shifting sands

So ends my sojourn to the Pacific shore as I await the dawn. Paths untraveled yet remain as I wander back to a familiar rutted track, eyes and ears open to see where the Universe leads. Tread lightly, test the stones with each step; and know that the tides will remove all trace of my passing. Accept a gift, give in return; give another, not expecting the same. Treasures found kept small and light, a rock for the pocket, sea’s song for the mind. Memory gems to polish, keep dear; knowledge is strength that drives away fear.

6 thoughts on “shifting sands

    • Thanks TtT, I’ve got a good collection of 3 oz. pyramid weights gleaned from the rocks in the course of agate hunting, saving them for the next surfline.

  1. Safe and pleasant journey. Please let us know how things progress and what wonderfulness you’ve encountered on your way southwest!

  2. have a safe and fun trip back to your home. Please do contact me if you’ll be going anywhere near San Diego or San Diego county.

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