98 thoughts on “Music Night, February 3, 2012

  1. OK I need to go find a beer or a bus …. whichever comes first

    One of my favourite outfits ….. the Bottle Rockets – playing a gig in someone’s house.

    “1000 dollar car…”

    Hey if my dad shows up on the blog – be nice to him eh? NormtheTurtle is his name….

    • Your comment brought forward a very pleasant memory of my sainted Mother working at her (gawd ugly green) cutting table! She was a seamstress of the first order!
      I miss that woman – oh so much!

      • We have much better colors these days. 🙂

        Missing my Mom, too. She was an excellent seamstress, but in her later years was only strong enough to do hand stitching, for which she won prizes at the County Fair all the time.

        I wish Moms were indestructible.

  2. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Koch) (Notice the R-Koch that ThinkProgress slipped in) says:

    That the Obama administration and its allies use private citizens as symbols to be attacked and vilified is unfair and deeply threatening to our civic life and the rule of law.

    They can Cry Me A River.

        • Soon. She’s 15 years old so she sleeps until I’m almost ready for bed. She finally got sick of the flash and went to her hiding place but I’ll catch her when she decides to be a pest.

        • I have to try to catch my cat in adequate light so I can disable the flash, otherwise Klaus looks like he’s an electric kitty, because he looks directly into the lens and his eyes glow.

      • I was questioning the staff biologist one day as he was showing me all the pictures he had taken of spotted owls, at night, with a flash. I asked whether it might be harmful to the owls sight, as their eyes are so sensitive. He was momentarily silent, then said “Of course not!”. I continued to look at him, and he started looking at the ground. He had obviously never even considered the possibility.
        A couple weeks later he was noisily showing off his new infrared flash thingy at the office…

    • Have fun with the new camera. Looks like quite a great buy at that price. And you’re really doing the only advice I was going to give. Just start using it. Get a feel for it. Try things. Delete the ones that don’t turn out. Repeat. 🙂

  3. 38 hours on two hours sleep. And I took something to help tonight. Getting hard to see straight and keep my eyes open. So I’ll close with this. Yeah, that’s Jerry Orbach.

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