Sunday Roast: Amasia

BBC News

Be prepared for your maps to be meaningless — in about 50 million years.

Scientists predict that the continents will meet, once again becoming a supercontinent.  They’re calling it “Amasia,” but surely someone will think of a better name by then — assuming some form of humanity still exists at that time.

Geologists believe that, over billions of years, these shifting plates have driven the continents together periodically, creating the hypothesised supercontinents of Nuna 1.8 billion years ago, Rodinia a billion years ago, and then Pangaea 300 million years ago.

Just imagine the civilizations that may have come and gone over the lifetime of the Earth.  The time of humans is truly amazing; we’ve accomplished to much in so little time, but in terms of geologic time, we are merely a blink of the eye.


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138 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Amasia

    • You know it’s bad when Al Qaeda supports the overthrow of a murderous fanatical religious tyrant.
      Perhaps he has exceeded even their low standards.

  1. In other news: Whitney Houston checks into the Beverly Hilton Hotel and then checks out permanently.
    Cause of death unclear.

  2. Yesterday afternoon I went to an exhibit of a local artist’s paintings. The artist is one of the Pawling Dems group, and I’ve met her a couple of times, most recently at the holiday party that Wayne and I attended.

    The exhibit is being held at a local library, but yesterday there was to be a reception for the artist. I was among the first to arrive, even before the artist herself. People straggled in, admired and discussed the paintings, chatted with the artist, etc. Suddenly I heard someone ask, “Did you see the bumpersticker that said :’Read a, um, blank-ing book’?” D’oh! I had completely forgotten that one of my bumperstickers says “READ A FUCKING BOOK!” I had to confess, “Oh, jeez, sorry, that’s mine”, thinking that people were offended by it. Luckily, everyone laughed and said how appropriate it was to see it in a library parking lot!

    • You go, girl. 🙂 I still have my Obama 08 bumper sticker on my car and my “Save Medicare Vote Democratic” bumper sticker. I put the stickers on my back window that way I can easily remove them. I’m considering getting a “I ride Inside” cat bumper sticker.

      • We had a president that read two books once upon a time.
        I think one was “The Pet Goat”, the other was the bible.
        He gave up on the second one after the first few pages but thought that the paper it was made of was pretty cool so he used it for rolling.
        All other books were read to him as bedtime stories prior to being tucked in by pickles.

        • I disagree. Cats wouldn’t blog for free. Sweeten the deal with some cat treats and more attention when they want it, and cats would blog their tails off! 😀

          • Well that does it, I’m throwing out all cat treats and getting rid of the computer. My Smokey’s tail is too important to lose, I catch him by the tail when I want him and he insists I play with his tail (and rub his sides) before he eats. 😆

            Right now Smokey is sleeping on a chair next to mine and every so often (if its been too long since I petted him) he flicks his tail to touch me (he’s too lazy to open his eyes) and remind me he’s still there and needy!

        • I don’t know. I have several cat Twitter friends who rat out their humans all the time. Very entertaining.

      • Or “Read a fucking Nook or Read a fucking iPad”. There are so many electronic readers available now. I enjoy reading novels on my Nook and it I want to read something for educating myself, I still prefer the paper copy.

        • I found that electronic textbooks were useless to me. I needed the paper book in front of me, so I could physically go back and forth between pages.

          Reading books for pleasure is great on the Kindle.

  3. The next super continent would more appropriately be named after America and North-East Asia:


    (ducks out the door)

  4. I do have a couple of questions about the map. Where did Central America go? And Antarctica?

      • I thought that was India. You know, that hunk of land sticking its head up the Himalayas butt?

        • I was thinking India was spooned up into Africa there at three o’clock, but could be wrong.
          In any event, the poles could have shifted by then, and/or it could all become one big snowball.
          We’ll just have to wait and see.
          Moon Unit News at 11:00…

    • I wonder if all that land mass gathered together will make Earth wobbly (like an unbalance load in the washing machine) and cause it to change it’s orbit around the sun. How can I ever sleep again with that to worry about?

      • We already are wobbly. Vega will be the North Star in about 40k years.

        Question: what if the changing climate causes an evolutionary change to bring back dinosaurs & giant insects?

        Sleep well, pachy….

  5. Found this funny video through the Twitter. Now I can’t stand John Kasich any more than any of you, but this compilation of his State of the State speech down to 6 minutes is funny. And read the short credits at the end.


    John Kasich’s second State of the State speech lasted some 90 minutes and meandered among many topics. We thought we would save our readers some time and just give you the best parts. The upside? You save 84 minutes! The downside? The hilarity is over in 6.

    We give you Shit John Kasich Says: State of the State Edition!

    • Wow!
      That’s like BadLipReading only better.

      “I saw a race between a statue and a glacier and the glacier won”

    • I find it funny when someone like Kasich refers to the left, progressive, forward thinking citizens as “whack-a-dooles”. He must have been looking in the mirror when he committed those words to memory.

  6. David Gregory does a nice job on Ron Paul here. I really hate it when Paul calls taxes “theft.” Are all in this thing together, are we not?

    • Can’t listen or watch the bozo!

      His ‘talking points’ are so destructive to this country..
      He’s never really said where or how the money to run the country would come from after all the Cabinets; safety-nets and taxes were eliminated.

    • He might consider taxes theft, but what does he consider all the Medicare and Medicaid payments that he received? The money to pay for his piss poor doctoring came from taxes. He must have been a terrible doctor because the good doctors continue with providing optimal patient care. There is a saying in the non-profit services that the only people that make it to the position of director are those that can’t make it on their own in the for-profit world. I have the same feeling about doctors that become politicians.

      • I agree, Cats. It’s startling how many repiggie politicians are former doctors — and it’s probably best they’re no longer doctors.

  7. Whitney Houston: Another death by prescription medication and alcohol

    Bottles of Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax and a sleeping medication were found in the hotel room, it has been claimed. The drugs were believed to have acted as sedatives, causing her to fall asleep in the bathtub once they had been mixed with alcohol from the previous evenings.

    What a sad end. I wouldn’t be surprised if she stopped breathing before she went under water.

    Who are these doctors who are prescribing drugs to addicts?

    • If they find water in her lungs, then she drowned. These addicting prescription drugs are covered by insurance yet the self-righteous want to ban insurance payment for non-addicting, non lethal, birth control. Barbituates, sedatives, and hypnotics are legal. They are highly addicted and VERY dangerous. Yet marijuana which is non addictive remains illegal. I have yet to hear of someone that died from a marijuana overdose.

      • I agree 100%. I just spoke to my sister who said there’s never a shortage of these type of prescription drugs while other life saving medications have run short.

        As far as ODing on marijuana, I’ve tried on several occasions (never in the bathtub) and only got hungry or fell asleep!

    • It’s easy to get these drugs. All one needs to do is doctor hop. Once all doctors become members of electronic records, then it will become less easy to get this mixture of drugs.

    • It’s cold in Alabama too. It was 20 when I got up. I have a fire in the woodstove for only the second time this winter.

      Those are cool pictures the way the fog ‘breaks’ over the hotels like waves.

        • It was in the teens in the sticks of PA. Winter has finally arrived. We also had snow, about 2 inches. This was “lake effect” snow which never accumulates to much in SE PA. It comes along with the Alberta Clipper which is making today too miserable to go outside.

    • Back during my previous life in San Diego we would see the same effect fairly often when the sea-fog rolled in.

      Here on the frozen tundra we are going to see our third day in a row with subfreezing temps. I guess global warning really is a hoax after all.

  8. How did we fall so far/fast?

    When JFK was running for president it was necessary for him to reassure the nation that he would not be unduly influenced by his Catholic Faith. Now? We have a sizable minority of the electorate who demand the “right” to dictate policy, to a Christian president no less, based on their Faith alone. Back when I was young I really didn’t think that was a problem that we would be dealing with today. I guess the old axiom, that people really don’t learn very well from the mistakes of others, is true and our fellow citizens are going to have to learn the horrors of theocracy first hand.

    • Before we get to that point, I fear we will learn the horrors of aristocracy, and its overthrow.

    • My dad’s Aunt Hilda was 90-ish when JFK was elected in 1960, and she was positive that following his inauguration she’d no longer be allowed to attend her Lutheran church, would be forced to go to mass instead. I was in college at the time, and all of us who lived in the same dorm corridor figured that by the time we were ‘old’, there would be no more churches of any kind around anywhere, no more religion to worry about. Now that we’re all old, we can say with alacrity that we were fucking WRONG! Man, were we EVER wrong! Fer Chrissake, there are more religious nuts out there today than there were in 1960, even!

      I have a hunch that it’ll take several more centuries for humankind to rid itself of its theological heritage and baggage — unless it extincts itself in the meantime, of course (probably a fairly likely scenario).

      • “there are more religious nuts out there today”

        That’s because in the 1960’s they were institutionalized. Reagan helped build up the conservative base by cutting funding for mental hospitals forcing the facilities to reduce their patient load. Instead of being where they can receive needed help these crazies have taken over the republicon party.

  9. I have an idea for a skit I would like to share. I’m going to work more blue than I generally do for comedic effect. Scene: A amateur journalist conducting impromptu interviews at a teabagging event.

    Reporter: Sir! You seem really worked up. May I ask you why you’re here?
    Teabagger: I hate the fuckin’ government!
    Reporter: Why do you hate the government?
    Teabagger: They’re taking away our fuckin’ freedoms!
    Reporter: What freedoms do you think the government has taken away?
    Teabagger: They raised our fuckin’ taxes! They took our fuckin’ lightbulbs! They make us be fuckin’ politically correct! They are pro fuckin’ union! They give deadbeats money for fuckin’ nothing! They! They!! They!!!
    Reporter: That’s O.K., sir. I think I understand your complaints. I do have one last question: What do you do for a living?
    Teabagger: I’m a fuckin’ U.S. Senator! you fuckin’ idiot!!!

    • I’m going to work more blue than I generally do for comedic effect.

      Oh, you meant more vulgar. My first thought was you meant more liberal. You ought to send that to Lewis Black. I think he’d use it.

  10. Arrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    My sewing machine has officially bitten the fucking dust. It’s only 35 years old, god dammit.

    I’ll be ripping out the horrible seam it left in its death rattle. Dammit!

    • Actually, the drapes were Roman shades and they are easy to make. Too bad I don’t live closer. I would let you use my machine until you could get another one for yourself.

      • That’s so nice, Cats. Critters are so kind and generous. 🙂

        I think I’ve found a good machine online. I just need to think about it for a little while.

      • Hee, hee. That offer reminded me of the scene in The Birdman of Alcatraz where Telly Savalas tells Burt Lancaster that he can have Telly’s bird until he gets well, “Just a year or two”!

          • I’ve got it to where it will sew a seam that will hold, but I wouldn’t use it for anything that shows. I doubt I could get parts for the old girl.

            I’ve decided on a new machine. I think it will be pretty nice, and the price was great.

    • This makes me sick to my stomach.

      Mr. Corbett was elected governor while failing to do the same damned thing. He loves to point out that as attorney general, he opened the investigation into Mr. Sandusky's alleged crimes, but this sanitized, New York Times-approved version of events omits a key fact: Just one person had absolute legal authority to shut down Jerry Sandusky the minute he was suspected of raping children. His name was Tom Corbett.

    • Joke Scarborough, made an ass of himself on Meet the Press today, claiming Sullivan was wrong about Obama having planned this ahead of time. Then, he said the GOP should be very careful not to get branded as the anti-contraception party. Sounds like they are in a trap, all right.

      I will concede a small claim of Santorum’s, that the corporations that self-insure might technically pay for contraceptives, but since they contract the administration of their health plan to an Aetna, BC/BS, or United Healthcare, etc., I don’t see how they should get to be any different from other corporations’ plans. The point the administration is making is that it should be the patient’s choice, not the employer’s, and no one is forcing birth control on any woman that doesn’t want it.

    • If you look carefully, there are many traps that Obama has set and the Republics are just beginning to step into them. My guess is that this is why they are resorting to their old scare tactics. They have nothing else except maybe their guns and their bibles.

    • I doubt Obama does anything without thinking it through five or six steps. By now, he knows which holes the repiggies will step into, and he is a master at playing them as fools.

  11. Lying bitch.

    Did Planned Parenthood cut a secret deal to keep silent about losing funding from the cancer-fighting Susan G. Komen foundation—and then break the deal?

    I’d like to hear what Cecile Richards has to say about this nonsense.

    • 60 Minutes had a segment on a cancer researcher at Duke University who submitted fraudulent data about his research. SGK funds Duke, $599K in 2011. It will be interesting to see what SGK does about Duke’s funding.

      • I’m much happier donating directly to Planned Parenthood. Cut out the “middleman” or “middlewoman” in this case. I stopped donating to anything that touts, “the cure” because these organizations would be out of millions of dollars if a cure is found.

    • Why would Planned Parenthood cut such a “ladies” agreement deal? There wasn’t anything in it for Planned Parenthood so why should PP remain silent. It’s so easy to see through their lies.

  12. Jeebus, TP has a thread live-blogging the Grammy Awards. WTF? So I left this comment there:

    “Amazing – TP didn’t even live-blog all of the Republican debates (WE did at TheZoo!), yet they’re live-blogging a music-awards show?!

    TP, are you planning to live-blog the Westminster Kennel Club Show, too? Oh, probably not, since we’re not allowed to use the word ‘b!tch’ here.”

      • Hey, I’ll be watching the WKC show live, but at least I won’t be live-blogging it. Wayne and I usually try to catch it, or as much of it as possible.

        I just don’t understand WTF is the point of live-blogging the Grammy Awards? What does it have to do with politics – or most people’s lives? And I HAD to rub it in that WE covered all of the R debates!!

    • I’ve lost my login at TP. It’s my Hotmail ID, and I can’t remember it. I have it written down somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. It’s not that important anymore. Maybe once I get a fancy enough phone that I can comment from work during the day, I’ll want to find it.

      • I’ve done that with my logins at a couple of sites, even here. I started keeping a physical copy of my different passwords and refer to them when I have one of my “senior moments”.

  13. Its currently 32 degrees here and I’m heading upstairs to the heat until tomorrow. My neighbor told me that there were ice cycles hanging from the roof that covers the barn where the mice are bred at the mouse farm. Unfortunately there are no walls on the bard and the wind in combination with the cold has killed several thousand mice. No deliveries this week. 😦 😦 :

    • I’ve been working on a briefer version of my Santorum thread from Thursday for this week’s Pawling Press column. Unfortunately, my thread was over 2,000 words, so I can’t use the vast majority of it. I picked a couple of quotes from his ‘victory’ speech, and added a few more, and I STILL had to cut some out. I have two more quotes to write responses to (the ‘guillotine’ one and one where Santorum says that Obama wants Iran to get nukes) and at this point I’ll have to limit myself to about 50 words for each, so as to allow for a brief wrap-up at the end. (sigh) I wish I could include more of Rantorum’s idiocies, including this ‘overturning’ a Supreme Court ruling, but…

      Wayne said I should make it a two-parter, having it continue next week, but I don’t want to commit myself (in public!) to the second part. Ya never know what’s gonna come up in the meantime that I may want to write about instead.

      Right now I’m calling it a night – gotta go dry my hair and get some sleep.

      Goodnight, all!

    • That was great!
      One tracked minds. The antagonist points out that with their logic masturbation would be considered murder the protesters facial expression then “I’m not here about masturbation” was pure gold!

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