Tornadoes – 2011 and 2012

Has anyone noticed that the tornado season has started a bit early and more violently this year? Fundies, of course, will attribute this to an upswing in Solar activity. Somehow, there seems to be a message, here!. Someone is missing the point.

As a Floridian, I can’t wait for June and the start of the hurricane season, or will it be May?

Technology, greed and politics are getting at the point where the Earth is beginning to complain:

  • Weather Patterns have changed – More and earlier disasters have occurred with each passing year.
  • Winter and Summer temps are on the rise.
  • Tornadoes are hitting earlier than usual and 2012 seems to be headed for a banner year
  • Hurricane patterns are moving north.
  • Drought regions are becoming more prevalent in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  • Levels of CO2 are increasing.
  • The amount of methane (CH4) from ‘fracking’ is equal to or greater than that recovered as fuel. CH4 is upscale from CO2 both of which are greenhouse gasses – That,s a double whammy!
  • Plant and animal extinctions, based on regional temperature increases are on the uptick.

The last item (Driven by its predecessors) is a primary marker when species divergences have a check point at either 6000 or a million years ago – the extinctions over the near industrial era have occurred in the past 600 years (woolly mammoth excluded) and there is an increase on extinctions as we get further into the industrial age. When will grain crops cease to exist? Could Canada and Canada become the bread basket of the World?

It’s almost at the point where the Koch clan need not be concerned about passing on their wealth. There will be no heirs. I’d rather that my granddaughter not have to suffer for the pleasures of the rich.

Think about it.

7 thoughts on “Tornadoes – 2011 and 2012

  1. Tis all part o’ god’s plan: didn’t you know he will end the world this year? That’s right, this good and loving god will pour out his wrath, wiping out all of humanity. God’s chosen, meaning the rich, will go to heaven. The rest of us will spend our days buring in hell for all of eternity.

    ‘Tis a sin to blaspheme the rich. God blessed them with all their wealth, so anything they do is with god’s blessings. And god put out political leaders in power. All except Obama, o’ course. Th’ debbil did that. So what if them rich folks want to destroy the environment, god’s gonna to that and worse with th’ tribulations. Jus’ you wait and see. You’ll be sorry for your sack-o-religious attitude.

    It is, after all, Cod Swill.

  2. There is one encouraging bit of news. The bizarre weather we have experienced is starting to convince more people that there’s a problem. Recent polls suggest that even Reichwhiners are starting to believe the evidence of their own senses rather than the lies of the polluting industry. Too little, too late? Perhaps. But? At least more people are becoming aware. An F4 tornado ripping up one’s neighborhood in winter tends to make an impression.

  3. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson pointed out on Bill Maher’s recent show, if you don’t want to believe that the Earth’ climate is changing and that global warming is happening, then believe the migration patterns of plants and animals, that plants are blooming way to early, that animals are migrating at different times to follow the plants they eat that are blooming at different times.

    • Goes to show you what Tyson knows….after all, he’s a scientist. Scientists can never know the mind of god. I mean, heck, for thousands of years the earth was flat, because that’s the way god made it. Then, when Galileo came along, god made the earth round, just to mess with him.

  4. Tornadoes are tricky, because the kinds of winds we would expect to see from climate change are shearing winds, which would tend to suppress twisters. This expectation is likely due to the weaknesses of our existing models; we also expect an increase in violent storms, which are the kinds of things to spawn more tornadoes.

    Hurricanes are another puzzle. We are beginning to develop sufficiently robust models that fit observations and which seem to show that not only their energy but their frequency is increasing. But Atlantic hurricanes can be suppressed by — of all things! — dust blowing off of the Sahara, which we cannot predict long term at all.

  5. I made a decision a long time a go that I was not going to have children.
    As a male this gets a little difficult when a woman gets it in her mind that her body clock is ticking.
    I wasn’t going to give the government cannon fodder for its wars.
    I wasn’t going to provide a tool for the educational system and, I was not going to give the government any future source of revenue.

    Back on subject: Tornadoes are like bullets, the one you don’t hear or see is the one that gets you

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