The Watering Hole: March 2 — Light in the redwoods

Photo by Zooey

I love how the light is so misty and the branches look like lace.  This is one of the few times when the picture looks almost exactly like what I was trying to capture.

Cool.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Thank goodness it’s Friday!!


96 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 2 — Light in the redwoods

    • Me too.

      No, wait. That’s my window that’s open! 😀

      Welcome to our visitors, George Weaver and Max Reynolds!

  1. “Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced on Thursday that his investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate concluded the document was most likely a “forgery.”

    “President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery, not a scan of an original 1961 paper document as represented by the White House when the long-form birth certificate was made public,” the sheriff said at a press conference.

    A six-month probe by the Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse also looked into other parts of the president’s past after they began to suspect his long form birth certificate was a fake.”


    • You know, when they built the President Barack Obama library years from now… they should encase his Birth Certificate in bulletproof/shatterproof glass and display it as the first exhibit in the library.

      But then again, the enemies of BO would never set foot in the library, but I think it would be a really funny middle finger to everyone who believed this nonsense in the first place and a joke to everyone else.

      • I agree. I also hope that when I finally get a single-payer health insurance card that it will include Mr. Obama’s picture and have OBAMACARE printed in large red letters at the top.

    • I’m not understanding Joe Sixgun’s obsession with the Presidents birth certificate. Why does a tin horn sheriff have such concern?
      Perhaps trying to draw attention away from his own dirty laundry.
      Or maybe he wants to become a talk radio host.

      • Joe A is a master of self-promotion. I just think it’s so much a part of his schtick now…that he can’t help himself. Pity there are still so many fools that vote for him.

        • Joe Arpaio Jong-il has bigger problems than Obama’s birth certificate.
          He’s being investigated by the feds.

    • Yeah, I have a question. Did he burn the landscape as well as kill the goldfish to make this video?

    • so the kid is a bad seed type?

      I’m not getting the point of the burned landscape and tortured fish. The stimulus worked.

  2. Nice Zooey!
    It’s a challenge to capture the essence of the big trees, you got it well.

  3. First tornado siren of the day! I’ve been watching that storm for a while, and it’s passing northwest of me, but it’s catching the corner of the county so they set off the sirens.

    • Oh yes, there are reports of destroyed houses and damaged businesses already. It’ll be on the news pretty soon.

  4. this was going through my head this morning…..i may as well share it. maybe it’ll leave.

    • Love it and I loved Richie Havens’ performances. I remain convinced that his trademark voice is due, at least in part, to him leaving out his dentures.

  5. Oh for fuck sake. Cleo, our still living dog, has had a bad leg. We opted for natural healing rather than surgery and said we would give it 8 weeks. Gave it 8 weeks and some improvement but not enough so, back to the vet this morning and see about a surgery. She’s 11 so we did blood work to compare it to January’s blood work. Well fuck fuck fuck. She’s gotten worse. Basically her kidneys are failing, her thyroid may be fucked and the vet found a nasty deep lump on her chest. Surgery on her leg would barely be possible but the anesthetic and recovery would very possibly be too much for her. It’s too damn soon for this.

  6. TP has a petition to sign on the Rush furor. These are his sponsors in case you want to grease the skids.

    • What an odious bastard. I don’t understand how such a vicious, hateful piece of scum like him can have lasted so long – it says a lot, none of it good about the character of the country that he has.

    • Was following a link to the Yahoo story on this ….. the page that came up was on ABC….

      “And first a quick word from our sponsors before we show you your story”

      That says it all right there.

  7. I’m hearing that Thom Hartmann’s show is moving to the 3pm to 6pm eastern time slot. This thread at his blog seems to confirm this. I’ve been wondering how long he could go head to head with Ed Schultz, when both of them syndicate through Dial Global, who would want their two best rated talkers to not have to compete with each other. This will mean he splits his audience with Randi Rhodes, who works for rival network, Premiere, owned by Clear Channel.

  8. Hey Rush! A bit of psychology for you.
    A man calls a woman a slut when he isn’t getting any.

    • “Specifically, he expressed regret that he didn’t push back against the Bush campaign’s effort to put anti-gay marriage initiatives on state ballots in 2004… Said Mehlman, who announced he was gay two years ago:”

      He was afraid of losing his job.

    • My Alabama Public TV is having a Cat in the Hat-a-Thon today.

      Every time there’s a new Emergency Alert System warning, my cable defaults to that channel and the alert is superimposed on the screen.

    • Are slander and defamation of character still grounds for a lawsuit? Perhaps our resident legal expert can weigh in.

      • Yes.

        But the threshold is different when a public figure/public interest is involved. And she testified before Congress, as I recall.

        Plus, what are her damages? This notoriety may very well help her employment possibilities once she gets out of law school.

        Perhaps it is enough to know that this may very well mark the end of Rush as an influential figure in Reich-Wing politics.

    • I have trouble just loading TPM. It’s the only place that freezes up my computer, for about two minutes, before it finally finishes loading. I think I’ll just give them a few weeks time-out, myself.

      Anybody have trouble at Raw Story?

    • I read that! The author was, in fact, one of the people I’d referenced getting banned. As far as I can tell, I’m not banned today and it looks like they removed specific comments they disapproved of, or that mentioned the disappearance of comments they disapproved of, or . . . well, like that. I have long been confused about why Josh Marshall’s little pieces are always exempt from comments.

      I suppose TPM panicked at the notion that they would provide any fodder to the “liberals are disgusting haters” sentiment but, well, fuck them. All anyone needs to do is point to the disgusting hateful comments made by Breitbart after Teddy died.

  9. We just had another tornado warning. The track of these storms is nearly identical to the ones this morning.

      • Not yet, but there’s some coming on the same heading, but further southward, so it may start tracking over me pretty soon.

  10. Comments are back over at Media Matters. Apparently they did shut them down because of Breitbart’s passing. I’m a bit disappointed by them.

      • Don’t know… Breitbart and Arianna Huffingtoon were thick, back when she was a conservative.
        I think she’s just in it for the money too.
        They probably said to each other:
        “You take the right, I’ll take the left and we’ll make a boodle.”

        • I thought that I read something several months ago regarding Media Matters, Breitbart and the attacks on Anita Hill. Maybe I have the names confused.

    • Wow, that’s disturbing. Why are MM and TPM treating their commenters like children?

      Were they afraid we’d be as ugly as our right wing counterparts?

    • Oh AndytheTurtle (aged 5 1/2) loved that game at the Boeing museum, but he couldn’t dock the shuttle for toffee …. you mean that was real?

    • If Fluke is a fame-hungry activist then she was working in league with Rush who took the bait — hook, line and sinker.

  11. Charter school Teacher fired after assigning violent math problems to third graders

    • I was sleeping one night when a hungry vampire sucked 3652 liters of blood from me and 1865 liters of blood from my little brother. How much blood did the hungry vampire drink that night?

    • John’s father gave him 1359 marbles on his birthday. John swallowed 585 marbles and died. 9 of John’s friends came for his funeral the next day. John’s grieving father gave the remaining marbles to John’s friends in equal numbers. How many marbles did each friend get?

    I realize you are surprised these lessons come from Homeschooling and Educational Resources!

    • I saw that yesterday and d/l the pdf. It’s labeled, Singapore 3rd grade math worksheet: 5 multiplication and division

      I’m not sure it’s what it seems.

  12. I see TP is hammering Rush. Maybe a name needs to be put to it – “Flush Rush Campaign”

    • My email to Pro flowers:

      Customer Comments: I understand that you advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. I have used Proflowers many times over the years and I love your business, but I cannot continue to support your business if you continue to support Rush Limbaugh in light of his recent comments calling a college co-ed a “slut” on his radio program. His comments are deeply troubling to me. No one should be disrespected the way that young woman was disrespected. Although Mr. Limbaugh has a right to say what he wants on the public airwaves, and has said many controversial things over the years, this time he has gone too far. Please rethink spending your advertising dollars on his show. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

      Their reply:

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We would like to assure you that we do not endorse the views expressed by Rush Limbaugh. We understand your concerns and we will ensure that your feedback is communicated to the producers of that show. We appreciate your feedback as it allows us to more effectively manage our relationships with our advertising partners. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we look forward to serving you.

  13. TV’s Frank: Limbaugh doesn’t seem to realize that being a slut or a prostitute is way more dignified than being an ignorant lard-ass.

    • Rush has no concept of motherhood. That leaves gestation from either an egg or something really weird.

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