Sunday Roast: Amasia

BBC News

Be prepared for your maps to be meaningless — in about 50 million years.

Scientists predict that the continents will meet, once again becoming a supercontinent.  They’re calling it “Amasia,” but surely someone will think of a better name by then — assuming some form of humanity still exists at that time.

Geologists believe that, over billions of years, these shifting plates have driven the continents together periodically, creating the hypothesised supercontinents of Nuna 1.8 billion years ago, Rodinia a billion years ago, and then Pangaea 300 million years ago.

Just imagine the civilizations that may have come and gone over the lifetime of the Earth.  The time of humans is truly amazing; we’ve accomplished to much in so little time, but in terms of geologic time, we are merely a blink of the eye.


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