low stress housing

As a solution for the pitiable Wall Street bankers struggling to get by on $350 K a year, here’s an ocean front abode with these amenities:

Unlimited running water, a renewable supply of raw materials to add more space should you need, and no cost landscaping with each frequent storm. Dish washing and laundry, also free of charge, is easily handled twice daily, simply put them at the low tide mark and retrieve them 12 hours later. Insurance bills are a thing of the past! You can’t even get insurance living at the foot of a cliff in a neighborhood prone to landslides and earthquakes. Redecorating is a snap! Brand new previously owned furniture, appliances, utensils, cookware and even clothing is conveniently brought to your doorstep, and you’ll never ever have to shop for flip flops again. Act now, this one won’t last!

Did I mention the pool?

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