The Watering Hole: March 17 – Saint Patrick

On this day in 461 A.D., Saint Patrick, Christian missionary, bishop and apostle of Ireland, died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland.

Much of what is known about Patrick’s legendary life comes from the Confessio, which he authored. Born in Great Britain to a well-to-do Christian family, Patrick was captured and enslaved at age 16 by Irish raiders. He worked as a herder For the next six years in Ireland. Following a voice he heard in a dream he escaped, sailed to Britain and was reunited with his family.

Patrick seemed to hear the voices of Irishmen pleading with him to return to their country and walk among them once more. He studied for the priesthood and ultimately Patrick was ordained as a bishop. Arriving in Ireland in 433, he began preaching the Gospel and converted thousands of Irish and built churches around the country. After 40 years in Ireland Patrick died on March 17, 461 in Saul the site of his first church. As time passed, the Irish began to observe the day of Saint Patrick’s death as a religious holiday

Since then countless legends have grown up around Saint Patrick. For one, he is credited with driving the snakes out of Ireland.

This brings me to the point of why I started this post. If Saint Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, why can’t he be resurrected and do the same with the GOP in America? Aren’t they equivalent to the snakes of Ireland?

Of course, Saint Patrick had a slight advantage – reptiles never entered the evolutionary record on the Irish land mass and had not crossed the water barrier from England.

We can always hope.

Oh,and lest I forget, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is our Open Thread. It is your time to rant!


110 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 17 – Saint Patrick

  1. Anybody else up, watching MSNBC, and having video trouble? I had to default to the Rachel site to watch her show because of bad interference.

    • I’ve been having random cable issues for the last week or so. I’m thinking it’s sun-flare related.

  2. Why is the face of “Anonymous” depicted as a male?
    Perhaps Anonymous is a group well organized and sensible women made up of many “Margrets and Helens”.

    • It’s been working ok so far. I have The RTV channel on internet as a standby, in case it starts again.

    • RW girl on Up said we ‘surged’ in Iraq, primarily in Bagdad. If that were true, it completely contradicts the false Bush claim that the surge fostered the ‘Awakening’ in Al Anbar province. The Awakening started six months before the surge occurred anyway.

      • The surge was a magic elixir that was all things at all times and solved all problems at all times. Just like the Bush Tax Cuts. During the campaign he said we needed them because we had a surplus. Then when the recession we needed them because it would help the economy. Then when the jobless thing hit we needed them to help create jobs. Then when the second (and this time the huge) recession hit, we needed them to fix that.

        They’re magical. Just like surges.

        • She’s back to trying to justify the surge again. Once a Bushie, always a Bushie.

  3. Now my cable signal is breaking up a lot. I’m using the internet broadcast now.

  4. Hey EV! What a grid in Australia! Scuderia Toro Rosso outqualified the factory Ferraris, who didn’t make it out of Q2? I may have to try to watch it live tonight!

  5. If St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, did Christianity free the Irish from oppression? I think not. Religion in Ireland is the reason that so many of the Irish died needlessly as they fought over which was the right religion to follow. We should learn from the Irish.

    The Republicans have as their candidates:
    – a non-Christian (Mormon),
    – two Catholics that would allow the Pope to dictate our laws,
    – and a cult leader.

    Will the fundies really be happy with the Pope in the White House? Remember how they attacked John Kennedy for his Catholicism. Will the fundies be happy with a non-Christian in the White House? Currently, they are displeased that there may be a Muslim occupying that building. How about the cult leader? Nah, he hates war and wants to legalize drugs and the bible supports war and hates mind altering substances. The GOP has surely backed themselves into a corner.

    • two Catholics that would allow the Pope to dictate our laws

      Santorum, for sure. Gingrich, I believe, is more a Catholic of convenience, and wants power, but only for himself.

    • Christianity was doing just fine in Ireland for a long time and fostered an intellectual and artistic renaissance during the early Middle Ages. Irish priests married, raised families and were subject to their chiefs like any other person. And, of course, the Roman Church eventually decided this couldn’t be tolerated, urged Henry II and eventually usurped the Irish church entirely, giving their bishops primacy over the laity.

      Since then, yes, the Catholic Church has been responsible for tremendous and horrific abuses, particularly of women.

  6. I found this through a most excellent kos dairy about a man’s fears for his disabled nephew. This is ALEC’s voucher program for disabled and at-risk youth in real life:
    I need to cry, or vomit, or something.
    Sorry to be depressing, but those voucher programs and tuition scholarships sound so harmless sometimes and they’re not, not at all.

  7. And now St. Ronnie is trying to run all the non-rich out of Amurka. All the surges are designed to make them nauseous. It’s working with me.

  8. Btw, that photo of Santorum drying out in the sun (ewww) … the photo was snapped by a passenger on an Atlantis all-gay cruise.

  9. Sane conservative watch:

    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on Friday vetoed a controversial bill banning public schools from teaching contraception as a way of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

    “I am unwilling to conclude that the state knows better than Utah’s parents as to what is best for their children. In order for parents to take on more responsibility, they need more information, more involvement, and more choice — not less. I cannot sign a bill that deprives parents of their choice,” said Herbert.

    • Yeah, oopsey, Mike “what I do is not journalism” Daisey. Some real twisted, discombobulated synergy between Daisey and Ira Glass.

    • I’m not understanding something here.
      Two men kiss during a Santorum rally.
      According to my definition of a “Santorum” rally, two men kissing would hardly be a distraction.

  10. On the subject of saints, if you want a chuckle go to and do a random search of saints and find out why they were canonized. Granted, many have some reason but others are a hoot. St Jean of Valois is a good one for asking WTF?

    • St Jean of Valois

      WTF is correct! If there be a gawd over all why allow people to be so hated, tortured and neglected before rescuing them? She endured all this from birth until she sought help from gawd who then gave her solace.


    .. a local woman on Fiesta Island.

    “He dragged her out of the car and sexually assaulted her pretty brutally,” San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown told ECM news partner 10 News in late February, shortly after the February 25 assault occurred.
    ..According to his website, Kobulnicky supports Christian values, is a father of five sons, and is co-founder and president of the National Council of Americans, Inc, a nonprofit that helps youths.

    • Hard to imagine a Tea Party Leader doing anything like THAT. She must have tempted him. You know, winked, smiled, short skirt, low cut … well, you know. It’s almost always the slut’s fault …

      There y’ go, Rush. Some help for your show tomorrow. There is no charge.

    • Family values. As long as it isn’t one’s own family I guess it is different.

    • also states he was a “teacher and coach at Val Verde Unified School District”

      Somebody should be a checkin with former students….just saying.

  12. the zxbe collection: Sarah “Wonder Woman” Palin – Mark Whittington’s Dream Girl

    Where does one even begin….

    Mark Whittington gets to write “commentary” for Yahoo. Here is his profile.

    Mark R. Whittington is a writer residing in Houston, Texas. He is the author of The Last Moonwalker, Children of Apollo, Dark Sanction, and Nocturne. He has written numerous articles, some for the Washington Post, USA Today, the LA Times, and the Houston Chronicle.

    So he’s an author, and I don’t know how many books he’s sold, but I did check into the titles, and you can get most of them for your Kindle. They’re all works of fiction.

    Much like his piece about a proposed Sarah Palin debate with Barack Obama. Whittington surmises that if Obama uses Palin in an ad (which apparently he has) then he should be willing to debate Palin.

    • An Obama Palin debate would be sad. A bright articulate person against a word salad mental klutz.
      He’d state a policy stance and she’d reply with – God fearing Amurkens say NO!

    • Something tells me Obama wouldn’t particularly like smacking her around in a debate. It’s just no fun when your opponent is so ignorant.

      • Yeah. And expectations would be so high for him, and so low for her, the media would call it a draw, even if he answered every question perfectly and all she did was drool.

        • In a way I would love to hear an Obama/Palin debate. Just like dogs like to find decomposed things to roll in.

      • Not to mention he’d look like a bully. “Poor Sarah! That colored boy was so mean to her!” More evidence that Obama is an elitist, sexist, racist lawn jockey.

        • I like the lawn jockey part. That will really resonate in Alaska and trailer parks

  13. 79 in the Twin Cities area right now. March 17th. Not a peep from the anti-global-warming crowd I notice.

    • I see that on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands it’s 82 and partly cloudy. Is MSP in the tropics too? Course, it’s 80 here at 7000 ft along the front range in Colorado, so maybe there’s been a huge latitude shift or something.

      Or maybe the climate is warming.

      Nah, God wouldn’t allow it.

    • While I will confess that I’m enjoying going out in shorts in March, it just isn’t right. Setting six record highs in 8 days with a good shot at record highs the next two as well just isn’t right either.

      • I mowed my back yard today wearing shorts. We got up to 80. The front and side yard didn’t need it, but the wild onion made it look scrubby in the back.
        The Bartlett Pear trees at work bloomed two weeks ago, and the dogwoods are at their peak right now. Looking at the neighborhood out my back window, there’s more white than green.

  14. I just noticed a weird thing on the home page. We now have one of those ‘endless’ main pages, that keep adding posts to the bottom when you think you’ve reached it.
    About a week or so ago, my phone started acting weird too. I would click on my bookmark, and when I started to scroll down, it was like I had selected the entire page, as it would all turn shaded, all the way to the bottom. In order to select a post, I have to go to ‘Fresh Droppings’, but that works just fine, and once I’m on a thread, it’s no problem.

    • How friggin’ annoying. Let me see if I can limit the number of posts on the front page. We used to be able to do that.

      WP is “helping.”

        • It’s not an inconvenience, it’s just new, and weird. If you need to find a specific date in the past, it’s still easier to scroll to the various month needed in the list. I’ve run into those kind of pages on Tumbler blogs. The farther down you go, the slower the page loads, as you would expect.
          Once I figured out how to work it on my phone, it hasn’t been a bother. You scroll past the header, and it puts you at the top of the right margin’s content, so all I have to do is scroll down past Elizabeth Warren’s quote, and find that day’s Watering Hole. I tend to notice other new posts that way too.

          • I noticed this sort of ever-growing list is popping up everywhere these days. I even posted this rant about it on my FB page the other day.

            A short rant. It seems to be all the rage to no longer make you click to go to the next page when scrolling on a long list. Just when your scroll bar gets near the bottom, it goes back to the middle, and the list just magically grew. I can see some of the convenience of this, but there’s really then no way to ever know how close to done you are. In short. I don’t like it. That is all. Thank-you. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the abuses with hovering you mouse and something happens you don’t want…

            The best reply I got was someone telling me I had forgotten to add “and get off my lawn!”

            Anyway, I feel your pain.

            • I just don’t need all that “help.” If I want to go to another page, I’ll click through. I don’t need their help or for the technology to make things “easier” for me. Stop it!

              You kids get off my lawn!

  15. By the way, George Clooney is on Meet the Press tomorrow, but then, so is John McCain, as usual.
    Clooney is also on Fox News Sunday, and Mitt Romney.
    This Week has Rick Santorum.
    Face The Nation has Axelrod and Reince PRieBuS, and no Gingrich.
    Up With Ezra again has many people I’ve never heard of, but that’s why it’s an interesting show, and Jared Bernstein, Biden’s former econ advisor, who I have heard of.

      • Ezra Klein is subbing fir Chris today and tomorrow. See Wayne’s comment from this early AM.

            • Meh. No sales. Worked on a new bag today, but I’m tired for some reason and kept making dumb mistakes. I decided I better stop for the day before I did something I couldn’t fix!

            • Have you considered making laptop bags? I wondered about that as an addition to your line somewhere along the way. I know they are many different sizes, so you’d have some researching to do, to get the dimensions correct. That might get complicated. Or maybe Kindle Karrys?

  16. The fundygelicals will never ever ever stop. They will do heinous things to get the word out about the “good news.”

    It’s my thought that the only way we might put a dent in their relentless pursuit of…whatever they’re after…is to make such activities socially unacceptable. Laws won’t stop them, nor will rules of any sort. But social pressure…? Maybe?

    • Before Jane and I bought the two=family house we were renting, a single woman lived next door. She happened to own a handgun and one day while cleaning it, she answered her front door to see a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses standing outside her door. She didn’t realize she still had the gun in her hand. They did. They politely left and never came back again.

    • No shit.
      Read some of the ‘comments’ on the Re-Nig article on MSNBC..

      One of my faves
      “I could care less if Obama is black. I do care care that his is a socialist and devoted Marxist. I also believe he is the most dangerous man on the globe. How could we have elected this dude I’ll never know. P.S. Clinton did not have a balanced budget. It was a projection of a balanced budget based on future revenue…look it up. Now we have a 16 Trillion $ debt, $4.00 socialised medicen and a devided country. I guess thats the “Change” you were all looking for….”

      Right. You don’t care that he’s black, because you’re an idiot.

      • Elect a Black man as President, and all the barely repressed racist hatred comes bleeding out.

        They would destroy this country, in order to “take it back.” They are traitors.

      • I’m sick of all those idiots — male and female — who spend more time thinking about uterus than I do. *grump*

        • In Texas news this week, Rick Perry got rid of a complete Woman’s health program, just so he could defund Planned Parenthood.

          And while I was in Texas, Arizona decides to do what the Federal Congress couldn’t.

          I get headaches too from these neandrathals.

          • Oops for got to add… Az Lege allows employers to not provide contraception insurance on moral grounds….

            • Just left this love note on Debbie Lesko’s facebook page:

              Dear Debbie, You appear to still be of child-bearing age. Why are you not pushing out a baby every year? Are you taking birth control? If so, you having some explaining to do to your employers — the people of Arizona. When will you be calling your press conference?

  17. Briseadh na Faire
    on March 17, 2012 at 9:01 am said:
    Too bad you can’t go to a Starbucks and order a “Surge”.

    I’m just glad that you can’t go to Starbucks and order a “santorum”

      • Amarillo, Texas of all places. 😉 Still taking care of my mom.

        She’s going to be on her own for a couple of weeks. Then we will see if she can continue to live on her own…

        • My mom had a stroke two weeks after we buried my dad. My brother and his wife had been renting, so they had moved in already before my dad died. In order for everybody to be able to work, we had my mother-in-law sit with my mom during the day, and we paid her for it. She got some extra income, and we got someone we knew we could trust. So we never had to stress over anyone being alone.

          • It’s tough because most of us live in other parts of the country. I have a brother that lives in the same city, but my mother hates his wife and they have two kids under 2, so they are busy anyway.

            I cried on the airplane home yesterday, because for the first time in 6 weeks, mom is on her own. There will be a home health care nurse coming to check on her and she is getting meals on wheels now so there will be someone to check on her from time to time…

            It is stressful that she is on her own though.

      • Also getting my fill of Fake News at my mom’s house. Need to detox, stat!

  18. Zooey
    on March 17, 2012 at 9:11 pm said:
    Just left this love note on Debbie Lesko’s facebook page:

    Dear Debbie, You appear to still be of child-bearing age. Why are you not pushing out a baby every year? Are you taking birth control? If so, you having some explaining to do to your employers — the people of Arizona. When will you be calling your press conference?

    I LOVE IT!! I think that I shall visit her website as well…

    • I’m more angry with her because she’s a WOMAN. She should know better.

      Men should know better too, but we know — and she SHOULD know — first-hand what being able to control whether or not we are pregnant means to us.

      I’ve never really minded having gone through early menopause, but I’m doubly happy now. Not that I’d answer a question put to me regarding birth control by an employer. I’ll stare ’em down until they fire me.

  19. Actually, I had considered submitting an editorial to the AZ REpublican:

    Dear Arizona Legislators: “Republican women use contraception, too.”

  20. While waiting for the Formula One race, I’m watching a program on Speed Channel called ‘Dumbest Stuff On Wheels’. Based on what I’m seeing, and what gets discussed at the break table most days at work, this show could be renamed ‘Weekends in Alabama’.

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