pebble puzzle

Lava flow fingers stretch into the ocean and catch treasures in their webs. In this small pocket are the remains of fish, birds, mammals and molluscs. A few glowing agates too, my only addition to the trove. I did minimal arrangement for the photo, only bringing things in closer to each other.

Having spent an hour or so in the same spot among the rocks, looking at very small things; I looked up to find this dapper Harlequin drake calmly keeping an eye on me.

8 thoughts on “pebble puzzle

    • Glad you caught that! Having only seen them on the water before and pondered the purpose of such attire; how well he blends in with the barnacles and the basalt makes it clear.

      • You are a very talented person, Raven!

        (The photo is stunning. “Sir” is looking like a decoy! Amazing how he blends in — down to the white dot detail on the rock waaay to the left of the on that blown up pic you just linked)

        • thanks ebb :>
          The rocks, which are jet black when wet, can at the same time appear silver white, depending on the sunlight, and go through myriad shades of grey in between. Throw the barnacles and the mussel shells into the mix, and the plumage either blends in or stands out. The ochre sea stars (starfish) are nearly the same color as the rufous flanks, but getting the two together in the same frame will perhaps come another time.
          Lots of birds beginning to show up again with the warmer weather.

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