Watering Hole: Monday, February 20, 2012 – Republican Wars

The Republicans have declared war on the majority of Americans.  Here are some examples:

  • War on WomenVirginia’s State Sanctioned Rape by forcing women that are seeking an abortion to undergo an unnecessary, vaginal ultrasound probe WITHOUT informed consent.  The Nazis subjected women to various “experiments” without their consent, too.  The war on women continues with the Republicans pushing to make birth control illegal.
  • War on ImmigrantsRepublicans have passed “show your papers” laws in Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia.  The Republican controlled state government of Missouri is currently pressing a slew of anti-immigration laws.  These anti-immigrant laws have cost the taxpayers money.  Then again, since when have Republicans been truly concerned about spending taxpayers money?  NEVER.
  • War on Marriage/Sexual Identity – The Republicans want to decide who should be allowed to be married.  Love has nothing to do with marriage.  They want to tell you who can marry and who can’t.  It’s the bible or some verse in the bible that dictates marriage to Republicans.  Even if you don’t believe in the bible, you are still screwed.  They are at war with people’s sexual identity.  Why are Republicans so obsessed with sex and sexual identity?
  • War on Latinos/Hispanics… see above War on Immigrants.
  • War on SeniorsThe voter ID laws disenfranchise seniors that are unable to get to a state sanctioned photo ID location.  These seniors will be denied their right to vote.  The Republicans want to dismantle Social Security through privatization and they want to dismantle Medicare by giving seniors discount coupons to be used to purchase high premium, private health insurance.
  • War on Young Adults – Republican controlled state legislators and Republican governors are cutting funds for higher education which will make college more difficult for young adults to afford.  It will also deepen the debt for many college students that are already up to their noses in debt.  When college students exceed the amount of money that they can borrow through the federal government, they turn to banks which charge them a higher rate of interest.  The rate is variable so it can increase over time and private student loans are the ONLY loans that are not forgiven in a bankruptcy.  Default on a private student loan will follow them to the grave and payment can be taken out of a seniors Social Security check to pay back a private student loan.

Republicans have been waging wars on women, immigrants, marriage, Latinos/Hispanics, seniors and young adults.  Who is left to support the GOPers?  As far as I can tell, it would be racists, bigots, fundies/evangelicals, and the tea bag party.  Can they win an election with just that group of voters?

The Republicans are always screaming for smaller government yet all their “wars” sound like big government to me.

Late entry:  I forgot to mention the War on Gays.  This has been going on for as long as I can remember.  The link to yesterday’s Zoo post.  There are that handful of gays that think being “left” isn’t proper enough so they choose the people that hate them the most, the “right”.

This is our Open Thread.  Did I miss mentioning any “Wars on…”?  It’s your turn to Speak Up!


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    • Out of everything I watched yesterday, that interview stood out for precisely that reason, which is why I quoted from it yesterday. His ilk don’t care about life here, since they believe there’s something better in the next.

  1. “The war on drugs”

    Big Pharma has quite a war chest in Washington lobbyists.

    Oh, you thought I meant the war against illegal drugs.
    Yeah, that one is still profitable but it’s been getting a lot of bad publicity lately from issues like the “fast and furious” bungle.

    • What angers me about the “Fast and Furious” program is not the stupid name, nor is it simply the fact that our government wasted time and money and lives on a ridiculous plan that couldn’t work because it depended on being able to track guns with something powered by a battery, but that it was started under the Bush Administration and the Republicans are trying to blame Obama and Holder for it. THAT’S what pisses me off.

      • Bush also nixed the space shuttle project, not Obama.
        Republicans are trying to lay the space shuttle cancellation at Obamas feet.

  2. Don’t forget the Republican’s war on education where their obscene goal is to privatize primary and secondary education, to turn it over to, in effect, propagandists whose ultimate goal is to teach something other than truth or reality — something more appropriately called agenda, be it pro-religious, anti-science, or pro-corporate (if, indeed, there’s a any difference in them).

  3. This is what identifies them — war.
    They “war” with everything they oppose — their first option is to declare war and then act on it.
    No nuance, no negotiaion, no pragmatism, no deal — just gather their foot-soldiers, bring out the armament and destroy what they don’t approve by either an outright kill or the chipping away of it until it is dead. It’s winner take all for them — not unlike Attila or Genghis Kahn who appear to be their heros.

  4. “The war against scientists/logic”

    The earth is six thousand years old.
    There is no such thing as climate change or depletion of the ozone layer.
    Global warming is a hoax.

      • Took the cat in the background in this gravatar to the vet last week and “intelligent design” was the term he used to describe some part of a cat’s physiology. Good thing he didn’t spot the Darwin fish on the back of the car.

        • Time to find another vet. Last week we started giving one cat Prozac and then yesterday, we started the other cat on Prozac. Peace is finally returning to our home. And so far, no more urine puddles outside the litter box.

  5. Republican “scientists” (an oxymoron to be sure) are working on a unified war theory called the War on Everything(tm).

    Under such a theory, taxes would be zero (maximum government revenue occurs at this point) and all countries would be in a perpetual war.

    • As long as they still own enough Secretaries of State and Diebold Machines – yes.

  6. Timothy Egan runs some numbers on the GOP electoral wasteland race:

    “So far, three million voters have participated in the Republican races, less than the population of Connecticut. This means that 89 percent of all registered voters in those states [that have held caucuses or primaries] have not participated in what is, from a horse-race perspective, a very tight contest. Yes, we know Republicans don’t like their choices; it’s a meh primary. But still, in some states, this election could be happening in a ghost town. Less than 1 percent of registered voters turned out for Maine’s caucus. In Nevada, where Republican turnout was down 25 percent from 2008, only 3 percent of total registered voters participated. This is not majority rule by any measure; it barely qualifies as participatory democracy.”

    He concludes that “the small fraction of Americans who are trying to pick the Republican nominee are old, white, uniformly Christian and unrepresentative of the nation at large.”


          • Oh, they’re for tax breaks for the rich.

            They’re for deregulating businesses.

            They’re for eliminating the minimum wage and child labor laws.

            They’re for privatizing Social Security.

            They’re for exploiting this planet for profit.

            They’re for bombing other countries.

            They’re for protecting zygotes at all costs.

            They’re for their version of a theocracy.

            They’re for themselves, and no one else.

            • They’re against regulation.
              They’re against taxes.
              They’re against the minimum wage and child labor laws.
              They’re against Social Security as a government program.
              They’re against using the planet for anything other than profit.
              They’re against all other countries, and want to bomb them.
              They’re against abortion.
              They’re against any religion they perceive as not their own.
              They’re against everyone else.


  7. Is There a Right to Lie?

    The case of chronic liar Xavier Alvarez and the Stolen Valor Act.

    Alvarez is a chronic habitual liar. He lies about everything. These are the types of lies that make him out to a bigger person than he is, and the only one he hurts is himself. He recently lied about having a Medal of Valor. He got outed for that one, and suffered a great amount of public humiliation and shame. (Which one should for telling lies.) But it seems that this lie is also a crime. One is not allowed to lie about having attained medals since the passage of the Stolen Valor Act (2005/6).

    SCOTUS has already upheld the right to lie exists for news organizations (Fox). Now we shall see if real humans have the same rights as fake humans (corporations). One could certainly argue, that the damage caused by Fox’s lies far exceeds anything Xavier Alvarez has done.

  8. I love the national news stories, “Is $4 gas coming soon?”

    It came here 3 weeks ago and is about $4.20 now.

    • Hmmh. I should probably fill up before it goes over today’s $3.02 here. Why’s it going up? Exxon-Mobil going broke because of too many electric cars or something?

      • It’s going up because of the sabre-rattling with Iran.

        And because a few folks can make a lot of money by pushing the price up, no matter what the reason.

  9. Republicans brought us the War On Everyone Else (WOES). It’s most prominant advocate was G. W. “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists” Bush.

    And to be “with us” you must accept as Gospel the most extreme right-wing stances possible. The goal posts keep shifting, as those who seek to lead “us” constantly jockey to be the “Rightest” of the Right.

    “We” are therefore perceived to want a government that does not regulate businesses, does not protect the environment, does not provide any social services, does not educate its citizens, but does regulate a woman’s womb and all consensual sexual activity.

    “We” want God in our goverment. And not just any God, but our particular God. The God that loves and forgives “us” for all our sins, and commands “us” to kill those who are not one of “us.” For, if you are not “one of us” your sins can never be forgiven.

    And “we” will use every means at our disposal to get our way. “We” will kill medical providers who perform legal procedures that “we” belive is a sin. “We” will humiliate and incarcerate women who use birth control or seek an abortion. “We” will decide who can and who cannot marry. “We” will take away your jobs until you let us operate our corporations without government interference.

    When you are desparate enough, you will turn to our God for your salvation. Only then will you realize you are truly on your own; that “we” don’t give a damn about you and your starving family. Only then will you realize that “we” have been looking out for you all along, and that your true salvation lies in the 2nd Amendment.

    Then you, too, will join our “War On Everyone Else.”

    • Wow. Talk about a nutcase! My “favorite” entry on the blog was this anti-Dawkins screed:

      The Dawkins Delusion

      Atheist militant Richard Dawkins has produced a children’s book entitled “The Magic of Reality” and in doing so has joined the Millstone Swim and Dive Club. Spreading his venom for God to kids under the guise of Scientism is about as putrid as it gets. Children using simple God-given logic conclude the existence of a creator. It requires an abandonment of logic to attain self omniscience and declare there is no God. The materialist’s faith in the escape hatch of “there just wasn’t enough evidence for me” won’t wash on judgement day. (Snip)

      In re my added boldface highlight, I can only say that to “declare there is no God” requires only the most basic logic, while proclaiming the opposite to be some sort of cosmic truth strongly suggests a substantial level of fear-based dementia.

      As far as the tome that non-belief “won’t wash on judgement day” is concerned, the only real sadness is that ‘Dale’ won’t be alive to learn the truth, that there ain’t no such thing as ‘judgement day’ to be had.

      Theocracy, anyone? I have a hunch I know where there’s a strong supporter!

      • Children using simple God-given logic conclude the existence of a creator.

        Yes, children. Or adults with the minds of children.

        It would be an interesting study, on the other hand, to determine whether children “conclude the existence of a creator” in the absence of indoctrination.

        • My own childhood conclusion was that the notion of a “creator” didn’t make a whole lot of sense, a concept later confirmed by basic science. Some might say, I suppose, that my non-theistic dad might have influenced me, but I’d have to argue with that. My conclusion was my own … he agreed, of course, but never tried to ‘teach’ me anything about it one way or the other. It was, in fact, well after I was an adult when he first opined (out loud), that “Whoever wrote the bible had to be smoking something.” 🙂

          • I came to seriously doubt the existence of a single “Creator” in the course of my childhood indoctrination. There were just too many holes in the story, and when asked, my indoctrinators could never give straight answers. Their evasive circumlocution only helped confirm my own simple logic.

      • “Scientism”??? Did the idiot who wrote that mean “Science”? WTF is “Scientism” supposed to be, the belief that things can, eventually, be explained as opposed to being attributed to some divine being?

        I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: There is no God and may he strike me dead where I sit (stand) if I’m wrong.

        I’ll be back later to prove I won my side of the argument.

    • I see it mentions the “slashing” of our military budget — the “slashing” agreed to by the Republicans (although they never planned on sticking to their word).

      The corporate masters of war must be heating up the late-night phone calls to their pets in Congress.

    • What the Obama Administration and the DoD need to do is to tell the Military Industrial Complex that the Pentagon wants the best possible cars that can run on batteries, with no gasoline or oil (except to lubricate gears, and only if that’s necessary, as I’m sure other substances will work), that they need these vehicles to meet all kinds of mil-specs, and that they want them starting in 2017 when the war budget will be cut down to practically zero. And they have to have the same amenities the average car has today. (You want an off-road vehicle? How about one that can go through the Sahara desert?) That way, there won’t be so many jobs lost in the MIC when the defense budget must be reduced, and it must.

      In fact, there are quite a few special gadgets that the MIC has invented for combat use that could have real world practical applications in the civilian world (like a vest that monitors your vital signs and reports back whenever they go out of whack – it exists now), so why not have them start selling them on the open market? I really don’t care if “the enemy” can get their hands on life-saving equipment. In the first place, “the enemy” is a nebulous phrase whose meaning changes with the times. In the second place, the object of war isn’t to kill the other guy, it’s to remove the other side’s ability to make war against you. Yes, killing the other guy sure helps achieve that goal, but so would a good EM pulse. We can’t solve all of our problems by killing each other.

      • Back around 1900 there was a battle between the old fuel of choice, coal, and an upstart called petroleum. We may have never seen the petroleum revolution if visionaries like Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt hadn’t forced their respective navies to adopt fuel oil. The funny part is that the oil barons waged war on the upstart using virtually the same arguments that the GOoPers are now using to thwart a switch to new fuel technologies. And,of course, they fail to include the little tidbit that whenever a new energy source is developed vast fortunes are made.

      • “…a vest that monitors your vital signs and reports back whenever they go out of whack…so why not have them start selling them on the open market?”

        Possibly because of the havoc it would wreak at airport security.

      • “We can’t solve all of our problems by killing each other.”

        No, but we can if we just kill only those who disagree with us!

        /right-wing logic

    • Still a mystery to me is how a puffin can catch multiple fish and arrange them stylishly draped to one side; all while diving and flying, with no hands.

  10. Courtesy of Daily Kos, a quote by Sick Rantorum yesterday on Face the Nation:

    The— the bottom line is that a lot of prenatal tests are done to identify deformities in— in utero and the customary procedure is to encourage abortions and in fact, prenatal testing that— that particularly amniocentesis. I’m not talking about general prenatal care. You said prenatal care. I— I didn’t say prenatal care shouldn’t be covered. We’re talking about specifically prenatal testing and specifically amniocentesis, which is a— which is a procedure that actually creates a risk of having a miscarriage when you have it and is done for the purposes of identifying maladies of a child in the womb. In— in which in many cases and in fact most cases a physicians recommend, particularly if there’s a problem, recommend abortion. […]

    I can speak with some authority on that particular matter. Twenty-eight years ago this last December, my then-wife (pregnant with what would have been our first child) underwent amniocintesis because of her age (40 at the time). The results showed the baby to be a girl, but afflicted with Down Syndrome. We made the obvious choice and on Friday the thirteenth of January, 1984, she entered the hospital for an abortion. I was with her the entire time — it was, after all, OUR decision == and I can still to this day vividly recall the anguish and the tears . . . and the reason we endured it all. And today, when I read the words of that fucking shitheaded bastard Sick Rantorum, I can only say I’d like to wring his fucking goddamned neck.

    Ignorant sonofabitch. How dare he.

    • Not having any direct experience, still, every expecting parent I have ever known has been extremely concerned with having a healthy child, and want to know everything they can possibly learn before birth, so that they can make the best choice for all concerned.

    • Fear mongering POS. Most doctors avoid any and all invasive types of tests unless there are other medical reasons for doing them. As in the age of the mother, blood tests, worrisome ultrasounds and a few others. Doctors know about the increased hazards of an amnio tap and will use them only when the continued health of either the mother or child is in question. I went through the whole thing twice when both my daughters decided it was time to leave the womb early.

      Rick is truly a nasty sick person.

    • 14 years ago amniocentesis revealed that my child, a boy, was genetically normal, the attendant ultrasound revealed that half his heart was missing. I chose not to abort and that was my decision. Not government’s, not the Pope’s and certainly not Rickie the Sickie’s. The knowledge of my baby’s condition enabled me to put him on the heart transplant list before birth and assemble the doctors he would need. Pro-life my ass!
      I’ll help you wring his f’ing neck frugal.

      • Point and ‘counterpoint in this thread that both, individually and especially together, utterly debunk by example(s) the right-wing’s rationales regarding sexual matters and the social consqeuences thereof.

  11. Mittens is flailing. Now he’s trying to claim that Sick Rantorum is a “Democrat”. First of all, considering that Mittens has held every possible position on every possible issue, it’s a simple fact that he is much more like a Democrat than pRicky. His record of compromising with Democrats is his most redeeming feature. Second of all, in this context, the only party that “spends like Democrats” is actually the GOP.


    • I read a fair amount about Opus Dei a number of years ago — none of it is good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanatorium was a member.

      • I don’t think he’s a member but he certainly agrees with them. From Wiki:

        Rick Santorum traveled in 2002 to Rome to speak at a centenary celebration of the birth of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei.

  12. On the final stages of moving my banking from evil bank to a cheery happy credit union.

    The bank in question is TCF. If you follow Big 10 Football, you’ll know that the Minnesota Gophers play at TCF Stadium.

    TCF is paying $35,000,000 over 25 years for the naming rights. That’s $1,400,000 per year.

    The reason I’m leaving is they have started charging a 9.95/month fee on what used to be called “Totally Free Checking.” It takes 11,726 customers per year, paying a year’s worth of fees, to cover that payment for the stadium naming rights.

    However, TCF gets an exclusive ATM deal with the university to help offset that $35,000,000. It also gets some debit card marketing rights to alumni and students. That also helps offset the $35,000,000.

    So how many thousands of customers are left footing the bill remains to be seen. I wonder if the TCF Execs have a box at the stadium.? If they do, I wonder if they’d be willing to let the people who actually are footing the bill use it?

    • Good on you zx!
      Banks are manipulators – rope you in with “free” to then turn around and cry “we need more money so we’ll now soak you”

      • There was a time when you’d get a free toaster for opening an account at a bank. Now when you open an account, you’re toast.

    • TCF — was that once Twin City Federal? If so, when I was growing up back there in MN it was “Twin City Federal Savings and Loan,” iirc. Must have survived the HWBush S&L debacle and become a bank, maybe?

      • When I moved here in 91, it was already called TCF. I believe it was the former Twin Cities Federal, so it may have changed during the 80’s S&L scandal?

  13. And our award for battiest batshit of the day goes to? Bob Morris.

    … Morris said he found online allegations that the Girl Scouts are a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, encourage sex and allow transgender females to join. He also wrote that the fact that first lady Michelle Obama is honorary president should give lawmakers pause before they endorse the Girl Scouts.


    • I wonder how he feels about the online allegations about a bunch of old white guys who wear dresses at work and molest young boys…you know, the leaders of Santorum’s faith.

      • Speaking of Santorum’s faith, I recall how much they tried to smear Obama by associating him with a particular church, so why isn’t Santorum guilty of pedophilia by association?

      • But. But. But we can’t question the Faith of a white guy. If we could? Sick Rantorum would have to answer this question at every event where he takes questions.

        “Mr. Rantorum. In light of the fact that you cite your Faith in virtually every statement you make: What assurances can you give the American people that you are capable of making any decision which won’t be dictated by the Catholic Church?”

    • Who? Oh, I see. No wonder I didn’t know who he was. He’s just another nutbag.

      If he thinks the Girl Scouts sexualize young girls he might want to take a look at a few of those Little Miss fashion contests. Or look in the girls section in the department store. I always thought Girl Scouts set out to turn little girls into grown-up women — which is probably why Bob is wetting his pants.

  14. Pandermonium:

    Speaking at a town hall-style event at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, Newt Gingrich mocked the Obama Administration’s promotion of smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles.

    “Let me start from a simple premise that Oklahomans will understand: you cannot put a gun rack in a Volt,” Gingrich said.

    • I saw that story yesterday. My first thought was; “why couldn’t you put a gun rack in a Volt?” My second thought was; “someone smart enough to buy a Volt is probably smart enough to realize that leaving a gun in a car, in full view, is pretty stupid.”

      For that matter, I have long thought that gun racks in vehicles are pretty stupid. It’s illegal to fire a gun from a car everywhere I’ve ever lived so there’s no real practical reason. Here in Minnesota all long guns are required to be in a locked trunk and/or in a closed case.

      Plus, after having to replace a hideously expensive electric window after a break-in, I decided that it’s best to leave the doors unlocked and lock anything valuable in the trunk or remove it from the car entirely. Needless to say; I figure anyone stupid enough to care what Newt says probably hasn’t thought things through that far.

  15. I’m working on my column to be submitted tonight/tomorrow morning. It’s about “Personhood” legislation vs women’s rights as citizens.

    I need a break from this crap, I have to control my anger.

      • Thanks, 5th (and good to see you, BTW) – I have been thinking about this issue for a while, and it just keeps pissing me off. In what I’m working on, I’m setting aside the issue of the vaginal probe crap and the fact that ‘personhood’ would effectively ban abortion, Plan B, etc., etc., and just focusing on 2 things: the implications of a zygote having the same ‘rights’ as a person (and the stupidity of the whole idea), and the subrogation of an actual citizen’s rights.

        • I find it difficult to talk about Reichwhiners without resorting to language that can’t be printed. But, just to put a bug in your ear, it would be gratifying if someone in the “librul press” would point out that the 1st Amendment cuts both ways. They are obsessed with the idea that the government can’t dictate their faith but seem oblivious to the fact that their Faith has no legal standing to dictate to the government.

  16. As a matter of empirical fact every politician with national ambitions has to appeal to a broader range of interests than a local campaign might require, in order to succeed, simply because the national arena presents a greater variety and distribution of political (and emotional) interest and commitment,

    It is also incumbent upon the nationally ambitious politician to calculate the degree to which issues ( actual or perceived, sourced from grass-roots or top-down) might factor most significantly in the voting decisions of the general electorate.

    The current confusion amongst GOP candidates and the results of the various popularity polls of the Republican Caucuses, Primaries and TV ‘debates’ support the above argument as every GOP Presidential nomination aspiration has scored one or two local victories such that no leader, nor even a prospective leader has yet shown convincing signs of emerging from the pack.

    I also note that typically a party-specific presidential candidate race has typically been a figurative mile invariably led by two obvious rivals. In this case, the 2012 GOP race began as hal-marathon and is proceeding to the full 26.3 mile full marathon distance, even though the participants are so physically and mentally retarded that the entire race has degenerated into an exercise of unnecessary pain and futility rather than achievement and mostly for the spectators rather than the participants who clearly remain utterly congenitally ignorant of the actual goal of their efforts and/or the practicality of their tactics and those of their competitors and who are equally oblivious to the actual nature of the crowds reactions—they can’t tell and/or refuse to acknowledge the difference between expressions of blind sympathy and expedient desperation from each assemblage of ticket-holders.

    Cats’ post codifies much of what a litany of ever-more obvious facts and observation demands that f a reasonable intellect MUST conclude: the GOP and its candidates really are “At war” in a very real sense, .

    • Of course, when it comes to Sick Rantorum, he’s got a Holy Crusade going, not just any old ‘war’.

      Gotta get back to work – I’m already exhausted and I don’t want to be up ’til 1:30am or 2am, as usually happens, to finish the damned column.

  17. Bay Area remembers John Glenn’s remarkable flight

    Fifty years ago, a fiery blast of rocket fuel catapulted the first American into orbit. John Glenn soared to a peak altitude of 162 miles in the Friendship 7 capsule, lifting the spirits of a populace longing for victory.

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