The Watering Hole: February 18 – Frederick II and Barack Obama

Hohenstaufen Family Coat of Arms

Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor, was the creator of the Obama technique of winning a War with a minimum investment (human and financial). During the 6th Crusade, he managed to gain HRE control of Jerusalem along with a narrow corridor to the coast, using ink. Frederick had the diplomatic fortitude to use alliances and a bit of arm twisting to secure what he wanted, 15 years of governance over the Holy Territories. This is much like Barack Obama’s success in the Arab Spring and in Libya.

One thing that you can expect from a Democratic administration is the assumption that diplomacy will be tried before armed conflict becomes fact. After diplomacy fails or an actual attack has been opened, is war an option.

The clear division of the Democratic Party was precipitated by the Civil rights movement which converted Old South Democrats into either Republicans or DINOs. Somewhere between 1994 and 2004, the Republican Party assumed cult status.

The only plus from a Republican administration would be a softening of the unemployment issue when 20% of civilians are drafted into the armed forces.

Frederick II died in peace at the age of 55. Not to bad at that time when medicine was only in it’s infancy.

This is our Open Thread. Now, it’s your turn to debate.

48 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 18 – Frederick II and Barack Obama

  1. Call this the first Lady in Racing Report of 2012! Cause that’s what it is! 😀

    Danica Patrick will take to the track this morning at Daytona, in a Sprint Cup Car! Practice starts at 11am eastern, and Danica will drive a Chevrolet for Tony Stewart in the Daytona 500! I know, I told you last year she would be driving for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the Nationwide Series, and she’s going to do that too, for the full season. But this is better! And bigger! Not only is she racing next Saturday in the Nationwide race, she’s going to race Thursday in one of the Gatorade Duel 150 mile races, and then Sunday in the 500. That’s a potential 950 miles of competition in four days. Whew!

    But wait! There’s more! Danica will be guaranteed a starting spot in the 500, thanks to an alliance between Stewart-Haas Racing (I am running a Haas milling machine at my job, how cool is that? I think they are going to be the team I pull for in Cup, now that Mark Martin is running part-time), and Tommy Baldwin Racing. Her car, #10, will assume the 33rd points finish of the Baldwin #36 team last year (The top 35 in points are guaranteed to be in each week.). This means the #10 car has a guaranteed start in the first five races of the season. Since Danica won’t race in Sprint Cup again until May at Darlington, and eight other races, David Reutimann will race the #10 in the remaining races, and hopefully be in the top 35 in points so she can concentrate on race setups in practices.

    One bit of trivia. #10 was her number when she raced Karts growing up. This is the first time she’s been able to use it professionally.

  2. If Reihan Salam talked only as fast as Maria Hinojosa, I might know what they’ve been talking about for the last hour on UP.

  3. The current Pope primes the pump.
    Amidst all the obvious political machinations was this tidbit:
    “Of the 22 new cardinals, seven are Italian, adding to the eight voting-age Italian cardinals … that boosts Italy’s chances of taking back the papacy for one of its own following decades under a Polish and a German pope…”
    I guess God doesn’t have much to do with it anymore.

  4. Frederick II was obviously a statesman, as I believe President Obama is.
    On the surface we have not seen much of this, as he has been preoccupied (and rightly so) with the domestic mess here at home.
    In the next 4 years we can expect to see him taking a stronger stance in foreign affairs, and along with other progressive world leader’s collaboration will see the beginnings of a true global community.

  5. Talk about blatant..

    ESPN sorry for offensive headline on Lin story

    ESPN ran the headline “Chink in the Armor” after Lin had nine turnovers in New York’s loss..

    Lin is the NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

    • Simply incredible. On a related note:

      inSeannity said that the only way the “librul media” could love Lin more is if he were transgendered. The implication, of course, is that the “librul media” was only going nuts because he’s of Asian descent and not because he scored more points in his first 6 games than anyone else in NBA history. Regardless of ethnicity; Lin could never play another minute and still get a plaque in the Hall of Fame.

  6. Another observation:

    At least since the Johnson Administration there’s been a clear difference in how Congress and the Presidency relate to each other. When a GOoPer has been in the White House; the congressional Dems have compromised with the President for the good of the country. During the relatively few years that a Democrat has been in the White House; the congressional GOoPers have devoted themselves wholly to thwarting the President for the sake of their party. This has reached new lows since We The People elected a black guy but it’s nothing new. That’s why I think, despite the horrific GOP candidates, that regaining the House and strengthening the majority in the Senate may be more important than retaining the White House if Mittens is the eventual nominee. All bets are off if one of the others wins the primaries. They aren’t even half sane and would be unmitigated disasters.

  7. Here’s this week’s hate. I’m sort of going to miss ol’ George Rockwell.

    In the online comments of my local paper someone wrote: “There are signs that the economy is improving.” He was immediately attacked for using “hard left rhetoric”. I reckon hard left just ain’t what it used to be.

    • It seems to be just about everywhere. Any good news is immediately stomped flat by mouth breathing FAUX”News” worshipers. I finally just gave up trying to comment at my local paper. Several of their interns, who screen comments, arbitrarily censor anything much to the left of Bill0’s right testicle and simply mentioning the arbitrary censorship results in a two day ban.

      • I’m pretty sure that Rockwell is not only dense, but suffering from a fairly severe mental disorder. Paying an attorney to validate his own remarkable stupid understanding of the law, and then accusing Kos of “getting to” the attorney when the effort flopped is pretty nutso.

  8. From DK’s Hatemail today, a grand example of the wingnut “thought” process:

    End of America?

    It’s interesting that we now have a president who
    -openly wages war on religion
    -wants to eliminate our nuclear weapons
    -wants to eliminate 100,000 soldiers
    -hates capitalism and loves socialism
    -coordinates his activities with Black Panthers
    -used to attend a radical, racist anti-white anti-American church
    -hates Christians yet constantly appeases muslims
    has plans to raise taxes more than anytime in American history
    -hates Israel and supports “palestinian” terrorism
    -brutally attacks conservatives but apologizes to our enemies and gives them money (Paksitan)
    -has plans to eliminate our right to vote (this was already proposed by the criminal governor Perdue of North Carolina) thus making Obama president-for-life

    That is called “stalinism” and Obama is clearly a radical communist. What is truly amazing is why you continue to support him. Do you remember how Hitler ended up? why do you think Obamas tyranny will end differently? Youre either crazy or stupid.

      • Simply call him a “Republican” and cover all those bases at once. Is it fair, I wonder, to assume all Republicans are like that? Really? Sure seems that way. It’s starting to bug me; I get the feeling, sometimes, that I’m beginning to get a firm grip on what it was probably like to watch, in Germany, the rise to the top of the German far right wing. Scary scary.

    • What’s sad is that these people actually believe every word of that nonsense, and can’t provide a single shred of evidence to prove any of it.

      I tried to look into this one spurious allegation:

      -has plans to eliminate our right to vote (this was already proposed by the criminal governor Perdue of North Carolina) thus making Obama president-for-life

      From this article about Gov Bev Perdue:

      First, the “criminal governor” part, they said this: “In November, three of her former campaign aides were indicted on felony charges of obstruction of justice tied to how they were paid. One received a fine and probation. The other two have not entered pleas.”

      So, I wouldn’t exactly peg her as being the criminal in this story. As for Obama’s plans to eliminate elections, the article said this: “She has also faced criticism for suggesting a two-year postponement of Congressional elections and for her proposal to pay for education with a sales tax increase.”

      Now, why on Earth she would suggest a two-year postponement on elections for an office with a two-year term is beyond me. But it was her bad idea, not Obama’s. And a two year postponement would not make Obama “president-for-life” (sic).

      It took me all of about 45 seconds to debunk this one talking point, which is about 45 seconds more than the commenter took. Yet this is how the right wing operates. In their authoritarian belief that their leaders would not mislead them, they believe whatever they are told and do not question it. And if someone tells them the facts that prove them wrong, they assume a “liberal bias” to the news reports.

      • They are impervious to mere facts. I think “confirmation bias” is the technical term. They only believe those things that reinforce their biases and even if a “trusted source” debunks a lie they won’t, can’t, believe it.

      • He “stand[s] for conservative principles” (see below). I’m thinkin’ that if a gay border State Sheriff whose BF is from south of the border and of questionable immigration status defines “conservative principles”, the media ought to spread the word a little. Be interesting to watch Rmoney, Rantorum, and The Newt when asked if they agree.

    • Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on Saturday denied allegations that he and his attorney threatened to deport a Mexican former boyfriend of Babeu’s unless the man agreed not to disclose the relationship.

      Babeu said the allegations are “completely false” and that the only information mentioned in a Phoenix New Times article that’s true is “I’m gay.”

      “This was the way, the hook of how this could be brought out (his sexuality) and to malign and attack a sheriff who does stand for conservative principles,” said Babeu at a press conference outside his department’s headquarters in Florence.

      Read more:

      • I’m surprised he admitted he’s gay. Good for him. I wonder if McCain knew that when he picked the sheriff to appear in his campaign ad with him. I wonder if he supports marriage equality. I wonder if he would denounce Obama for not defending DOMA in court. Inquiring minds (i.e., nosy people) want to know.

    • Did you ever notice that these Republics always say that their personal life just that, personal. Yet they want to stick their noses into other people’s lives and tell other people how they should live. We have a neighbor like that.

    • If you follow the links in that story to the story about the small paper that investigated Boy Scout leadership and LDS coverup of sex abuse of young boys you get a real sense of just how much of a creepoid. Sounds worse than the Penn State affair. I wouldn’t vote for a man that could bring himself to be in the same room as VanderSloot.

  9. California wildlife official in hot water over mountain lion hunt

    One of California’s top wildlife officials found himself in the political line of fire Friday, after a photo surfaced showing him holding a dead mountain lion he killed in what appeared to be a recent big game hunt.

    Daniel W. Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission, shot the lion in Northern Idaho. The photo was posted on the website of Western Outdoor News, a hunting and fishing publication.

    The article is interesting on many levels..
    this jerk is a Repugnant party appointed to the position by Arnold.
    In what seems to be typical gooper fashion this Richards holds sway over things he doesn’t approve of, thus the power to diminish (although it appears he may not have used the power)the endangered status of some species.

    And as a Gooper:

    Richards is facing more political fallout.
    In 2010, his former business partner was indicted..

    • New Mexico has this same problem with Department of Game and Fish officials, they are all appointed by the governor. As political appointees, they come and go with the political winds, and policies change therewith. Large predator species don’t fare to well when there is a Republican governor.

  10. This prompted me to register with the NYT just to comment. I disagree that Santorum is calling Obama a Muslim. I think he’s critical of Liberation Theology because it calls for defending the poor and helpless from unfair political, economic and social oppression — pretty much the liberal agenda. This is not something that the Church wants people focusing on, in part because much of the greatest oppression — particularly in Latin America — has come from the Church itself. Right Wing “Christians” are offended by the notion that the Gospels aren’t really about the superiority of the Free Market and straight white people.

    • Given that many evangelicals don’t think catholics are christian, I think Rick has picked a poor time to refight the reformation, though I do give him credit for so quickly regressing to the 15th century.

      • I find it very interesting that in 2012 the religious affiliations of Presidential candidates has suddenly gotten huge. Ron Paul is about the only one to avoid any red flags. I honestly believed we’d moved well beyond that, other than the clear requirement that any candidates let us all know he (mostly) is some flavor of Christian. For some reason, it is crucial that a would-be president has a church community they belong to, and regularly and visibly attend services.

        Personally, I could give a shit where or if anyone goes to church. I only give a shit about people who try to impose their choices on the rest of the country.

        • I agree. I care nothing for the public protestation of faith, I care that whatever they believe allows them to uphold the individual dignity of every human being. “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    • I agree that Santorum was not questioning Obama’s Christianity. I got into a slight disagreement with someone on Twitter who said that because the words “Theology” and “Bible” were used, that he was attacking Obama’s religious beliefs. Santorum was deliberately vague. I said that there wasn’t enough of that original quote (and I wasn’t going to sit through the whole 30-minute speech) to infer how he meant it. I thought the “theology” of which Santorum spoke might have been Socialism or Liberalism.

      If he meant his remarks as an attack on Obama’s religious beliefs, then why didn’t he say that very same thing of Romney, about whom it would be entirely accurate? Romney’s religion has their own holy text and it isn’t the King James Bible.

  11. pRicky:

    “The No Religious Test Clause of the United States Constitution is found in Article VI, paragraph 3, and states that:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    • Sadly no. She has been “too busy to talk to him” since. He’s debated asking her flat out if she was offended, but I think he’s settled on just smiling and saying hi unless she indicates she wants to talk. He has also mentioned that Kenya, Lily, and Meagan have been noticing him, so I think he’s ok. He seems so mature about it that I’m really impressed with him. He acts socially awkward, but his head seems pretty comfortable with himself.

  12. QOTD:

    “If Santorum’s comments [on banning online gambling] aren’t nanny state-ism in its purest form, then what is? If President Obama made the same remarks, the story would be getting the Drudge siren. Conservatives would be up in arms. Twitter would be flooded with speculations over what ‘vices’ the president would try to clamp down on next. If you’re a conservative and you give Santorum a pass on this, you forego any future right to complain about liberals taking away your Happy Meals and trans fats. There have to be consequences for these things,” – Alana Goodman, Commentary

  13. Will edited Ivanhoe be a knight to remember?

    A NEW version of Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, cut to less than half its length in a bid to make the wordy classic more accessible to modern readers, will be published in the summer.

    ..cut Scott’s prose from 180,000 words to a readable 80,000.

    I’m ambivalent .. if Scott wanted to use fewer words he would have.It will be interesting how this “new” edition reads.

    • Why is anyone revising Scott’s novel when the Bible is full of errors and conflicting statements? If they did this, the entire tome could be edited down to a pair of 4×6 cards in 10 point type..

      The dead sea scrolls are nothing more than a Myth. The entire life of Jesus is nothing a Papal novel written by and for the Catholic Church at about 500 AD. The Apostles were long dead by that time. If the Brits and Norse had the podium, we would be experts on Thor and Gordon as idols of faith.
      Such is the soul of religious belief.

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