river run

Early morning on the banks of the Colorado River just below Moab, Utah. Sandbars are the only convenient place to get out and stretch, much of the rivers course is lined with either steep rock walls, or impenetrable tangles of tamarisk (salt cedar), an invasive species introduced as a means of erosion control that has since gotten out of control.

Still early spring, yet an exceptional day with temps in the 70’s and no wind.

Nearing Gold Bar, a popular landing and campsite. The numerous sandbars are ever changing; and the steep sides of larger ones can be hazardous. They can give way unexpectedly into the river and create a significant wave, as I learned. Scared the crap out of me.

At journeys end, above the landing at Potash. From here there is no road access all the way to Lake Powell. River runners depend on jet boats to bring them back upstream. Edward Abbey wrote that he always felt better after getting downstream into the canyon proper; past the potash plant behind this photos vantage point. I’ll spare you folks the sight of that…

5 thoughts on “river run

  1. Thanks folks… the next adventure is underway. My start date to work has been set back another two weeks, so the fun has just begun. I’m in one of the most remote and desolate places I’ve been to in the last six months, and wonder of wonders, I’ve got internet signal.
    Packing up the river camp tonight and coming back out here tomorrow, probably for a week. I’ve become a prospector, tracing the footsteps of ol’ Uncle Eustace Stoner (yes, you can laugh, I have to…) who prospected for uranium out here in the 40’s and 50’s, and found some interesting other treasures instead…

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