seen by over a *billion people* !!

      And even better …. the Commitments reformed to play a few gigs just last year 🙂

      Chain of Fools

      Mustang Sally

  1. Ok, have to try and get home in the rain and the slushy ‘breakup’ here…

    Back in 1975, the band that came from nowhere by playing clubs and pubs up and down the country was Doctor Feelgood. A hard core blues sound from the mud flats of East London which was *the* ticket to have back then. Saw them myself in 1987 at Edinburgh’s Preservation Hall (a Scottish Presby church is a great place for this stuff)

    Cell block #9 and I don’t mind

    The story of Doctor Feelgood is called ‘Oil City Confidential’ – I really enjoyed being taken back there in this retrospective of the band.

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