The Watering Hole, Thursday, March 8th, 2012: Angry or Mellow?

Mellow Sunlight--photo by Jane E. Schneider Mellow Sunlight – Photo by Jane E. Schneider

I had a choice between writing an angry post about Rand Paul’s “Personhood” petition (which was sent out by–BTW, I love the tease for one of their stories, “Gillespie to Newsmax: Conservatives Eventually Will Embrace Romney”), or putting up a nice, mellow, golden-sunlit photo. I’m too tired to write an angry post, so here’s my more mellow offering for today.

This is our daily open thread — so, what’s on your mind?

122 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, March 8th, 2012: Angry or Mellow?

  1. AOL headline: “Massive Solar Storm to Slam Into Earth”

    Linked HuffPo article: {Will it hit Earth?} “Our best guess is ‘probably, yes, but not directly toward Earth.’ A glancing blow to our planet’s magnetosphere is possible.”



    • I hate that Axelrod said that. It’s the kind of snarky, sound-bite thing said on the internets.

      And the answer is fairly obvious: Limbaugh is an American, Ahmadinejad isn’t.

  2. Mitt Romney Goes Negative…on Ann Romney

    Mitt Romney breezed into Ohio swinging on Super Tuesday with his MVP, Ann, at his side. In a (failed) attempt to honor his wife, Romney announced to the crowd, “I’ll introduce to you the heavyweight champion of my life.”

    Foul! No game rules include referring to your wife’s weight. Ever.

    “I don’t mean weight,” Romney fumbled, “She’s just a great fighter is what I mean.”
    Lucky for Romney, Ann is a good sport!

    • Don’t the public need to vote on any changes to the state constitution? In Pennsylvania, any amendment to the state’s constitution needs to pass two separate House legislative terms (total of 4 years) and if it passes twice, then it must be placed on the ballot for the voters to decide.

            • IT may depend on how the Wisconsin Constituton is worded. If it give the Legislature the power to decide what grounds constitute recall-able offenses, then no amendment would be needed. If not, then the People can decide for themselves what constitutes such an offense, which is as it should be. The People, by gathering enough signatures, have decided that they want his continuance in office put to another vote. There should be no other hurdles in this process, as that is sufficient. The People showed enough interest to have a vote, so now they should have a vote. If Walker deserves to stay in office, he’ll have no problem winning this recall election. If not (and we know what the answer to that is), then he’ll have to suffer the consequences of misleading the people about his intentions as Governor.

    • If a black Neighborhood Watch captain had shot and killed a white 17 year old with Skittles and tea in his pocket, he’d have been hanged on the gate in front of that community.

      But he wasn’t, so it was a freebie murder for the white guy.

        • Because somehow, people have interpreted the Second Amendment to mean you can arm yourself to protect not only your own person, but your community, as well. To me, this means why bother with police?

          IMHO, when the 2nd Amendment talks about “the security of a free state,” it’s talking about national defense, not crime-stopping in your local neighborhood.

    • With unaccountable Super PACS run by billionaires, a recovering economy, a Republican candidate who once agreed with Obama on universal healthcare and has no credible economic strategy at this point, my concern about the November election is that will combine to create the most negative campaigns since … well, the current primary.

      McCian didn’t play the race card. Romney’s surrogates will not be so squeamish. The lame Breitbart video is an opening shot across the bow.

    • PBS: “It’s been online at our site and on YouTube since [2008].” Wow, some great detective work by Breitbart. His minions apparently were slow at Google searches and wouldn’t dare watch PBS.

      All that video proves to me is Obama was a good public speaker even 21 years ago, while he was still a student. With no teleprompter.

  3. Fox News’ Ed Henry Responds To Clash With Obama (VIDEO)

    He said that he remembered when President Bush would respond to reporters in a similar fashion. “Liberals would be kind of like cheering it on and saying, ‘Boy, did you see how thin skinned President Bush is? He never answers your question,'” Henry continued. “Same thing happens with President Obama and they say the opposite, so it’s kind of interesting.”

    Actually, it’s not the same at all. Bush was thin-skinned about being asked anything. What Obama did to Ed Henry was point out how idiotic Ed Henry’s question was.

  4. Mitt Romney Swiss Bank Account Will Damage Him In Ohio: Ted Strickland

    “We haven’t even started really talking in Ohio about Mitt Romney having a Swiss bank account and Mitt Romney putting a portion of his wealth, having it invested in the Cayman Island,” said Strickland. “I mean, trust me, that’s not going to go over well in Ohio. Why would any person who aspired to be president, as Mitt Romney has for probably much of his life, open a Swiss bank account? What does that say about his political judgment and what does it say about his commitment to the United States of America?”

    The answer to Ted’s question as to why Romney would open a Swiss bank account: Greed.

    • I heard somewhere that the fees to have a Swiss bank account are pretty damned hefty. Seems like the only reason to have one is to hide something — or to try to gain some sort of phony prestige.

  5. Any Chrome users here? I just installed an extension called Template, that allows you to quickly make a link tag, and blockquote text and copies it to your clipboard.

    Chrome Web Store – Template

    I had to do a little tweaking, but I got it to the point that I created my own template (go to the options page for it after you’ve installed it), and then I defined my template like this:



    What this does is create a hyperlink to the page, using the page title as the text. And then puts a blockquote around any text I have highlighted on the page. It then puts it into the clipboard for easy pasting here.

    Out of the box, it’s got the ability to make Anchor tags out of the current page URL and page title. (Very handy for making quick links for Youtube videos.)

    You can even define hot keys (Ctrl-Alt +your own key) for these things.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know. I’m finding it very handy. It’s where I’d kind of wanted Zoo Tools to end up, but I truly didn’t have the time to pursue it. This does most of what I personally wanted and more.

  6. Hannity is parodying himself in Hug-gate. If you can stomach the Hannity clip where he has on two “experts” on the video, I highly recommend it. The lies and innuendo spill forth at a dizzying pace:

    “We all know how reporters hate getting major national scandal scoops. That’s the only explanation for why Buzzfeed wouldn’t have paid the video archives some additional hundreds of dollars for the Hug Interlude between speaking parts. Don’t even try us with your “it had no news value because it was just a perfunctory hug” pablum, Soviet Buzzfeed.”

    • If there was a God and He gave a rat’s ass about human affairs? inSeannity would burst into flames when he dares to opine about “the state of journalism”.

      And could those two kids be any creepier? My guess is that they weren’t allowed to play in sand boxes as children because their parents were afraid the cat would bury them.

    • Doesn’t he have the controversial dating services sponsoring his show? You know, the one that helps you cheat on your spouse and the other one that hooks you up with a sugar daddy or rich mamma.

      • I tuned in to the local Rush station to identify local advertisers to boycott and heard Rush say he wasn’t worried about a couple dozen advertisers because he had 18,000 advertisers. He said some local affiliates might carry the ads for the “Cheat on Your Spouse” website and when he learns about that his people call the station owner(s) to dissuade them.

        Yeah, sure!

  7. Can’t wait for the GOP “Obama’s an appeaser” spin on this:

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s top leader Thursday welcomed comments by President Barack Obama advocating diplomacy and not war as a solution to Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, a rare positive signal in long-standing hostile transactions between Tehran and Washington.

    The report on Iran’s state television quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as praising a recent statement by the U.S. president saying he saw a “window of opportunity” to use diplomacy to resolve the nuclear dispute.

    Khamenei, who has final say on all state matters in Iran, told a group of clerics: “This expression is a good word. This is a wise remark indicating taking distance from illusion.”

  8. Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker got an email from one of Rush’s followers, a fan letter she deemed too good not to share. Copied and pasted, as is:

    “Women have been tempting men into doing things they know they should not be doing since the garden of eden. this is why women were cursed with periods and why they suffer in childbirth. women are wired differently than men because women were designed to be “helpmeets” for men. since women have rebelled in this role since the garden of eden we now have this ultra-dissonance in our society whereby women are in roles that they are not able
    to fulfill or complete. pagan women like yourself have no regard for the natural order of God’s plan and shamelessly promulgate the “we are goddesses” bile that has infected the entire country and pretty much stopped it in its tracks from incurring God’s blessing. you see, conservatives don’t hate women…they just understand them. you are not designed to be in roles of authority, you should not have a public voice (who did you hum to get this silly gig?), and most of all, you women should never be allowed to consume alcohol. you’re all pretty much psychos on it. i’m sorry you’re frigid, all dried up, and can’t have relations with men but that is no reason to be a man-hater. you need to find a guy you can respect, get married, do what he tells you, and shut up! your bigmouthed rhetoric about men, and rush limbaugh in particular, is every bit as ridiculous as all the other new age crap you spew forth in your demonic column, and i will be talking directly with your editor to see what we can do about “censoring” your anti-God anti-men nonsense. i really do hope that you can come out of your manhating cave and join the real world that understands that all women really need is a good God-fearing man that will set them straight about what their role is in our society..namely a nurturer and a helper.”

    • What a tool. If this guy was so interested in debate, why then did he not debate? Instead he dismissed Fluke’s statement as worthy of mockery and jeering (not to mention a truly stupid analogy that he thinks is brilliant). So much for debate. I’m guess he flunked debate class.

    • – I made it through just over a minute.
      eff just eff these empty-headed buffoons.
      Give birth then come talk to us..

      • You’ve gotta watch the rest, Ebb. Mostly it’s Ana and Cenk making fun of that ass — you know, the one who doesn’t even understand the argument he’s attempting to make. 😆

  9. TPM Reader MT can’t hold back …

    The “controversy” around President Obama’s 1990 speech at Harvard on the occasion of the late Professor Bell’s decision to take a leave of absence to protest Harvard’s hiring practices is shameful in what it implies (full disclosure — Professor Bell taught me Constitutional Law at NYU during his self-imposed exile from Harvard).

    The implication is that Professor Bell was some kind of violent radical racist. Professor Bell was a HERO who dedicated his life to desegregating the United States. From his job as the only black lawyer in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division in the 1950’s, to his work alongside Thurgood Marshall bringing hundreds of desegregation actions in Mississippi, right up to his leaving Harvard, Professor Bell lived what he preached. That his life’s work was radical or provocative says more about how far we have left to go. If its radical to be appalled that Harvard Law School had no women law professors and only five black male law professors among hundreds of professors, then the world could use a lot more radicals. And to tarnish his reputation as simply anti-white is false and totally and intentionally missing the point. I hope to see President Obama speak about Professor Bell, in prime time, on all networks, if for no other reason than this was an American hero that more people should know about and take inspiration from.

  10. I’m very busy at the moment, but JANE, I was a professional photographer for a couple of years and I can tell you that that is one lovely photograph.
    Spot-on composition.
    I’m sure some sharpness of detail was lost (as it appears to be a scanned image) but the atmosphere is all there,
    A very nice combination of technical discipline and artistic sense. Lovely.

    • The proper term is hippa-ish. As a hippie I can attest to your art being of a certain time, and if things change in my approach to this world sexually, I’d definitely would purchase this tote bag. Good work Queen Z.

  11. According to this link, hate groups fell from a rate of 42/year to 29/year from the Bush to the Obama administrations. That says a lot about the Obama transformation and it is all positive since a downturn in hate organization is better than an upturn.

    Hate organizations never close their doors. Note that the KKK has been hanging around since the end of the “Civil” War!

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