The Watering Hole: Tuesday, February 21st – The Common Cold

This little bugger looks quite impressive and from an aesthetic point of view I like the look of him. Everything else about him, I don’t like. Mostly the fact, that he caught up with me again. Snuffle, sneeeze, cough….

This is our Open Thread. It’s contagious..

134 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, February 21st – The Common Cold

  1. A virus isn’t alive until it contacts something living.
    It has been hypothesized that virus can survive the hostile environment of space riding on asteroids and in comets across the solar system.
    Perhaps they really are life forms from another world.

    People look to the sky for flying saucers when in reality, being microscopic and dormant can get you a long way.

    My belief is that the common cold is a virus from another world that is long gone and they are the voyagers out to settle new territory.
    In the past, they’ve done a great job of setting up colonies in my nose and lungs.

    • I’ve heard it hypothesized that one way for a species to colonize the far reaches of space is to send their most basic and primitive life forms and allow them to evolve wherever they land.

  2. I empathize EV and vinylspear. Climbing out of the first sinus/chest cold in a couple of years, I’m getting back to better. Not having a lot of contact with large groups of people, I think the vector in my case was the video rental store. All those plastic cases handed back and forth. Confining myself to the dusty racks of documentaries and travelogues, and staying away from silly comedies depicting partying and salacious behavior I believe has dropped my odds, but somewhere was lurking one of these little packets of pestilence.

    • Amusing stuff from AndytheTurtle and germs.

      AtT waited until his food arrived before announcing he had to wash his hands. Pleased at this evidence of higher order thinking I waited for him to squeeze out of the booth and we went together. I praised his new-discovered attention to hygiene and we went back to the booth … where he proceeded to crawl under the table to get back to his seat ,… /sigh/

      • I try not to visibly flinch when the clerk politely turns aside to cough into their hand, then uses the same hand to give me my change.

        • After whatever epidemic scare a couple of years ago, I’ve taken to using hand sanitizer more often. (Even keep some in the car.)

          (With no empirical evidence to back this up) I believe I don’t get plagued with random sniffle-type-illnesses as often as before.

        • I always clean off the handle on shopping carts because I don’t know who handled the cart prior to me. And then there are the children that sit in the carts and touch everything after pulling their fingers out of their mouth. One never knows what germs are lurking on the handle of a shopping cart.

          EV… use some aromatherapy oils such Eucalyptus to help with the sinuses. Put a few drops on a tissue and breath in the vapors. Not only does Eucalyptus open the sinuses, it has antiviral properties.

  3. My son is afraid of germs, which I gather is not uncommon in autistic children. So, when he was six I bought him this and chased him around the house with it. They also sell other germs should one wish to give a loved one gonorrhea.

  4. Obama doesn’t believe that God created cold viruses. In his mind, cold virus origins are part of his conspiracy to take away our freedoms. (Trying to sound like Sick Rantorum).

    I rarely catch a contagion. Don’t know why, but I’ve not had a cold since I honestly can’t remember when. Nor the flu — 1972 was my last go around with that stuff, iirc. When I get sick, I get something good. Last time (2001) I felt like crap I had to have 18 hours of brain surgery to “fix” it.

    I’d rather get a cold.

    • The last time that I had a terrible run-in with the rhinovirus was 16 months ago after having all four of our grandchildren spend several days over the Christmas holiday with us. The one family had to take air transportation from Washington state to Pennsylvania. I blame the shared airplane air for contaminating the grandchildren who then contaminated me.

      • MRSA is proof of evolution, MRSA is an excellent example of pathogens mutating as rapidly as possible to exploit their environment.

        Oh how I would love to post this thought on a fundie website.

        • Yet there are aromatherapy oils that are capable of killing MRSA. We won’t use them in the US because it is difficult to patent a plant that is not genetically modified. Seems like plants to a better job with their immune system.

        • I’ve seen people try and it’s a wasted effort. The responses generally fall into one of these categories:

          1. The comment is simply deleted.
          2. They claim it’s just adaptation, not evolution, because the bacteria didn’t turn into a turkey.
          3. God is manipulating bacteria to usher in the Rapture.

      • Actually, EV, I chose to consider it an inconvenience. I went in diagnosed with Orbital Cellulitis, and saw that before antibiotics there was a chance of going blind or dying, so I wrote memos to all of my files and went to the emergency room. Because outpatient antibiotics were ineffective, the hospital started treating me right away as if it were MRSA.

        I brought my laptop with me so I could continue to work while in the hospital, and my wife brought in comedy DVDs to watch.

        So, no, I wasn’t scared. But I was darned frustrated at not being able to concentrate for more than a couple of hours at a time.

  5. We are part viruses

    “Viruses have insinuated themselves into the genome of our ancestors for hundreds of millions of years. They typically have gotten there by infecting eggs or sperm, inserting their own DNA into ours. There are 100,000 known fragments of viruses in the human genome, making up over 8% of our DNA. Most of this virus DNA has been hit by so many mutations that it’s nothing but baggage our species carries along from one generation to the next. Yet there are some viral genes that still make proteins in our bodies. Syncytin appeared to be a hugely important one to our own biology. Originally, syncytin allowed viruses to fuse host cells together so they could spread from one cell to another. Now the protein allowed babies to fuse to their mothers.”

    • What would happen if the platypus were repeatably infected with syncytin? Interestingly, the first four letters of its identifier are derived from the same base as synchronize.

  6. I just read where the Romney campaign spent more than twice as much cash as it raised last month. Doesn’t that make the Romney campaign a target for takeover by Bain Capital?

    • “All I know is I’m a sinner, and God has forgiven me of my sins… “

      I thought it was blasphemous to claim to know the mind of God.

      Christianity: giving sanctimonius, arrogant pricks the chance to claim a ‘mulligan’ whenever they want to since AD 34.

    • Graham says Gingrich is a Christian because he told Franklin he was. Obama told Franklin he was a Christian but the prat is doubtful. According to him, Obama thinks being a Christian means going to church–so one has to imagine that Franklin Graham has super psychic powers that allow him to know what Obama really believes (and that’s he’s probably a mooslim because he’s not about starting a war with Islam).

      Franklin’s father was a dick, but nowhere near as big a dick as Franklin.

      Screw you, Franklin Graham, you hypocritical narrow-minded piece of shit.

      • I’m always left wondering what the fuck difference it makes what someone’s religious beliefs might be. A national leader, a self-proclaimed Christian, once said,

        “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.”

        Sounds like Franklin Graham would have liked that guy. Still, in view of things that went down during that particular leader’s venue, one can only wonder if he (Adolf Hitler in My New World Order, Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin, 1 February 1933) really was a true believer, ya know?

        • Could we please return to the separation of church and state.
          All of this theocratic grandstanding B.S. means that wrong people with the wrong priorities want to shove a xtian feeding tube into my head.

          • Exactly. I know I keep harping on this but someone with a megaphone has to start pointing out that the 1st Amendment cuts both ways. Elected officials can’t dictate to churches and everybody gets that. But? A large portion of this country has forgotten or never realized that churches have no right or legal standing to dictate public policy.

            • Freedom of and freedom from … twin concepts, twin realities. More’s the pity it’s so tricky for the Rantorums of the world to comprehend such innate simplicity.

  7. Remember Newt’s “gun rack and Volt” pander to Okies yesterday? This one’s almost as good as Newt goes Full Bachmann:

    TULSA, Okla.—Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is dangling the prospect of gas as low as $2 a gallon if he’s elected.

    The former House speaker has spoken in the past of gas dropping to $2.50 a gallon under a Gingrich administration.

    • It’ll take more than $500k revolving credit to pay that there subsidy to every Amurkan.

      Stupid statements like that should automatically disqualify anyone from anything higher than president of my son’s Kindergarten student body…..

  8. A NYT editorial about the right-wing candidates and immigration policy. Standard stuff, but I love their closing line – which can be used for all-things Romney:

    That’s a plan that Mitt Romney, a few Mitt Romneys ago, once admired. It’s the one he deplores now.

    It doesn’t matter what plan they’re talking about here. But it sums up Romney nicely.

  9. Nato apologises for Afghan Koran ‘burning’

    The Nato commander in Afghanistan has apologised over reports foreign troops may have burnt copies of the Koran.

    Announcing an inquiry, US Gen John R Allen said any “improper disposal” of religious materials was inadvertent.

    Announcing an inquiry, US Gen John R Allen said any “improper disposal” of religious materials was inadvertent.

    Reports suggest the books were taken from prisoners after the US uncovered a secret Taliban message system.

    It would seem that some U.S. soldiers are so hell-bent on ‘destroying’ anything to do with Islam..they never stop to think about the actions taken.
    Burning holy books isn’t they way to “win hearts and minds” of a country one has invaded.

    • I used to stand on a copy of the St James when I was 3 so that my willy could reach over the toilet bowl….. is my Dad going to Hell?

    • Speaking as someone whose husband spent a few days trapped in a guest house in Kabul in 2006 while crowds rioted over a different “mistake”, I wish people would do as ebb suggests and think about the possible results of their thoughtless actions.

      • Well, even though the thoughtlessness offends what is frankly a medieval set of values and rules to live by (hearing about acid in the face and other domestic violence against women rife in that region for the sake of ‘honour’)…. not giving the cavemen in that region an excuse to go all Crucible on you would seem to an easy and smart thing to do.

  10. QOTD:

    “While Santorum conceded that Obama’s policies were not quite as horrific as Hitler’s war in Europe …” – ABC news.

    • That’s right, I still can’t get ‘Jewboy’ soap for my soft skin nor can I get my ‘organic’ lampshades at Walmart – come on Obama, get with the f***ing Holocasut will ya…. /frothy off

  11. It’s distasteful but still a must see. These freaks make me think dark thoughts about stuffing live grenades in peoples’ shorts. It doesn’t occur to anyone to ask Rev. Graham; “why are you applying an unconstitutional test to President Obama?” Of course, simply hosting this freak is bad enough and the double standard should be enough to convince the “librul media” that his testimony is tainted.

    • Rev. GrahamCracker made me think to myself concerning the GOP candidates he spoke of: “I’d rather a decent Muslim than a piss-poor Christian.”

    • I found this comment in the thread at MMfA. Frankly, I’m a bit jealous.

      by CatsRBigLuv

      Still working out the crack buzz, boxtop writes,

      “A real Christian is someone who asks Jesus to save them from their sins.”

      No, a real Christian acts in accordance with the Sermon on the Mount, lives by the Golden Rule, and sees the Kingdom of God in all people.

      At least, thats what the Man who stilled the waters taught. If you had ANY clue as to what the early Church was really like, then you would know that.

      The fixation on sin was a later invention.

      But of course, you are more attracted to sin, judgment, punishment and accusations of heresy.

      Like most right wing nut jobs, you happily discard the parts of the Bible that talk about how to treat your fellow human being, and exaggerate that which maligns and defeats spiritual dignity.

      You and your whole party are as in keeping with the Gospel as the Inquisitors rack, the auto de fe and the iron maiden.

      Having happily exchanged the Beatitudes for the Witch Hammer, you only emphasize the vast distance between you, your sick nazi ideology, and what it REALLY means to be a follower of Christ.

  12. The other day I posited that Sanitorum’s comment about Obama’s “theology” had nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with “liberation theology” (which severely conservative Catholics reject because it empowers the poor and disputes the fascism of the Church). I’m not saying that I’m brilliant of anything, but

    When you go so far afield of that and take what is a salvation story and turn it into a liberation theology story, which is done in the Catholic world as well as in the evangelical world, you have abandoned Christendom, in my opinion. And you don’t have a right to claim it.

    Sanitorum was pretty clear: you cannot be a liberal and a Christian.

    • This makes for a good tie-in to the story I posted above. I find it incredible that the Protestant fundies would rather support:

      a. A avowed papist who has all but confirmed that Rome would rule his actions.
      b. A Mormon.
      c. Newt. A serial adulterer who has proven time and again that he is personally and professionally corrupt to the core.

      I find it endlessly amusing, and sickening, that the freaks are searching for a Christian they can vote for when the “best Christian in the race is already sitting in the White House”. ht/Zooey.

      Aside from the color of President Obama’s skin and outright lies there’s just no reason that makes sense. Of course, by definition, those who allow race and religion to rule their lives don’t make sense.

      • a. A avowed papist who has all but confirmed that Rome would rule his actions.

        I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that Sanitation has fallen into line with the Pope’s new position on Galileo’s ‘heresy’ yet…..

  13. Santorum ‘super’ PAC returned big foreign donation

    Read more here:

    The donation returned last month was the first acknowledged evidence of foreign money surfacing in the 2012 presidential race. The concern has worried political observers following a landmark 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed restrictions on corporate and individual donations to political committees supporting presidential candidates.

  14. I’m a bit torn about this story. First of all; I still live in my current District and Betty McCollum is still the incumbent. Those are good things.

    However, Batscat Bachmann, technically, now lives in the 4th District and could run against Betty. I would have liked to see her run against a strong Democratic incumbent and I would have enjoyed the privilege of voting against Batscat. Alas, it looks like Batscat will show her courage and run for the “new” 6th District where there is not, technically, an incumbent. She is taking the path of least resistance; just like sewage.

  15. Just a quip born of frustration:

    Sometimes the only thing keeping me from wandering the streets with a pillow case full of grenades is fantasizing about wandering the streets with a pillow case full of grenades.

  16. It is difficult for me to listen to Rmoney talk because it sounds like he is talking to children. Then I realized that he reminds me of Buffalo Bob Smith from Howdy Doody. I find their mannerisms similar.

      • I’m with gummitch on that, also having grown up with BB and HD.

        Sanitarium would equate to the Twinkies — absolutely of no value to anyone.

      • I should have been clearer. It is the manner of speech that I find similar. Buffalo Bob was talking to children using his talking to children voice. Mitt Romney speaks to adults using his talking to children voice.

        I grew up with Howdy Doody and I remember liking the show.

    • I think Mittens is more like Mr. Haney from “Green Acres”. He always claims to have exactly what his audience wants at the moment, he always asks for well over market value, and it’s generally worthless and/or defective.

      • I find Mittens fascinating, really. You can tell he’s trying really really hard to get people to like him (i.e. vote for him) and has no clue how to connect with humans. Beneath that facade, though, is someone who would sell his grandmother to the devil for one vote — and has much less regard for any of us not related to him.

        • Indeed. I probably could have voted for the guy who was elected as Governor of Mass. The guy that we see on TV every day barely even resembles that guy. His transformation isn’t unlike McCain’s aside from the fact that, with Mittens, it’s all pandering rather than being part senility. I rather like people whose positions evolve based on new developments but Mittens, and McCain before him, have surrendered their will to the stupidest/craziest quarter of the American electorate.

        • …no clue how to connect with humans

          Dammit you have penetrated our cunning plan… Picard you bastard, you said that Mitt Romney was a perfect empath….. you lied!

          (Locutus of Borg – temporarily given access to TtT’s wordpress account)

    • Do yo think those Twinkies I’ve been saving since 1952 will still be good?

      I think Mittens, Rantorum and Newt together could be the Flub-a-dub.

    • Seriously! Iran is a country that hasn’t developed a nuclear weapon or a delivery system. I have enough physics education to know that it’s HARD to develop a nuclear weapon. It’s even HARDER to develop a delivery system. Don’t these freaks realize that, at this point, the worst that Iran could do would be to create an intentional Fukushima or Chernobyl? Don’t these vile, stupid, freaks realize that any attempt by Iran to unleash a “nuclear cloud” would only serve to contaminate their own fuckin’ country?

      • Pete – I would support dropping a bomb on Fox propaganda network.

        There was a discussion on the radio today regarding rising gas prices and part of the reason was Iran’s oil embargo. The oil barons didn’t get the oil they wanted from Iraq so now they are looking at Iran. What they fail to realize is that Iran is a much strong and larger country than Iraq. Fox propaganda network is dangerous and borders on treason.

      • Ya but, like Rantorum has noted, Iran wants to attack North Dakota cuz ND has oil reserves! Or somethin’ like that. When the Ayatollahs git nukes, it’s all over for Fargo and Bismark!

        • That little rant, as much as anything, convinced me that Rantorum might be crazier than Crazy Shelly and stupider than Bible Spice. Even if Iran developed a nuclear bomb and gave it to terrorists can you imagine the conversation?

          Terrorist flunky: “Where do you want me to set off the bomb?”
          Terrorist leader: “Allah wants you to bomb North Dakota.”
          Flunky: “What the Hell is North Dakota?”
          Leader: “It’s the least populated state in the evil U.S.A.”
          Flunky: “Why would Allah want me to blow up the least populated state in the U.S.A.?”
          Leader: “They have oil.”
          Flunky: “Either you or Allah is fuckin’ insane. Set off your own bomb.”

      • For as long as I can remember, American foreign policy has been driven entirely by scapegoats and enemies. I know that this is partially because the MIC needs to justify massive “defense” budgets; if we weren’t in a constant state of fear, we wouldn’t feel the need to have so many expensive weapons systems and might actually think about that “peace dividend.”

        Iran is another perfect foil because no one in this country knows anything about the country and has certainly never visited it; because they’re scary mooslims and pretty serious about their religion; because they humiliated the US big time in 1979; and, I suspect, because they refuse to take any shit from the US.

        Prior to their revolution, there were tons of Iranian students in our colleges (even community colleges) who had the potential to demonstrate that they were no threat at all. Once they all went back to Iran, that opportunity was gone.

        • One of my best friends was Iranian. Among our other shared interests; he was a perfect foil in a chess game. Every game we ever played was in doubt right up till the end when, in most cases, one of us would make a single mistake or miscalculation or try something completely idiotic. Good chess opponents are very hard to find. Alas, he saw how things were playing out by about 1982 and moved to Britain, then Morocco, and then we lost touch. The sad part is that he was among the most agnostic, apolitical, people I’ve ever known but it didn’t take him long to “OD” on the blind hate.

    • Newt has probably never spun a nut onto a bolt, much less possess knowledge about the American automotive aftermarket. If it drives on our roads, from floormats to superchargers, it’s been developed for sale in all available makes and models.

      • He wouldn’t be able to do pissy-whiny “jabs” at progressives.
        Wife #3 probably has to remove the cap off the toothpaste for Neut!

  17. And now for something completely different.

    The following isn’t great footage. Between shooting through aquarium glass and a camouflaged subject, it’s damned hard to focus. Still, one can get an impression of the odd behavior of a “Scooter Blenny”. Perhaps you will be able to appreciate why I describe him as “looking like a lizard”. I’ll keep trying for sharper vids and images and, when I get a new female, I have high hopes of capturing their mating dance. The camera is up for it if I can do my part.

    G’night, good people.

  18. Nite Pete..

    I thought i’d seen all the loonies that make up the Repugnican’ts, but no, here’s one that is so over the top he redefines ‘top’…
    Lawmaker: ‘Radical’ Girl Scouts out to destroy ‘American family values’

    Wherin this idiot blathers…
    “Morris alleged that the Girl Scouts of America and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts “have entered into a close strategic affiliation with Planned Parenthood,” which he claimed is trying to “sexualiz(e) young girls through the Girl Scouts.”

    Even worse, he wrote, only three of the 50 role models promoted by the Girl Scouts have even “a briefly-mentioned religious background.”

    Jeebus, in your name, put this bozo out of business.

  19. Having had a couple hours nap, I’m up for a bit. Decided to turn on Mike Malloy for a change. After the strains of the Royal Philharmonic’s rendition of Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell faded, I found today is the anniversary of Malcom X’s assassination. I didn’t see that anywhere on any of my bookmarks today at work.

    • hmm, it doesn’t seem to have registered at all!
      Strange. It was one of those anniversaries I thought would not be forgotten.
      Times have changed.
      FauxSnooze mustn’t have thought it important enough to rip X to shreds.

  20. Instead of protesting the ‘aspirin between the knees’ comment, modern day women should take a lesson from the women of Greece in Lysistrata, actually put an aspirin between their knees, and keep it there until the men get rid of the silly notion that they are in charge of women’s health issues.

    • There may be a few women who could go “Lorena Bobbit” – that would make the Repugnant/Teapottiers take notice!

      (I don’t condone violence. It’s just a thought)

      • I may have a bicycle pretty soon for short trips before the heat becomes oppressive. The hill I’d have to get over makes cycling to work not a fun option.

        The feet are less trouble at this job, because I’m only expected to run one machine at a time. The left one is developing the same swelling and pain now, but I believe I can hold out for ‘Obamacare’ to end excluding pre-existing conditions, and I can explore more options for finding out what really is wrong. I didn’t abuse my feet getting to this point, I just worked on concrete shop floors for about 35 years. I have had some foot pain since I was 19.

  21. Boy Scout Version of Catholic Pedophile Scandal?

    The lawyer for the two men, Kelly Clark of Portland, Oregon, who specializes in cases relating to abuse by Boy Scout leaders, says that the scouting organization knew or should have known that Davenport was a pedophile, because he was accused of child molestation while involved with the scouts in Weeping Water, Nebraska, Dodge Center, Minnesota, and Medford, Minnesota, all before coming to Madison. Lawyers for the men who filed the suit Tuesday say Davenport now reportedly resides in Thailand.

    Really? Thailand? Isn’t that the pedophile capital of the world?

    • Very unfortunately Thailand has a lucrative sex trafficking; child porn; pedophilia trade.
      And doesn’t mind hiding pedophiles from the law.

  22. I miss listening to Malloy. He’s never on his game as much as he is in an election year, but he’s talking about Greek austerity now. ‘The cradle of democracy’ is about to allow banksters to run it’s economy. The same banksters that got them into this mess. The riots up to now are nothing compared to what’s coming…

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