How (Too Many) Professional Political Reporters and Pundits Earn Their Pay

Same professional reporter

Same professional news website


Three days later….


( How Patricia Murphy and her editors at the Daily Beast manage to survive a single day when they so obviously lack any critical thinking skills is beyond me).


23 thoughts on “How (Too Many) Professional Political Reporters and Pundits Earn Their Pay

    • Hey Cats!

      Above is my first Critter post! Thanks for being my first Critter commenter.
      “Is You Is…” is one of my ‘most-favoritest’ songs, which incidentally I first heard and immediately embraced in my pre-teens (!) courtesy of the following:


    • Thanks Zooey,

      I put a whole ten minutes of effort into that post (Google “Santorum”, Click on link, Alt-PrintScreen, launch MS Paint, Paste, Save As JPG, close Paint, Explore to folder, Sort by date created, double-click on the file to launch and load Photoshop, crop, Save As and then upload to the blog.
      Of course, if it weren’t for Patricia Murphy’s legwork in the first place, there’d have been no Post (about her shitty pointless useless reporting/analyses).

      Umm what does “linking on Facebook” mean, in practical terms? I know you have a Facebook account and I noticed yesterday that WordPress provides a Facebook login option now, Is the link for The Zoo proper? Should it provide more potential exposure for The Zoo?

      just asking…

      • Hey, take credit where credit is due. Don’t make me come over there.

        Linking on facebook means that I pushed facebook button at the bottom of this post, and then it shows up on my FB wall and news feed. Anyone who is my friend on FB can now click on the link and read your post.

    • Dan Collins, the attorney representing Ratcliff, said the guns are “family heirlooms,” but wouldn’t comment further.

      And the 1,600 rounds of ammo? Keepsakes, perhaps?

      The college, which notes that “Dr. Ratcliff is on administrative leave,”

      Access to office-supplies? DENIED! That’s harsh!

    • One of these days, someone is going to find out something truly ugly and vile that Fischer is hiding.

      No one who think the way he does is actually living the life they claim to be living.

      The National Enquirer ought to take him on as a project.

      • Anyone that obsessed with homosexuals has sexual issues of his own. Is he involved with child pornography? Is he involved with snuff films? The man is so perverted it could be anything.

    • There is in fact some evidence that the SA had more than a fair share of homosexuals in their midst. This does not, however, form a link between nazis and homosexuals. On the contrary. The SA was beaten down badly and more or less replaced by SS. One of he reasons for the crackdown on the SA were their gay activities had become a publicly known fact. As the NAzis were violently ANTI gay they got rid of them. Homosexuals were among the target groups that ended up in concentration camps and were killed here.

  1. Congratulations on your first Critter post, 5th. You’re off to an excellent start. Pointing out RW hypocrisy is, IMHO, a noble effort. As far as I’m concerned (and I may not be the best one to judge this), it’s always a good topic for a post. (Media Matters, PFAW’s Right-Wing Watch, and Newshounds can be valuable sources for reporting such hypocrisies.)

    Again, my congratulations, and keep up the great work.

    • A day late to respond Wayne…flaky internet connection this weekend, it happens sometimes.
      Although I’m aware of the Daily Beast’s right-wing bias (it’s arguably the not so bright step-child of Politico, figuratively speaking) the object of the post was the utter laziness and incomprehension of the reporting/analysis. The result is of course representative of the conservative/Republican mindset –its the Bill Kristol/Wolf Blitzer factor of being always clueless, always wrong and still getting professional respect and paid without even a reprimand for being such an embarrassingly obvious idiot or liar.

      The funny thing is though,my intended Critter-post was to be a vast sweeping epic about how the prospect of a Santorum or Romney presidency might not be the worst political development (because the worst has already happened and it isn’t going away!!!)

      So it was simply in Googling the Romney/Santorum Michigan results merely for background that these two Daily Beast pages popped up as #1 and #3 on the very first results page!

      With something like 15 million unemployed in the US (of which I am one) being told by Republican anointed “job-creators” that the likes of me are lazy, naturally free-market’-selected borderline criminal undeserving incompetent parasites when the proxies in the mass media dutifully cut and paste their ignorant bigoted crap so they save their ‘workday’ energies for pounding down cocktails at happy hour and joke about where OWS protesters go to take a shit–I get pretty fucking incensed when I prove ( and so many others prove, here at the Zoo and on thousands of other blogs) that .I (and we ) can do what is supposed to be their fucking job, better than they can IN OUR SPARE TIME!

      And never mind what their mindless stenography contributes to the demise of this country and the real impact it has on the average citizen in real terms, as politicians of course feed the crap that they generate to the professional press who pass that crap on to the public arena so the politicians can reference that stenography as independent information to justify the crap they intend to inflect upon the populace that will satisfy their own agendas.

  2. From the article on the ‘Pastor and Christian professor’ that Zooey linked to:

    “Ratcliff has been a professor of Christian education at Wheaton College since 2006 and has focused his academic research on children.

    On his personal website viewed Thursday before its content was taken down, Ratcliff wrote on the subject of children and spirituality: “I appreciate children in all of their richness and complexity. They can be baffling, frustrating, delightful, and overwhelming. While I have studied child development in depth … I am particularly interested in the spirituality of children.”

    Yeah, that’s why he had child porn on ‘6 or 7 computers’! Of course, he was, er, um, studying child development in depth. Yeah that’s it, that’s the ticket!

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