an-otter day at the beach

A cormorant guide was on hand…

Returning to the wreck of a fishing vessel, I was focused on it when another  beachcomber swam into view. Very elusive on this part of the coast, I only got this slightly blurry photo before it went back the otter way.

Seagulls swallow starfish alive and whole, taking sushi to another level.

On the rocks in a hard place, the boat was approximately 30 feet in length, there are numerous other pieces of it on the bottom of the tidepool.

In a crevice at the pools edge lays one of the spark plugs from the engine, which somehow ended up around the point about 100 yards away.

A fun day, had a couple of good conversations with other beachcombers. Sat with one fellow for awhile as we sifted for agates and discussed rocks and unemployment, another gentleman came along later, looking for the humming boxes recently dropped off by UFOs here on this stretch of the coast. Told him I hadn’t seen any. “Some people find all the good stuff, eh?” We laughed.

3 thoughts on “an-otter day at the beach

  1. Otterly beautiful and fascinating shadow play with the signaling cormorant!
    As always, thanks for taking us through your grand adventures!

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