The Watering Hole: February 4 – Faux pas (Plural: Faux paz)

“faux pas” (Plural – “faux paz”) is a applied military phrase from the French used to describe any voluntary step towards self defeat. One example is Napoleon’s campaign at the end of the Napoleonic era. We also borrow ‘Waterloo’ from that account. We now have the palindrome: “Able was I ere I saw Elba” delivered from that period.

This is more than appropriate for the 2012 campaign. Mitt Romney is a perfect example of one who seizes defeat from the jaws of victory. Should the Obama campaign pay him as a campaign supporter?

If he continues on this vein, Obama has only to replay his statements to win in November. Romney has to remain mute to win at all.

My father said of the Goldwater campaign that Barry was out to destroy the GOP, we can only hope that will happen on Mitt’s watch.

At the current pace, Nancy should set the House aright – the Senate is too close to call.

This is your Open Thread. Please feel free to broaden my perspective.

178 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 4 – Faux pas (Plural: Faux paz)

  1. Watching last night’s Rachel, she played a clip of Laura Ingraham interviewing Rmoney about the improvement in the economy: “Well, of course it’s getting better. The economy always gets better after a recession. There’s always a recovery…”

    If the economy didn’t get better, then it wouldn’t be after the recession, it would still be the recession. Duh.

    The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, which Obama signed on February 17, 2009, ended the recession, despite it being too small and too watered down with tax cuts that only put money in the hands of people too scared to spend it right away. The Repubs like to say, ‘of course it’s Obama’s policy, he had the House and sixty votes in the Senate’. Don’t forget that Al Franken wasn’t seated in the Senate until July 9th, 2009. His vote was missing when it would have meant a better bill with fewer compromises. Ted Kennedy died on August 25, 2009, ending the 60 vote majority after just 47 days, during which Senator Kennedy could rarely appear on the Senate floor. So when did Obama pass a ‘jobs bill’ with policies all of his own choosing? Never!

    • Conservatives have never cared about facts. Bill Maher said it on one of his programs (I watched last week’s and last night’s yesterday)… They’re not running against the Obama that lives in the factual world. They’re running against the fictional version they’ve conjured up in the right-wing bubble.

  2. Rachel is on Meet the Press’ panel tomorrow. She will be up against David Brooks and Alex Castellanos, with Rep Xavier Becerra (D-Ca.) as an ally.

    • Thanks for the update on Rachel’s appearance on MTP. She is the only reason I would tune in to watch that program now. David Brooks will give her no trouble whatsoever. Unless I missed an appearance of hers, I believe the last time she was on MTP, she challenged the very same Alex Castellanos on some of his lies. t was worth watching.

      One thing I don’t understand is why the program is not aired live here in New York. I’m not trying to suggest that we’re better than anyone else. but we do have one of the largest television markets (if not THE largest) in the country, and I often hear about what happened on MTP while watching MSNBC before that. Frankly, I’m surprised at the programming choices. We could do with a lot less of our Sunday morning programming on NBC, especially the local stuff that can wait a few hours.

      • Local network affiliates juggle their schedules to suit their markets. I have three stations that air their Sunday shows simultaneously, Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press and This Week are all at 8am central. Face the Nation is at 9:30, and I’m still missing the second half hour of that for a church show.
        You might try and get the actual ‘live’ schedule from the internet, then watch online. At least you wouldn’t feel left out when someone else has already commented on a juicy quote or gaffe. I couldn’t function without my DVR allowing me to stop and repeat stuff so I can be accurate.
        Mugsy does the shows on Crooks and Liars’ Sunday thread, starting at 8am central with Fox News Sunday, then Meet the Press, and then This Week. He’s in Texas IIRC. I start with This Week, then Meet the Press, and skip Fox News Sunday.
        Now that we have Up, I watch the first hour, but I can catch Up later online.
        Today, Up is being repeated at 4pm eastern, ahead of the Nevada Caucus coverage on MSNBC.

        • Thanks, House. Many of us on Twitter have been begging MSNBC to show repeats of Chris Hayes instead of their usual weekend afternoon viewing. We firmly believe their ratings will go up if they do. I’ll check the cable TV schedule to see if we’re getting it aired ahead of the Nevada caucuses coverage. Thanks.

          • Just checked the cable box schedule and, nope, we’re getting two episodes of “Undercover in Las Vegas” at 4 PM and 5 PM, and “Lockup” starting at 6 PM. It’s possible they don’t have an up-to-date schedule. Comcast is pretty horrible about knowing what they’re going to broadcast on any given day. We’ll have to tune in later to find out.

            • Each local Comcast has to update their interactive program guide, so I’d bet they haven’t done it. I like Alex Wagner too, and her program is on today, noon eastern, so watch for that if you have the time. I’m only showing Vegas Undercover at 1 and 2pm central, and the rest is news programming.

            • Well, I’m getting โ€œUndercover in Las Vegas” instead of Alex Wagner, so maybe my cable guide is wrong.

            • Good news! They finally updated the guide and Undercover Vegas is on now (I was napping thru the first hour), and Chris Hayes is on at 4 PM with the Nevada Caucuses Mountains coverage starting at 6. I will wake Jane up from her nap in time to watch Chris. She almost never gets up early enough to watch him on weekends, but with Rachel being on MTP (which airs at 10:30 ET here in NY) and Chris starting at 8 on Sundays, she might get to watch at least part of him tomorrow.

              And since the NY Giants are in the Super Bowl (I can say that on a blog without paying royalties since no one makes money off it), we feel some interest in watching. Besides, they’re playing against the Patriots and as jets fans, we really hate the Patriots. (They cheat.)

              Speaking of Rachel, I think she said a new ad for her show will air Sunday afternoon around 3:30 PM on NBC during the pre-game coverage. That’s NBC, not MSNBC. I think. makes sense. No one will be watching MSNBC Sunday afternoon, unless they’re going to air an all afternoon edition of “Caught on Tape: Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions” with a scantily-clad Contessa Brewer. That, I admit, I’d watch. (I refer the offended reader to my earlier comments about being a breathing male.)

              (I thought I hit “Post Comment” a half hour ago.)

            • Don’t you just hate that when you write a comment, then get distracted and forget to post it right away.

              So you guys are watching Up also by now.

  3. My first awareness of politics came at an early age via my Mom, a staunch Republican; who once looked at me directly and said, with emphasis, “We are Republicans”. Implying I was supposed to be one too.
    She loved Eisenhower and Goldwater, was strangely silent on John F. Kennedy, even at his assassination, and looked on with barely disguised horror as Lyndon Johnson championed the Civil Rights Act. She barely covered her racism as well. For some reason she detested George Romney, Mitt’s father, exactly why I do not know, but likely because of his Moronism. George had been governor of Michigan, and I believe remembering he made noise at some point about running for president, but being a Mexican, he could not. If she had some way of knowing his son is running, she’d have something to say I’m sure; but given that he’s running up against a man of color, she might flip the coin again.
    Now you all know why I’m a Democrat.

    • My parents (who as you all know were strict Catholics) never out-and-out stated “we’re Democrats” or “we’re Republicans.” It took me a while to realize that they voted for Democrats and were fairly liberal. They really put today’s faux Christians to shame. Then again, as an agnostic, even I really put today’s faux Christians to shame!

      • I admire that, quietly holding to values and acting upon them.
        Jesus of Nazareth warned against loudly proclaiming piety from the temple steps.

        • I really can’t stand the Catholic church that our family belonged to, and which my parents served in (mum belonged to the Catholic Daughters, helped clean and decorate the altar area at holidays, etc.; dad was a stand-in deacon) for about 45 years. When my parents died, we were issued a list of ‘rules’ for the funeral mass: we could not use any ‘secular’ music, and we couldn’t even have a friend of Wayne’s sister, who my mother loved and who occasionally sings professionally, sing the Ave Maria, my mum’s favorite piece–we would have had to have a Church member sing it; and any family member who did any eulogy would have to be able to do so without breaking down – seriously! So we ended up just having the priest do a fairly generic eulogy. The whole thing did such a disservice to mum’s memory and her decades of devotion to the church, it was disgusting.

          Not to mention, for YEARS the church was collecting additional donations toward building a new, larger church. My parents knew that they would probably never live to see the new church, even before mum got sick, but they donated anyway. This past week I found out that this new church is NEVER going to be built – they gave up because they couldn’t get enough funding for it. So my parents wasted all that extra money, which went “god” knows where. AAARRRGH!

          Sorry about the rant, but this just pisses me off no end.

    • “My first awareness of politics came at an early age via my Mom,”

      me too. I was about 4-5 years old when I told my mom I wanted to grow up to be president of the United States. She said I couldn’t – that I would have had to studied politics since the age of 2. As I didn’t even know what “politics” was at the time, I figured it was already too late, and gave up on that goal. Interesting, the influence a parent has, without even knowing it at the time.

    • My dad recently told me about an occasion at work, back in the early 60s, when the other Birds Eye brains discovered he was a registered Democrat. They thought he was pulling their legs. Later on, he converted McGovern bumper stickers into sideboards for the two dachshunds and my parents took them to a concours d’elegance at Pebble Beach. The ton were not amused.

  4. Komen Can Lie, But Americans Know Why They Defunded Planned Parenthood
    “The Komen decision to withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood is what the result of years of theocratic indoctrination produces, and it is why this is not a one-time occurrence. The depth of Dominionistโ€™s influence is so far reaching, that the media has failed to report the true source of the assault on womenโ€™s rights, legal abortion, and contraception even though they are aware it is the Vatican and Christian fundamentalists driving America toward theocratic rule. The Republican Party has tapped into evangelical rage at not being allowed to impose their beliefs on the rest of the country, and they singled out President Obama as their target to garner support for their assault on democracy.”

    • Maher is coming to town! But I don’t think I can justify $117 to sit as far away from him as possible just to say I was there, so I’ll pass on seeing him.

  5. I never saw this video from 2010. This is simply breathtaking. In the video, researchers pump 10 tons of concrete down an ant hole and then slowly, carefully excavate the site to see what an ant colony looks like. The result is an intricate structure, equivalent in labor to humans building the Great Wall of China.

  6. Running for re-election, Obama will be able to say he delivered on four core objectives: restoring economic growth in one year after inheriting the worst recession since the 1930s; ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; delivering universal healthcare; and rescuing the resurgent American auto sector. And Romney wants to run against Obama’s record. Go for it, Mittens.

  7. I woke to just about the best present a guy with a new camera could receive. Hoarfrost, the photographers delight! I will share but I have yet to go through the pics. Alas, still no sign of my tripod so I still can’t use full zoom but I’m getting pretty good closeups at about 3x-5x.

  8. Colorado has some nasty snow going.
    Hope Frugal is doing ok and isn’t without power:

    The most powerful storm of the winter season pounded Colorado with up to 6 feet of snow in the Rocky Mountain foothills and forced the cancellation of more than 600 flights in Denver before heading east toward the central plains. Blizzard conditions that hit the eastern Colorado plains, including 5-foot drifts in parts of Elbert County, began easing with forecasters advising of blowing snow early Saturday.

    • I’m watching a replay of Countdown and next is The War Room. I couldn’t squeeze everything in last night, even though I couldn’t get an HBO channel for Real Time.

  9. Capitalism, European style.

    Just below Germany’s northern-most border with Denmark there’s an incredible superstore called Fleggaard. There, you can buy everything you need – tubs of gummi bears, cases of wine, industrial strength dishwashing soap – at prices 30% cheaper than in Denmark. It is Denmark ‘s Costco, packaged as a German loophole. This is their advertisement.

    [note: not work friendly – the mgmnt.]

  10. pete, your new camera is taking stupendous close-ups!
    The hoarfrost photo is stunning with each icicle (or whatever they are called) standing out on its own – crisp pic!

  11. Nevada Caucus on MSNBC anchored by the white ‘Mr. Potato Head’, Michael Smerconish, joined by the black ‘Mr. Potato Head’, Michael Steele. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. It’s Sue Lowden! The Chicken Lady! She’s for Gingrich! (Once you start losing, it’s like eating peanuts, you just can’t stop!)

  13. In an effort to make it easier to whore some of my favorite song parodies on the Twitter, I created several specialized Tiny URLs for them. Does that make me a bad person? Or an efficient person? Or an efficient bad person?

    Republicans Lie

    The Craving



    Flag Pin

    The Panderer

    Enemy (The Album Parody)

    BTW, you are all welcome to use these to pass along the ones you like to your friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • He trots out the old nonsense about a woman might decide seven months into her pregnancy that she was raped, or she wants to abort a minute before the child is born. This is utter crap, because abortion is illegal (except in very few cases) after the child is viable.

      Once again, A MAN is blowing smoke and making up shit because he doesn’t want to admit that he thinks women are equivalent to children.

  14. Menominee Seventh Grader Suspended for Saying “I Love You” in her Native Language

    Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is operated by the Diocese of Green Bay, which ironically has an option on its answering machine for Spanish, but not Menominee. A call put in late Thursday afternoon by the Native News Network was not returned by press time.

    The school is 6 miles from the Menonimee Reservation, and the school body is over 60 percent American Indian.

    • Showing, once again, that there’s no fool like a religious fool. I’ll even bet that the teachers and administrators think they are noble for “civilizing the savages”. (spit!)

    • Perhaps the most horrifying part is that the local media utterly refuses to call the monsters “monsters” or even “wrong”. Instead? They run interference for the cultists and treat them like said cultists are trying to do what’s best for children.

    • It used to be called “the rich man’s disease” because, before refrigeration and modern food processing, only the rich could afford fatty meats and sugars. Now? The poor are the most likely to consume these in excess because they need to get the most calories for the buck. That means fat and sugar. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than diet.

      Perhaps the most disturbing part is that these freaks seem to think that one can’t be poor unless one is starving.

      • My dad has gout, and it’s incredibly painful. He keeps a terrible diet, so that could be the culprit, but it runs in families as well, so there must be a genetic component.

        With the limited social safety net, American poor don’t tend to go hungry. But the food they can afford is full of carbs, and their local store likely doesn’t carry fresh produce. Large grocery chains simply don’t exist for the most part in poor neighborhoods.

        But let’s all pile on the poor. Gawd knows we don’t want to look too hard at the top 10% — we might find out where all the damn money went.

        • I had a bout of gout myself and it was debilitating. For me it was a combination of genetics, diet, and working on my feet in dress shoes. I was managing a French restaurant at the time so, because the food was free, I was living on beef and veal with the occasional cream sauce. I was also drinking WAY too much wine.

          • I worked as a dishwasher one winter at the Toll House Inn in Stowe, Vermont, a 4 star restaurant. For our shift meal we could have anything we wanted off the menu, when the dining room closed at 9 pm, the bartenders brought us pitchers of beer. (The cooks drank bottled beers, and the maitre’d had quite a pharmacopia in his briefcase). After everyone but the dish crew had gone home, we would raid the dessert cooler.
            At one point my system became so overloaded I broke out in huge hives over my entire body, the only way I could get back in control of my body was by running outside in the subzero cold, stripping off my clothes and rolling in the snow.

            • Ah… to be young again. It would suck because I would know which excesses to avoid and overindulge in the remainder. I don’t think I would survive a second youth!

              We were, to be frank, snobs living above our station. Funny; just after closing time the bartenders would find a corked bottle or the big vat of house wine, a very nice Cuvee’ Verchere'(sp?), would spring a leak. The cooks were a bit more honest so they only “overcooked” about one Chateaubriand or rack of lamb per week. Any time we felt we needed a snack, and had the time because we did pride ourselves on our service, there was always a big pan of sauce to mop up with French bread or a croissant.

            • I’d never survive another winter like that one! Triple-decker cheesecakes, slices of chocolate cake that weighed a pound and a half, and this thing called a peanut butter cup pie. Shudder…

  15. Karl Frisch on FB:

    BREAKING: Nevada Caucus Results 1) Joseph Smith’s Favorite Poor Hater 2) Cult Leading Racist 3) Angry Attack Muffin 4) Google Him.

  16. That’ll teach me to start playing with new toys before I make sure the box is empty. I discovered that the new camera came with a 4g memory card that was hiding under the batteries. That means I can take 29 minutes of HD video!

    • Good thing you hadn’t thrown the box away! You’ll definitely need the tripod, I’ve made a couple of attempts at video with mine, watching them afterwards makes me queasy.

        • I have some very good ni-cads for my model airplanes but, so far, the camera isn’t burning through batteries as fast as I had feared. Plus, now that I found the card, I don’t have to power up the camera to transfer to my computer so that will buy me some more time. And I never throw boxes away. That’s part of the reason I had to dig through three closets to find the tripod!

            • I totally agree on the lithium ion batteries as they do not develop memory frosting and can keep a charge as long they are not placed on a concrete pad. A store bought set of alkalines would be a useful addition to the photo case. Just recycle them to a flashlight every couple years. These can be purchased all over Europe so you can open the backup and still have a nice trip by searching at the nearest tourist stop.

              The last time I went, I had two pairs of charged lithium backups and only had to use one. Current cameras can snag about 2-400 shots on a single charge.

              Russia is a separate issue! One family who went there had their digital cards erased as well as their camera. In 1985, Alkalines could not be purchased, but heavy duties were available everywhere.

              We had a 35mm and kept the film in a lead lined box and only the shots that were damaged were those in the camera at entry.

  17. Aw carp! I’m still behind the curve on editing photos and now I have to figure out how to edit video. It’s almost feeding time for the fish and I can’t think of a better practice exercise.

      • I always remember to eat and sleep.

        Seriously though; the software that came with the camera is pretty effing amazing in it’s own right. I remember when Dad paid more than $300.00 for Corel Draw 2(?) so that he could crop and/or lighten/darken scanned pictures. The apps built into Windows 7 blow that away and the software from Nikon is worlds ahead of that.

        To paraphrase Hedly Lamar; “My mind is awhirl with possibilities”.

          • Corel Draw was a nightmare. That was about the same time that I had an Atari ST and it came with “Degas elite”. It was so user friendly that it nearly made an artist out of me.

            I’m not hating Windows 7. I don’t like having to run protection software and I get a bit miffed when it interrupts me to run an automatic update but, at long last, Bill Gates put out a product I don’t hate. Still, once I get used to the new camera, I’ll see what I can do with my favorite Linux distribution. It’s so much faster and I don’t have to take a deep breath every time it tries to download something.

    • There’s only one appropriate word and it rhymes with “runt”.

      Seriously. I’ve only used that word in earnest one time in my life and I still regret it. But these psycho, Reich-wing, bitches have that word on the tip of my tongue 24/7. I guess that my biological imperatives are showing when I find that the women who spout this shit are much more offensive than the men. I guess that I don’t torture myself as much when I long for an opportunity to beat the shit out of a Reich-wing male.

      • That might be it. I can almost hear this stupid bitch saying: “This is the only way my retarded daughter will ever give me a grandchild”.

        I realize that the biological imperative to pass down the genes is strong but we humans can, if sufficiently educated and motivated, override those imperatives.

      • At least, said “Grand mother” denies appropriate care care of her granddaughter. Does politics transcend one to a denial of human values?

        Why does the fetus take over take the survival
        that of the mother in abortions?.

        About 40% of all abortions were triggered because of the condition of the mother,

        To state the facts, “Why is the fetus more valuable than its mother when the fetus is doomed in any case??”

  18. Well? I took my first video of feeding time and I don’t yet know how to edit it or upload it. But? The camera works great! I think it will prove to be a valuable weapon in my war to get every rational person to keep an aquarium. Bwaaaahhhahahahahahah!

      • Also known as a “low information voter”? I’m sorry, but anyone’s who’s been paying the least amount of attention to political news and who isn’t already a multimillionaire, should know by now which party they want in power.

        If you think the Republicans in power would be better for you than the Democrats, then I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you. It’s even better than the swamp land the GOP is offering.

        Sorry, Zooey. You know how I feel about you. And your men are alright, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • She has a tough time being wrong — EVER. I think she also struggles with her inner authoritarian, since her career is in law enforcement.

          One thing she isn’t is stupid, so I remain hopeful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Our local PBS station is showing “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” –
    I’d forgotten how great a movie it is! Unfortunately they’ve bleeped “the bad words’ which interrupts the flow.
    The acting is superb.
    Always like it when the “insane” are saner than the staff!

  20. From TPM:

    Newt Gingrich called an unorthodox post-caucus press conference Saturday night to assure the press that not only was he in the race for the long haul, but that he had only begun to go negative against Mitt Romney.

    โ€œI am a candidate for president of the United States, I will be a candidate for president of the United States, we will go to Tampa,โ€ he said, referring to the site of the 2012 Republican convention. He blamed the Romney team for leaking rumors of a withdrawal to the press, which he called โ€œtheir greatest fantasy.โ€

    **evil laugh**

    • D e s p e r a t i o n !

      D e l u s i o a l !

      He’s really going to be surprised when the money runs out and he’s not been crowned king!

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