The Watering Hole: Super Tuesday, March 6th – Is this really important?

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In a way the Republican Primaries tonight are important, they will need a nominee eventually. Presumptive Candidates fall all over each other in Marx-Brothers-Sans-Brains fashion and it is more or less entertaining. Or, it would be entertaining, if this wasn’t supposed to be the choice of the man who was to lead one of the World’s remaining superpowers. The last time around they have presented us Sarah Palin and we thought it was a horrible abberration. This time around they stacked the whole deck with similar dunces and treat the world to a first class train crash to watch.

On the other side of the intellectual divide there is this cool and collected man, doing what needs to be done for your country in a very pragmatic and undogmatic way.

For many Europeans the re-election of President Barack Obama is a no-brainer. If we seriously look at the difference of the four vs the one, the Republican Primaries tonight are not really important after all.

This is our Open Thread. What is important to you?

154 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Super Tuesday, March 6th – Is this really important?

  1. In a perfect world:

    President Obama tells Bibi to go fuck himself.
    “Screw you Netanyahu, Iran is beautiful country and I plan on vacationing there.
    I hear it’s a lot like California.
    Ocean, mountains, desert.
    And, guess what? their young people are very politically astute.
    They are being oppressed by a theocratic regime.”
    “Your country (Israel) has some expensive paranoid warfaring visions that I can’t embrace”
    “So Bibi, do see where I’m heading with this and the parallels that I’m trying to draw here”?
    And by the way, AIPAC does not represent American Jews, get a clue.

  2. “I have never had a vote I’ve taken where I have felt that I let down more people that believed in me.”
    — Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), quoted by the Anchorage Daily News, admitting she made a mistake voting for the Blunt amendment which would have allowed any employer to opt out of providing birth control as part of their health insurance coverage.

    Clear thinking in your Congress, America.

  3. ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox News in 2008, making sure Americans understand the president has no control over gas prices, United States oil production makes little difference, and we should be promoting mass transit:

    • Trouble is for all this talk of corporations saying ‘he doesn’t represent our values’ – corporations have no values, they are sociopaths… the only value they subscribe to is the making of money for their shareholders, nothing else matters.

      They will be back as long as his audience tunes in, quietly they will come back so that they can promote their ‘value’.

      • True. And I heard someone on the radio yesterday (sadly I don’t recall who) mention that for all the fanfare about these companies dumping Rush, some of them will quietly return at some point. Which really makes it seem like it’s just a PR stunt by the corps to say “hey look at us, we’re great” then they go back to their old ways.

    • Would anyone be willing to list Rush’s remaining sponsors? My only radio is in the john and I never seem to shit at the same time as Rush. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Lushbo is still digging that hole. I don’t know if he has mentioned Sandra Fluke by name but he is whining about “what is it with these single, white, women” who are “over educated”.

  5. Currently, according to a big poll conducted by Fox News, Obama is leading Romney among Latino voters by 70 – 14 percent. Last time, Obama beat McCain by 67 – 31. Money quote:

    “While the poll indicates that four of five Latinos who voted for Obama in 2008 would vote for him later this year, Latinos who voted for Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain four years ago are now divided between voting for Obama and the Republican candidates. Forty percent said that they favored Obama while 38 percent said they would vote for Romney. Obama also leads Santorum 38 percent to 34, and Gingrich 40 percent to 38.”

    I can’t see how the GOP has a future with this kind of gap.

  6. Even the sycophants are finding reason to abandon the bumsRush:

    Actress Patricia Heaton apologizes for following Limbaugh’s lead with her tweets

    The star of “The Middle” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” pulled an Alec Baldwin and temporarily deleted her Twitter account after siding with Limbaugh’s criticisms of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke last week via a series of barbed tweets. She returned on Monday to apologize to Fluke.

  7. Gloria Steinem speaks out…about ‘war on women,’ Rush Limbaugh

    Reproductive freedom is a fundamental human right — to decide what happens to our own bodies is as basic as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. But there’s a backlash against it from patriarchal religions that have enshrined the idea of a male God and control of women. Religion is sometimes politics you can’t — or you’re not supposed to — criticize.

    As to Rush? You’re listening to Rush hang himself. I’m glad to see his sponsors withdrawing. He ought to be fired. He’s been saying horrific things for a long time.

  8. I caught a bit of Talk of the Nation, with lots of people phoning in their opinion of Rush and contraception. The host made no attempt to point out that Fluke wasn’t reporting on coed sex life (Rush Lie #1) but women’s health; that this isn’t about public funding of contraception, but rather insurance companies paying for it; or that “where was the firestorm” when Ed Schultz said, or so-and-so said are absurd: in virtually every one of those cases it was a single comment (not four days of slurs), an apology was immediate and that no one on the Left covered for the miscreants. And, primarily, none of those people has millions of listeners or was commenting about a non-public figure. Instead, it just gave callers an opportunity to repeat all of those mistakes on the air, increasing the background noise. Bah.

  9. QOTD:

    “If some of these folks think that itโ€™s time to launch a war, they should say so. And they should explain to the American people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be,” – Barack Obama responding to Romney’s criticism of his Iran policy in a White House press conference today.

  10. Chinese attitudes toward Super Tuesday and the GOP primary in general:

    “Some things have become clear: Santorum has a powerfully repellent effect on the Chinese non-electorate. Commentator Li Yi, like others, has tried to make sense of the faith-based campaign: โ€œAre you sure that heโ€™s going for the presidency, not for organizing a cult?โ€ Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Ron Paul has his fans in China, where heโ€™s better known by the genuinely honorific nickname Grandpa Paul. โ€œCompared with Romneyโ€™s sugar-sweet talk, this grandfather is a lot more direct and candid,โ€ a commentator wrote Tuesday.”

  11. REgarding Israel and its nukes, why are they keeping them a secret? They didn’t sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, so they’re not in violation of anything. (Unless, of course, they didn’t build them on their own and just bought them fro us. Then we’d be in trouble.)

    Still, nuclear weapons are meant to deter aggression from others, not for retaliation against them. Once you use them, they have failed to serve their purpose. If the world knew Israel had nukes, the chances that anyone would attack them would drop significantly.

  12. Stupor Tuesday results trickling in from the east. Shocker: Newter wins Georgia. Well they sent him back to Congress numerous times so they’re clearly not too bright. Some Brit broadcasting on the World yesterday was rattling on about all the churches everywhere (I thought he was going to say Waffle House, but no). This may account for Sanitorum’s 2nd place (so far) showing.

    Virginia is another shocker: Sanitorum and the Newtster got no votes at all! Oh, wait. Yeah, that’s because their campaigns were too incompetent to get them on the ballot.

    • Saw The Pretenders a few years ago; they were the opening act for the B-52’s. While I adore the B-52’s, they totally sucked live, and the Pretenders (whom I hadn’t like all that well) converted me into an instant fan. Their live performance was amazing.

  13. Holy crap, you hear this speech by Newt in Georgia? If he mentions elites one more time, I’ll run out of Corona. So self-regarding, so vain, so pompous. And another Republican mentioning “Wall Street money” and “the forces of Wall Street.”

    More debate blather from Newt, his Douglas-style debates, more bullshit about gas prices and he twists Obamas words from his presseer today. This is such a vile pusbucket.

  14. The Virginia turnout – where Newt and Rick were absent – had a pathetic turn-out of 5.5%, the lowest ever.

    That’s some Mitt enthusiasm, eh?

  15. It really is incredible that Newt thinks a pity vote of under 50 percent in his home state, which no other candidate really contested, puts him back in the race.

    Heโ€™s campaigning to be The President Of The United States Of South Carolina And Georgia.

  16. Romney speech a few minutes ago: “…in 2012 we’re gonna run {Obama} out of the outhous…the White House.” Yep, he really did say that.

  17. I’m tired and hungry, and don’t feel like paying attention to the clown show. It’s a movie for me tonight.

    I’ll check in on your brilliance later. ๐Ÿ™‚

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