The Watering Hole: February 25 – Excommunication

On this date in 1570, Pope Pius V excommunicated
Queen Elizabeth I from the Roman Catholic Church.

Isn’t Rick Santorum ripe for a similar fate? He has ignored the following principles ordained by The Pope and/or US Catholic bishops.

1. Against the Iraqi invasion.

2. Universal health care for everyone.

3. End the death penalty for criminals in almost all situations.

4. That the federal minimum wage be increased, for the working poor.

5. Welfare for all needy families.

6. The basic rights of workers to bargain and to work in a safe work place.

7. Israel withdrawal from Palestinian
territories occupied in 1967.

8. Against denying services to children of illegal immigrants born or brought up in the US.

9. Against treating illegal immigrants as criminals.

10. Against the idea of a preventive war.

11. Women’s rights.

Elizabeth was a saint compared to Ricky.

This is our Open Thread. What do you think?

121 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 25 – Excommunication

  1. Since Rick keeps bringing up his Catholic faith, maybe some reporter should ask him what his penance was when he confessed to all these sins, and is he a member in good standing now of the Catholic Church?

    I really don’t understand these organized religions.

  2. I am no longer renting any space in my head to Rick Santorum.
    He is in reality, a non-issue.
    I just wish Margaret and Helen would write about him as much as they wrote about Sarah.

    • Pennsylvanians were glad to kick him out of the Senate. Just looking at these candidates on the Republic side, there is a former Representative that resigned because of ethics violation, there is a former Senator that lost his bid for re-election by 20 points, there is a former governor that didn’t run for a second term because he knew he would lose, and there is a Representative that has close links to the John Birch Society. Sounds like a bunch of losers to me.

      • My former wife would agree. And the school nun she always remembered the most was the one who, in the lower grades, kept smacking her on her writing hand with a ruler. She was left-handed, see, and apparently the Sister thought it was a sin to use the left hand for writing (seems to me I remember some dark ages “theologists” presumed the left had was for nose picking and butt wiping — dirty stuff — whilst the right was reserved for shaking hands and writing. Et tu, Rantorumn?)

        I am SO grateful my dad was a non-theist and helped me past some of that religious malarkey!

  3. This is our Open Thread. What do you think?

    I think we’re lucky the Republicans don’t have an Orthodox Jew running. Imagine, a candidate preaching his faith:

    “If elected, I will enact a law requiring all men to be circumsized….I will pass a law making it a sin…making it a crime for a man to cut his hair or shave his face. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth will become a reality in our criminal justice system. We will solve juvenile delinquency the traditional way, by taking recalcitrant children outside the city gates and stoning them.”

    “I believe in traditional marriage, one arranged by the father. I believe in traditional divorce. All the man has to do is place his wife’s shoes outside the house and say “I divorce thee” three times. I believe a divorced woman who remarries is an adultress and must be stoned. I believe a man should have as many concubines as he desires.”

    A candiated who ran on a platform of running this country according to the morals and guidelines of the Old Testament would make the rest of the Republican field look reasonable by comparison.

  4. Chris Hayes called Detroit ‘the birthplace of the American car’.

    From wiki: In 1893, the first running, gasoline-powered American car was built and road-tested by the Duryea brothers of Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Maybe ‘the birthplace of the American automotive industry? That would be the Olds Motor Works in Lansing, Michigan.

    • Someone may wish to point out to Frothy that there is an abundance of theocratic universities in the U.S.

      Brigham Young Univ…. oh their Mormon so they dont count.

      Oral Roberts University. Mired in lawsuits and in the red

      Liberty University. Founded by Jerry Falwel. Apparently Falwel was not a big enough religious kook for Frothy.

      Belhaven University, Orlando FL Seems they don’t offer a political science degree.

      You get the idea.

    • The real problem with public education being secular is that it has a nasty tendency to undermine the indoctrination of children which generally begins as soon as a child can understand English and be exposed to the Bible. When a 1st grader can parrot biblical phrases, that isn’t education, its brainwashing.

      • My 5 yr old grandson is starting to ask to say a prayer before we eat dinner. This makes me a little bit nervous because we don’t discuss religion. His paternal grandfather is a fundy so I’m guessing that he is picking up this prayer thingy from paternal grandfather. So far, the grandson makes no reference to god when he prays. He just says thanks for everything, the food is great and let’s eat. However, he does insist that we close our eyes which he doesn’t do because I don’t close my eyes so I noticed his eyes open and his younger sister’s eyes remain open.

        • My youngest asked me when she was around that age why we didn’t say grace before we ate. I told her that talking to God was a personal thing and if you think you have to do it out loud and in public it might mean you are more concerned that other people know what you are doing.

    • Conservatives bitch all the time about the liberal influence in schools, yet the mentality it takes to want to help others learn is almost always a liberal mindset. Conservatives only believe their skills should benefit themselves.

    • I wonder if the voter turnout number is decreasing. What would make Santorum so popular? He is considered the Republic candidate of choice in PA which means that if Santorum were to be the Republic nominee, Obama would be guaranteed a win in Pennsylvania. We kicked out Rick once and we don’t want him back.

      • That’s a very appropriate headline for Rick.
        I have a hunch “Alabama three way” will be showing up in the Urban Dictionary soon.

  5. The Bruce Effect:

    Geladas, a relative of the baboon, have abortions in the wild:

    “Normally, the failure rate for gelada pregnancies is around 2 per cent. If a new male arrives, it shoots up to 80 per cent. … But why would a pregnant female abort her own foetus? Roberts thinks that it’s an adaptive tactic in the face of a new male’s murderous tendencies. Since the male would probably kill the newborn baby anyway, it’s less costly for the female to abort than to waste time and energy on bringing a doomed infant to term. Her future offspring, conceived more quickly and fathered by the incumbent king of the hill, will stand a better chance of survival.”

  6. I see nobody’s put up Saturday’s hate-mail-a-palooza yet, so here it is

    The cognitive dissonance in these people (assuming the letters are for real which,m unfortunately, is a possibility) is stunning. They claim Obama is destroying Capitalism, and yet the Dow is at it’s highest in years, the S&P hit a high it hasn’t seen since June 2008, unemployment is at its lowest in years and, still, somehow, Obama is destroying capitalism.

    Oh, and a federal mandate to start selling only energy-saving light bulbs is, somehow, an infringement on personal freedom? Exactly what do these people think a government is supposed to do to solve national problems? Just ask everyone nicely to do what’s in everyone’s best interests?

    John Kenneth Galbraith was right when he said, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness”

    • They are so consumed with the idea that one of them is in the White House that no appeals to reason are possible. They didn’t bat an eye when their “light bulb freedom of choice” was taken away by a white president but the second one of them got elected? All bets were off. Of course, racism isn’t all of it but i think it’s a very big factor.

      The other biggest factor is their immaturity. The whole damned bunch of them pitch a collective fit whenever they hear the word “no”. They’re like a bunch of toddlers who want a cookie before dinner.

  7. Home safely! Just a skiff of snow on the Coast Range, and now Honey is relaxing in her favorite sun spot in the kitchen.

    I’m off to read the instruction book for my new sewing machine a couple miles down the road at Boiler Bay. Laters!

  8. Woo-hoo! I finally caught a shot of my scooter blenny “flashing” his dorsal fin. So, of course, i jerked the camera a little bit but it’s still a fair image considering I’ve been trying to get that shot, off and on, for two weeks.

      • Thanks. I would have liked a sharper focus but, considering that the “flash” only lasts about a half-second and is entirely random, I’ll take it for now. I was actually just playing with the camera presets so I wasn’t even in the mode that seems to work best for shooting the aquarium. I’ll be able to do better once I get a new female because they display in bursts.

  9. The Dow on 1/20/09: 7,949.09, down by 332 pts. Friday, 2/24/12: 12,982.95, down 1.74.

    Nasdaq on 1/20/09: 1,440.86,, down 88.47. Friday, 2/24/12: 2,963.75, up 6.77.

    S & P 500 on 1/20/09: 805.23, down 44. Friday, 2/24/12: 1,365.74, up 2.28.

    Looks like the stock market has improved since Obama became president.

  10. Scott Brown — father of daughters — is messing up royally on the women’s health issue. Elizabeth Warren is going to do quite well as the junior Senator from Massachusetts.

  11. Hi everybody: I’m down to single tasking on my old pc to prevent shockwave crashes, Firefox crashes and system crashes.

    Pete’s postings from and about his new camera reminded me of the movie “Smoke” where Harvey Kietel owned a corner store in Brooklyn. Every morning he set up his camera on a tripod in the same spot and at the same time each day he used his camera shutter extension thingy to snap a picture. He showed the pictures to William Hurt who was a writer trying to come up with a Christmas story. Harvey told him a great story about how he acquired his camera.

    I am happy that the head Zookeeper has returned safely from her journey and trust that she shall do her part to encourage the usual informative and insightful droppings here, now and forever.

    Sick Rantorum contends that from students with faith based beliefs that go to college 62% leave college without those beliefs. I contend that rather than blaming “liberal indoctrination” for students changing their beliefs they need to examine the weakness of faith in solving real problems. The truth is dangerous to the conservatard way of life.

    Maybe if we put phone booths back on the streets Superman will return to help reinstate truth and justice into the American way of life!

    • I’m sorry to hear about the ongoing computer problems. Which version of Windows are you using? I’m still learning Windows 7 and haven’t had any issues but I know my way around XP fairly well and may be able to offer some hints.

      • Thanks pete, I’m using XP and my problems began with shockwave crashes in Chrome. After a month or so of fixes that didn’t work I switched to Firefox. I’ve also tried IE. Shockwave crashes in both and IE reboots the page automatically which I do not like. With Firefox I manually refresh if I want to try the video again. I downloaded Opera but the file will not execute to install it. I also have a shortcut on my desktop to an HP share to web upload folder that will not go into the recycle bin and if I right click on the shortcut the computer locks up.

        My system does not have enough RAM for Windows 7 so I stuck with saving my present machine for the foreseeable future.

        Any help will be appreciated.

        My Canon camera has a function where the camera will take pictures automatically at adjustable intervals. What might you catch your fish doing late at night when they know you’re in bed?

        • Hmmm. It sounds like a systemic problem. Do you have any third party toolbars? They can gum up all sorts of things. I had all sorts of problems when I was running an AVG toolbar that cleared up when I uninstalled it from the control panel. Assuming you don’t have a virus; here’s what I think I would try.

          1. Make sure that IE isn’t the default browser if you’re using another browser then uninstall any third party toolbars.

          2. Do a complete uninstall of Firefox from the control panel then reload the latest version. (NOTE: I haven’t played with Chrome but I would guess that you could uninstall it too and then reload just one of them.)

          3. While you’re at it; it might be a good idea to uninstall any additional programs you don’t use. I always end up with a bunch of useless junk whenever I install anything new.

          4. Try a “registry cleaner”. I used CCleaner and it seemed to help. Actually, I used to play around with registry cleaners quite a bit and found that I could fix most problems with one of the free ones or another. I’ll provide the direct link for CC and a page that has some other ones and various free malware removers. I may have just been lucky but I never broke anything I couldn’t recover from with the included backup/restore function.


 They have oodles of system tools and utilities:

      • As long as I can still reach the Zoo I’ll survive. You especially draw me to the sweet nectar of information that appears on these pages. So too do Wayne and Jane and Cats and … aw shit just the whole damn bunch of you.

        I have a question for Raven but I can’t remember what it is right now.

        • Hey pachy.
          As far as the computer stuff, follow what pete said. Also use the Defragmentation utility, regularly.
          Regarding a question for me, try using the “alphabet countdown”, A through Z.
          It helps me to remember stuff, like the names of odd bands I listened to 30 years ago…

          • My question wasn’t computer related, something to do with outdoorsy shit and what not.

            It really wasn’t important, I was just contemplating remembering that I had had a question which I couldn’t remember but thought it was a minor success remembering that I had a question for you even though I couldn’t remember what it was. I celebrate minor miracles like not peeing outside the rim.

          • Pachy,
            You might also check the free space on hard drive C:. To do that, go to “My Computer” and left click on the C: Drive icon. Then click on properties and disk allocation units will be displayed. If the available disk space is less than 25% of the total drive space, you need to perform a defrag, first, followed by a serious soul wretching look at your saved files. I usually move these to a RW CD while retaining the directory structures from my C: Drive to the CD. If you have a DVD drive, use it, much better. Do not move the Program folder, very bad!

    • Between right-wing authoritarianism and the Dunning-Kruger effect I really don’t know how they remember to breathe. I suppose it is possible that they do, indeed, forget to breathe for stretches long enough to cause brain damage.

  12. At my alma mater, the University of North Florida, where the Jacksonville republiscum debate was held, the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was suspended by the University and the national fraternity when a pledge reported to the campus police the requirement to steal a piece of university property and then getting high as part of the initiation.

    A look at the national alumnus revealed men with conservatard leanings and a current republican governor.

  13. Gooodnight all. Took some medicine that’s making me a little looopy. Hard to type. Hopefully someone will be able to tranlate. And I will be thouroughly imparrased in the morning but right now I can barely see straite. I fdeel like I have enought mental nergy left to sing a song. Daisy, Daisy…

    Now they just need to accetp my glasses and I’m in. Not sure what I’m in, but this has been on my mind the lst few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    zxbe signing off.

  14. While I can still remember and while my computer is behaving I want to share some recent experiences:

    Ever since we had a heated argument where my mouse deliveryman neighbor, I’ll call him Wally, kept calling Obama the N-word and I set him off telling him Jesus must have been gay hanging around with guys and never marrying, we have avoided talking politics while delivering mice. However, my neighbor is really such an ignorant person that its funny and at times ther’s instant karma thrown in. This past Thursday as we began our trip we talked about the news that morning about the 26 year sentence given to the UVA lacrosse player who killed his girlfriend, also a UVA student and lacrosse player. Wally thought that the boy was from La Crosse, FL, a town we travel through twice a week. He wouldn’t keep his mouth shut long enough to listen to me explain that “lacrosse players at UVA” did not mean “players from La Crosse at UVA.”

    Wally was so steamed at me that he wasn’t paying attention to his speed and got caught doing 50 in a 35 MPH zone. Cop gave him a break with a citation for just exceeding the posted limit, reducing cost from$264 to $164, plus 3 points (giving him a total of 10 on his CDL).

    We stopped for coffee in La Crosse, at the convenience store we stop at frequently. A local county Sheriffs Deputy was there,00 as he frequently was in the morning. Wally asked him if he knew the boy from La Crosse who was just given 26 years for killing his girlfriend, the cop told him he didn’t know what he was talking about. When Wally said it was just on the news that morning I saw the “light bulb go on” in the deputy’s eye’s. He explained to Wally that the boy played the game of lacrosse at UVA, that the boy was not from La Crosse.

    Wally was contrite the rest of the journey and claimed he had never heard of the game lacrosse before then.

    Wally turned 61 today, the young punk!

    My sister arrived early this morning to set up her yard sale in my driveway. She was happy making over $100.

    Pop’s stopped by. He’s a 78 year old man who walks the neighborhood and surrounding area collecting aluminum cans. Two weeks ago he cashed in 1100 lbs. for $770.

    I took some egg cartons around to another neighbor who has layer hens and sells organic eggs to select customers. Sam’s a PhD archeologist doing research and educational programs with a local agency and was interviewed by Jacksonville TV for his opinion about Spain gaining posession of the gold from one of their 16th century ships that sank off of Africa. The gold bullion has been in Florida since it was recovered.

    Sam also has a sick goat who just had a kid but isn’t producing milk.

    Wally bought two glass top outdoor tables from my sister. They have holes for umbrellas. Just what he needs for his new endeavor selling produce he buys from wholesales we’ve found while delivering mice.

    Thanks Pete and Walt for the info.

    • Hi pachy…
      I apologize for my tongue in cheek humor that may have come off as being perhaps a little trite. My neighborhood, and mine own life style, sounds similar.
      Numerous residents here are living by various means, selling artwork and whatever can be reused, recycled or otherwise converted. We live marginally and precariously, some by choice, others not. I deal with it by laughing at it, and myself, and I realize that sometimes my take is not amusing to some.
      For what it’s worth, I pee into a 5 gallon pail…

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