88 thoughts on “Music Night, March 9, 2012

  1. Had a whole bunch of them crowding in – all loud and racous…. Clash ‘Know your Rights’ – Midnight OIl ‘Redneck Wonderland’….. more Darkness because I can’t seem to stop listening to them….

    … instead…. Bryan Adams Everything I do – a good live version…

  2. Got to watch George Thorogood & the (Delaware) Destroyers at STURGIS on HDNET this AM. Best guitar EVER even after all these years. The voice-well it is part of his music. Too bad the thousands listening to him were drunk or stoned.
    Saw Seger and his Silver Bullet band at the Staples Center in LA just after Christmas. He is 66 yrs old and put on a hell of a show. It had been 35 years since I last saw him. Yes, “still the same”!

  3. Lady Gaga is a gorgeous woman who works really hard to make herself unattractive. Love this song, even though the video is…meh. Changed the video. 🙂

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