Shameless plug: Paul Jamiol’s World 2008-2010

Friend of TheZoo, Paul Jamiol, has put together a new book containing the collection of some of his awesome ‘toons!  It’s so cool to re-visit Paul’s cartoons and see the progress we’ve made — or not — over the years.  TheZoo and a couple of the Critters are even mentioned on the acknowledgments page, which is SO awesome!

Paul is a special friend of TheZoo, hence this shameless plug.  If you’d like to explore the options of obtaining this really cool book, and learn a bit more about this amazing man, you can go to Paul Jamiol’s World, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.  I’m sure loving my copy!

10 thoughts on “Shameless plug: Paul Jamiol’s World 2008-2010

  1. Congratulations Paul.

    Wish I could actually buy it…someday soon I hope.

    I visited your site the other week, looking specifically for my all time favorite—the TINY ANGRY ELEPHANT—because I wanted to use it ( with credit of course) in a ‘photoon’ for my ‘GOPCAR Racing’ post.

    Alas I could not find it BUT…I was so impressed with your portfolio. There were so many cartoons that I had never seen before…amazing.quality variety and productivity, and some of them are genuinely moving. .

    One thing that strikes me about some of your work—the cartoons that aren’t visually amusing and/or cleverly written. Sometimes you really just abandon the cartoon language and form and tackle an issue directly, with just words. And those, I find, are particularly striking—not so much because they aren’t, then cartoons, but because of the reason WHY they aren’t funny pictures with serious intent, Instead they are ONLY serious intent, and are utterly appropriate.

    Also, I most especially like that your cartoons so often point out what is empirically right and what is wrong, what is truth and what is a lie, what is fake and what is real and that you take Obama and the Democrats to task when they deserve it, and you certainly don’t pull any punches. That’s integrity, and it is as much a part of your recognizable style as your ‘penmanship’.


  2. 5th, Thanks big time on the congrats and thanks for very kind words. BTW,you’re timing is great…an angry elephant in a ‘toon this coming this week. Just finished rough.

    A lot of cartoonist’s try to be funny first and versus take on the issue. The issue is what it’s all about. I try to get at the core of it the best I can. I have a good friend who is partial to the ‘toons that have just a visual to make the statyement and thinks some might be to wordy. I would rather be labeled “too wordy” than let a wrong go by. And it is about right and wrong and which is why I’m so partial to TheZoo. You guys, with this blog, speak out to that unabashedly…I really respect and admire that.

    Anyway, I’m lucky to be able to draw and comment and I’m glad you guys enjoy.

    P.S. FTR…my Linda played huge part in helping me put book together and did a great job.

  3. Paul,

    Kindness has nothing to do with it. .You are consistently “on-point” .

    There is a wonderful synergy between your work in general and the association with The Zoo—it’s the confluence of “animism” and “humanism”, exemplified by the Zoo’s banner art.

    The Big Question, though, is… what critter is Linda? 😀


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