The Watering Hole: Wednesday, February 15, 2012: Happy Hump Day!

What, me worry?

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

According to a recent study, children with low intelligence are more likely to grow up to be prejudiced adults, and gravitate towards conservative ideologies.

In some ways, this is not too surprising. In a conservative, heirarchical world view, change is resisted, and critical thought is deferred to the leaders of the society. Witness, for example, the very effective use of three-word phrases to denigrate all who do not follow in lock-step with the “you’re either with us or against us” mentality.

This is our Open Thread. Feel free to expound upon this, or any other thought that crosses your mind!


157 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, February 15, 2012: Happy Hump Day!

    • Where’s Fix-it News? They should be on this like a fly on sh*t….. skullduggery and mal-intent amongst so-called experts to make the facts fit their agenda!! Cut theri goolies off I say! Paging Megan Kelly! Paging Bill O’Reilly – let’s get these pinheads….

      • And let’s get George Soros on the blower – he knows all about secretly funding grass roots groups to push his agenda….. / foaming Beckerhead off.

  1. They become little more than parrots. Unavoidably overhearing a couple of retirees at breakfast out yesterday, one of them was doing all the talking. A litany taken straight from the typical Fox News broadcast, he went on monotonously about the economy, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, his own poor health and his insurance plan. Interspersed throughout he blamed it all on President Obama, whose name he enunciated with that sneering disdain we have all heard.

    • Strange, is it not? Late last year on a visit to our local Post Office, I asked the (older) lady who typically is working the window there about the future of our small and rural PO. She said ‘so far, so good’ and then flat out blamed the Postal System’s current difficulties on “Obamacare.” I couldn’t let that one slide, so I quickly and briefly explained how the lame duck Republican Congress in late 2006 had effectively driven the shiv into the P.S.’s ribs by mandating the funding of 75 years worth of pensions and healthcare in the next ten years. She got mad at me and is cold as a cucumber when I go in now and have to pick something up at the window. I’m a damn Democrat. A Librul, dontcha know. Un-Amurkan to the bone. I probably even voted for Obama. Probably don’t watch Fox News either. Explains why I don’t know that IT’S OBAMACARE! that’s killing the country!

      • “…the (older) lady who typically is working the window…the funding of 75 years worth of pensions and healthcare in the next ten years.”

        There’s the answer. I find the same attitudes in the fed agency I have worked for the last 5 years.

        “I got mine, and the hell with the rest of you.”

        • Oh, and they hate it when it’s made obvious they’re blowing through their hats, and resort to adolescent churlishness.

      • Bless her heart, our postmistress missed the Obamacare memo. She attributes the closing of post offices to a desire to privatize the system, install satellite POs in stores, and staff them with non-union low-paid workers.

        • The postmaster in my home post office, as well as the “second in command” (who has been there forever), are delightfully liberal. Both well traveled, they are pleasant and very accommodating. Being in a small town rural and conservative environment, we never discuss political thought when there are cowboy hats present.

          • Its funny isn’t it – I see a cowboy hat and I have no expectations of anything other than small-minded, bigoted arrogance…. the legacy of 4 years in Texas and many years travelling to hosuton for work I’m afraid…

          • Yeah, any tea folk who overheard our post office discussion would have run for the hills, in spite of the fact that I possess both hat and cattle.

            Actually, my cowboy hat no longer fits on my head, a fact I attribute to brain growth as a result of exposure to internet liberals.

      • She’s living the cognitive dissonance dream. On one hand she’s a public sector union thug and at the same time she’s sucking the tea potty kool-aid. Dear postal employee: the “conservatives” and “libertarians” who whinge about “Obamacare” would like nothing more than to privatize the USPS and tear up all the union contracts. In other words, they’ll take away all your benefits and your safe retirement and then cut off your Social Security and Medicare. Grow a brain!

    • I would think a sign that complex would be a distraction to drivers. So busy trying to read the sign, they plow into a kid.

      • A friend and I were in San Francisco last year and had a difficult time with parking signs that were similar to this — and that was while we sat in a parked car!

        In Portland the school zone signs vary tremendously and contradict one another and the law. Maybe. I can’t remember where we landed in the Legislature. At one time the lower speeds applied only to school hours (undefined unless they were) and then it was 24/7 or maybe not. The more useful indicators have a blinking yellow light to clarify that “school hours” is right now. The only consistency is that the school speed is always 20 mph.

    • Hilarious! And I thought a similar sign in my present neighborhood was unusual.
      It drops the speed limit from 25 to 20, on school days between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.

    • There is a simpler, although admittedly more expensive, way to do this. Put up a flashing yellow light and a sign that says the speed limit is 30 MPH when the light is flashing. Then program the light to flash during the times you want drivers to slow down.

      Or, even more simply, change the time ranges from 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM and 2 PM to 4:30 PM. Sometimes kids are late and will run across the street to school, and if they’re outside the fifteen time zones on the sign, they might get hit.

      • Lunch time is particularly hazardous, when the urchins are dashing back from the mini mart across the street; hastily trying to stuff the handfuls of junk food and energy drinks into their knapsacks.

    • In CA the speed limit around schools is 25 mph. Some places have dropped it to 15 mph

      If the normal speed of the street is higher than 25 mph the sign will state: Speed Limit 25 mph when students present!

    • Pete, they are doing everything in their power to antagonize women. They want to bash Obama, they kick up a shitstorm about contraception. They want to bash gays, immigrants and first nations, they let women without protection from violence. Santorum blubbering about women in combat, he makes sure we are reminded that our lace is the kitchen. How on earth will women vote or any of them?

      • “How on earth will women vote or any of them?”

        Stupidity, insanity, racism, and religious fervor. Any or all will bring out people of all sexes to vote against the black guy in the White House.

  2. Speaking of Speed Limits, in California, Highway 99 runs up and down the central valley. Some people take “99” as the speed limit. Heaven help them if they find themselves on I-5.


      • Yes but the roads there do for 40 miles without a bend in them …. how can you not put the heel to the steel?

    • They do the same on Highway 101, which is really stupid.

      I heard one go by the night before last, with the cops not far behind.

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t cure stupid… Nor can you cure the insanity these people must cultivate within themselves in order to stick to the GOP rhetoric when they are forced to stare the real facts in the face. The only thing they CAN do is fall back into their own selFRIGHTeous rage. This is the travesty of people are willing to give up the right to think for themselves.

    • Rmoney has been taken this tack in an attempt to convince voters that even if the economy has improved it would have improved much more better if he had been President. Yes, the auto industry is thriving but it would be super dooper booming is only it had first gone bankrupt — and Bain had stepped in, bought it at firesale prices and fired all the union employees.

      • “President Obama hasn’t created any jobs with hi stimulus…. and another thing his bail out of the auto industry was a failure, it only saved 200,000 jobs and more are coming and….. ” (fizz, bang, whirr….)

        That’s the amazing thing with this robot – it doesn’t do the logical thing and blow up when it contradicts itself in the same sentence.

        Captain Kirk would lose to this robot…. instead of admitting it’s illogic and shutting itself down… this one would say “So what hoser, I’m f***ing taking over and giving all the jobs to my LDS cronies!” and out would come the death ray…

          • The link has the youtube too – go ahead and delete the straight embed and save the Zoosters bandwidth – sorry.

  4. On another note entirely, has anyone else started getting alerts from anti-virus software when visiting the Washington Monthly blog? I think it might be triggered by one of the ads on the site, but I’m having difficulty finding out for sure.

    • Yes, that has happened to me several times. I leave the site rather that chance further screwing up my computer!

  5. From the You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me Department: Rachel Maddow discusses Arizona’s “Punish Fucking Teachers Who Fucking Curse” legislative proposal, followed by Virginia’s apparently soon upcoming Personhood bill along with a mandate for a “Trans-vaginal Ultrasound” as punishment for women seeking abortions. Gov. McDonnell says he’ll sign it … right before he’s selected as the GOP’s 2012 VP candidate.


    • Sad, but true. R’s took over both houses of the state legislature. There is some chance that the state senate could kill “personhood”, but when it passed in the house of delegates even my formerly sane moderate R delegate voted in favor.
      Virginia once gave this country much of the framework for the Constitution, now we’ve fallen this low.

      • I meant to add that the ultrasound law includes the provision that the ultrasound be retained in the woman’s medical record forever. How’s that for crazy?

  6. Thanks to the zoosters for your concern and comments regarding my dog Jake. We have made the agonizing decision to put him down.

    So many things to think about.

    Moral questions: How responsible is it to keep him going with heavy medication when he will never enjoy long walks never mind short ones? How much pain and discomfort is he in? Talk to me dammit!

    Guilt: How can you purposely end a life that has been part your life for 10 years? He still seems OK when he isn’t gasping for breath. He eats, shits and wags his tail like nothing is wrong.

    Bottom line is Jake is sick, albeit suddenly (noticeably that is), and to here him is to wish you can do something for him. Sadly, yes there is and also sadly, even though we won’t be holding the gun, we have to pull the trigger.

    I haven’t shed this many tears for a long time, but I am a softy. My wife seems to be far more realistic about it. She wants to take Jake herself because she doesn’t want to see me so sad. She is a real dear. I’ll be sad if I take him or not so we are both going to take him this afternoon.

    I realized I had Cleo as my gravatar. I have changed it to Jake.

    Again, thanks to you zoosters. It’s therapeutic to let it out and talk (write) about it.

    • Be there with him when he goes.
      He deserves to be with his best friends when it happens.
      Let his eyes see you as the last thing he see’s when he goes.

      • I agree with vinylspear. It is heartbreaking for us humans, no matter whether we are with our animal family members in their last moments, or if we cannot bear to watch those last moments, or if we never even know when their last moments occur (too many of our feline kids simply disappeared.)

        Dycker, I am aching with grief for you, your wife, and for Jake – and for all of us who, if you’re like me, are reliving the heartbreaking losses of past loving companions. We all mourn together.

    • Oh so sad to get to this point. VS has it right.

      Having been there just a year ago and listened to my son cry himself to sleep missing his friend…

      I can only hold out hope that it will pass in time and the hole in my son’s heart is now filled with our new puppy, the Taz.

    • True love is setting aside your own desire in an effort to do what’s best for the one you love. That’s what you’re doing in making this decision. Be sad, but please, no guilt.

    • I guess it was seven years ago that I had to have my little dog Nikki put to sleep. She was fourteen and slowly/uncomfortably slipping away, so I gave her that final gift of endless sleep with no more pain. I held her in my arms, and her final gaze at me was enough to rip me to pieces even though I knew I was doing the best thing for her. Afterward, I found I could lessen the sadness by remembering all those years when she was part of me, part of the family, the joy she brought, the love. Those things I’ll never forget.

      Hang in there, Dycker. You’re doing the right and proper thing. And cherish the memories.

    • dycker, I know exactly where you are. All I can say is you have been there for each other all this time, be there for him just one more time. My deepest sympathies.

    • I’ve had to make that hard decision a couple of times, and it involves a lot of tears, and a lot of second-guessing.

      I think what comforts me is knowing that I did everything I could to keep them happy and healthy during their lives; and that I didn’t take this decision very lightly.

    • My cat thanks you for the extra hugs I had to give him.

      He’s still wondering about the tears in my eyes.

    • Sick Rantorum is just plain nuts. And as one who is willing to do everything he possibly can to stick his religiosity up everyone else’s ass, he’s also a disgusting example of the muck and mire into which H. sapiens is capable of sinking. A long time ago a very wise person explained to me how it is that religion, when practiced by zealots, is little beyond abject hatred masquerading behind the false facade that practitioners like to call ‘love,’ a truis with which I’ve never found the means of arguing.

      Rantorum. Sick. There is no better wordplay available to so adequately describe that fruitcake.

      • You should send that one to Norman Goldman. He’s always looking for new and improved nicknames.

        And, yes, Sick Rantorum might be more Batscat than Batscat Bachmann. It’s hard to measure when both are well off any existing scale.

  7. Also from C&L – Colbert covers the contraception debate…

    The very serious point – the Catholic Church gets 62% of its reveune from the Federal Gov – 2.9 Billion or so. So let’s get that straight – we the tax payer cough up 2.9 B tax-free $s and they get to impose their religious views on all their employees and anyone who might expect coverage the law says is legal? That, is a f***Ing disgrace.

    • Unbelievable. Why does the Catholic church need money from us? Fuck that shit!

      BTW, I just realized what your avatar is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brilliant!

      I also love the way that the GOoPers get things half right. The government is not entitled to dictate a person’s faith. But? They completely forget to mention that no religion is entitled to dictate public policy.

    • One of the “librul” talkers predicted that Walker would only meet with President Obama for the minimum required by etiquette when a president visits a state.

    • Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie confirmed to TPM, however, that Walker still plans on greeting Obama on the tarmac at the Milwaukee airport.

      So he’s going to infect the President with the stomach flu?

      Repugnant partiers are the worst liars in the entire universe. If you’re sick stay home you asshole!

    • Dear Mr. President.
      Wear disposable gloves.
      Exend a laurel, and hardy handshake.
      Then run like hell.

  8. BTW, it appears that I’m making a quick trip to southern California TOMORROW.

    Woo! I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done today. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  9. Note to Catholic Church:

    Maybe you should be focused on and trying to fix THIS instead of contraception. When your gay priests are too cowardly too jump off a cliff and instead ruin other people’s lives, that might be a tad more fucking important……

    • Well he might be a dangerous adoptee, at least he doesn’t run a criminal organization of telephone hackers. Isn’t there some sort of professional organization this Ablow can be thrown out of?

      • I’m checking my Coco Puffs box now to find out where he got his license to practice from.

    • “Guns don’t kill people people do”

      But when taking a life is reduced to a twitch of the finger .. well then the gun makes it all so easy, doesn’t it?

      • Very well put Ebb.
        When I’m walking my dog in my neighborhood and I see someone with a dog that doesn’t pick up after it, I offer them a bag (I carry extras).
        Most people oblige, the ones that don’t are usually from New York city or republican.

  10. Shayne is way too cool for us these days, but she Twitters like mad.

    Shayne @Zoocritter
    No One Showing Up to Bristol Palin’s Book Tour So She’s Recruiting on Craigslist Funniest is signing at Books-A-Million

    Not sure if the link translates from Twittish, so:

    • Let me get this straight…Bristol is essentially whoring her book on Craigslist? (1st 100 RSVPs get a free autographed copy)

      Heck, she preaches abstinence…and is bemoaning the fact that folks are abstaining from buying her book.

      She gets this week’s Fickle Finger of Fate Award.

  11. My heart goes out to Zooey. I’ve made the drive from Oregon to SoCal (all the way to San Diego) and it sucked, big time. And to then turn around and drive a potentially unstable person all the way to Idaho? Z, you’re either a saint or a loon.

    On the plus side, you’ll be able to go to a In-N-Out and have a Double Double Cheeseburger Animal Style and an order of fries — they peel and slice the potato just before it goes into the deep fryer. I’m a picky burger eater and these blew me away. And cheap.

  12. Email from, the topic of which caught me by surprise. Hadn’t heard of this.

    Dear MoveOn member,

    The FDA is on the brink of approving genetically engineered salmon for human consumption. This would be the first genetically engineered animal on supermarket shelves in the United States.

    The salmon is engineered to produce growth hormones year-round that cause the fish to grow at twice the normal rate. The government already requires labels to tell us if fish is wild-caught or farm-raisedโ€”don’t we also have a right to know if our salmon is genetically engineered? Without labels, we’ll never know.

    More than forty countries, including Russia and China, already require labels on genetically engineered foods. As Americans, we firmly believe that we deserve the same right to know what we are eating.

    That’s why I created a petition to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on, which says:

    Commissioner Hamburg, we urge the FDA to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. We have a right to know about the food we eat and what we feed our families, but under current FDA regulations, we don’t have that ability when it comes to genetically engineered foods.

    Polls show that more than 90% of Americans support mandatory labeling. Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare. Please listen to the American public and mandate labeling of genetically engineered foods.

    Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:

      • Gvm’t interference – we don’t need safety measures. The companies can be trusted to police themselves/

    • Every consumer has a right to know anything they want to know concerning the production of their food.

  13. I’m on my way to Portland, so my sweet doggy can have sleepovers with Zoo Sr for the next week.

    I’ll check in laters!!

  14. “I Think It’s Harmful To Women, I Think It’s Harmful To Our Society”

    An old Santorum interview on contraception:

    • “My parents not using birth control harmed society”

      There fixed it for you Frothy…

  15. I’m a bit suspicious of stories based on anonymous revelations by “former government officials” and “congressional staffers” but I really hope there’s some truth to this story. I think that some of the more rabid Reciwhiners may actually suffer strokes and/or heart attacks and they will certainly piss themselves in abject terror. Cowards and bullies are like that. In fact, while I would love to see a reduction of nuclear weapons, it might be even more fun if the story is wrong. Cowards and bullies pissing themselves over nothing is even funnier.

  16. Thanks all for your support. Jake is no longer suffering. We were with him until the end and I’m glad I was. The last couple of days he was really not himself. Now for a beer or two to celebrate his love and devotion to us.

    Everything reminds me of my dog.

    • I’m terribly sorry to read this thread today. Sometimes doing all you can still doesn’t feel like enough.

    • Toast your life together, remember the good times and know that you did your best for your friend. I’ll tip one with you. To Jake!

      • Thanks hooda. Honestly, the good times were right up to the last couple of weeks, so there are tons of great memories.

    • Oh so hard to say goodbye I bet dycker. The best choice for him was what you did though.

      • Thanks pete. It was as gentle as could be. As Vinyl said, I was looking at him all the way. Jake would never like anyone to look at him eye to eye from close range. It was the first time he didn’t flinch in that situation. I feel (yes I know you don’t know what your dog is actually feeling) that he knew. It was… a little gut wrenching…and produced waterworks from yours truly.

    • It’s difficult for me to read about Jake, because although my friend Ralphie is robust and healthy at age 11, the reality is that he will die some day and the longer we’re buddies, the closer that day comes. I have him with me on weekends and the rest of his time is spent with my ex, who is with him pretty much 24/7. Sometimes I hear him breathing near my bed, even on nights when he’s not there; I can see that going on for years after he passed — and the ex has her life woven around his completely. No idea what that could trigger, especially with her fragile mental state.

      Ralph and I visited an old friend a few years ago, and when I asked for some water for him I was directed to a dog bowl under a kitchen chair. I wiped it out, filled it and asked how long their dog had been gone — “Eight years,” I was told.

      • Thanks gummitch. Sorry to hear you have to share Ralphie. We are lucky to still have Cleo. I sure hope I don’t forget about Jake after 8 years, but I don’t think I’ll leave the water dish out!

    • My deepest sympathies to you, dycker. Our beloved pets are more than best friends, more than family, even more than children. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but it’s only a little easier than watching them suffer. You did the right thing. Never doubt that. Jake is at peace now, happily chasing and catching anything that catches his eye in Doggie Heaven. I’m sure he thanks you. Many {{{hugs}}} and wishes of Peace to you, my friend.

  17. I don’t often talk about the racism here in my beloved Minnesota. Most of it is out in the rural areas where a good Lutheran can live an entire lifetime and never even meet a person who is different from them except the “drunken Indian” at the bar. I tend to forgive the passive racism of the ignorant. But…

    This tool, Joe Soucheray, is the other kind. He is convinced that “someone” (read ACORN) is obviously coercing votes for Democrats because Joe knows that no good, rural, white, Christian, Minnesotan would ever just decide on their own to vote for a (gulp!) liberal! Nope. It’s all because of those people who “live where the buildings are tall” (minorities, poor people) are being bought for bus rides and cigarettes. It never even dawns on him that anyone could vote against “his candidates” because his candidates are insane Reichwhiners like Batscat Bachmann (For some reason he doesn’t think that the people who vote for her are being coerced by, let’s say, their preachers, pastors, priests, and ministers.) and Sick Rantorum.

    BTW. He’s also the guy who is truly afraid that the “libruls” are going to take away his giant Ford Truck so that he can’t tow his boat. He’s also the guy who couldn’t figure out why we sent a “golf cart” to the moon rather than a orange GTO. I kid you not.

    • There is no hope or assistance for anyone like Joe.
      The mind is closed for any new thought process.

      Did he think an orange GTO would/could be seen from earth?

      • Nah. He just thinks that real men (TM) should only drive around in big, fast, machines that turn vast amounts of liquid fuels into noise and pollution. The funny part is that I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize that a GTO is too heavy to shoot to the moon or that internal combustion engines won’t work, even if gas could remain a liquid without a pressurized containment vessel, in a vacuum. As if guys who ride what’s essentially a huge bomb into space have to prove anything to a simple schmuck.

    • I am becoming more and more convinced that if the greatest experiment in Democracy known as the United States of America is to succeed much longer, we are going to have to limit, somehow, I don’t know how, the right to vote to people who can prove they are informed enough about the issues on which they are voting to cast a vote. I’ll admit, there are things about which I know nothing and recognize that I shouldn’t be voting about it, but I can and I make the best choice I can. But even I know my knowledge has limits. Too bad people like Joe don’t know that about themselves.

    • Feelings for dycker and the losing of a family member… when one life ends, another begins.
      Ebbs video brings to mind a movie I watched recently, The Way Back.
      A true story of escape from a Soviet gulag in Siberia. Three men out of the initial 7 survived a 4,000 mile trek south, through Siberia, across Mongolia and the Himalayas, to India. One man, a Pole, made it back to his wife in Poland, almost 50 years later.

  18. Seeing as I’m still awake and talking to myself, might as well see if anyone is here to talk with!
    Job stuff, choices to make, none that I really want to make just yet.

    • Seems to be the evening for such things.

      Decisions, decisions and nothing rests easy on the mind.
      The only sure thing: the cat wants treats and treats he shall have as I need to feel some sense of a positive motion.

      • I’m aukyoopying myself with the dinner dishes and packing up little things.
        I’ve accepted my usual trails position back in New Mexico, something I little choice with, while I wait for something else to open up. Another possibility in Colorado, but not all that desirable. I don’t want to give up on something here in Oregon, but knowing how ponderous the bureaucratic hiring processes can be, it might be awhile.

        • That’s weighty – too bad the government runs on one speed: exceedingly slow.
          How much time before NM position starts?

          Here’s hoping the PNW is speedy with the process.

          • They have 2 speeds: putter and plod until the last minute, then it’s push press hurry hurry.
            5 weeks before I start, I’m paid up with rent for 3. Two weeks to get back allows for a leisurely week driving, then a week to plug back into the environment there.
            This is helping, thank you ebb. I’m going to decline the Colorado position, which would require me to leave now (Friday), and start making some direct calls to district offices next week. At this sytage of the “hiring season” it won’t be too risky.

          • Had one the best, and longest, beach hikes today. Across a headland I hadn’t hiked before, I found a deep crevasse nearly a quarter mile long, parallel to the ocean, and perpendicular to the lava flows. All filled with foaming and surging surf. It’s as if a massive portion of the headland had cracked off, perhaps the result of a quake. Few birds out on all that rock, I did find some nice agates.

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