Sunday Roast: New Critters in TheZoo

In case you’ve lost track, TheZoo has adopted a few more Critters!  Here’s the run-down:

1)  5thState!  He has a blog of his own called, oddly enough, 5thState, and his specialty is the epic blog post, with generous helpings of British humor.  He has kindly accepted our offer to bring him into the strange world of Critterdom.  Look for his posts coming up soon!

2)  Leftside Annie!  She also has a blog of her own, called Welcome to the Leftside, wherein she kicks ass and takes names, and does so with a sharp wit, sharper tongue, and a great big heart.

3)  Hoodathunk!  He’s been a friend of TheZoo for quite a while now, and we enjoyed his stories, humor, and recipes so much that we had to have him for our own.  Welcome, Wisconsin badger, we look forward to your posts!  And recipes (hint).

4)  Frugal Chariot!  One of the elder statesmen of TheZoo, published author, blogger (Frugalchariot’s Blog), poet, romantic, all around fine gentleman, and now a Critter.  His contributions in the comments section are stellar, so we can’t wait to read his blog posts.  No pressure, srsly.  😉

Please join TheZoo in welcoming these wonderful new Zoo Critters.

This is our daily open thread — you know what to do.

105 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: New Critters in TheZoo

  1. Welcome to all the new Critters!

    I’ve been away/lurking for a long while…work and life have been busy. But I always follow the Zoo. You guys are awesome!

    So glad to see the new additions. I’ve enjoyed their writings and look forward to more!

  2. Greetings from The Poison Strip, Utah. Yes, an actual place, and not an illicit getaway for wayward members of a particular religious cult…
    This is the area within view of Arches National Park that the Bushwhack administration tried in the 11th hour of it’s reign to push through oil and gas leases. Fortunately Ken Salazar, the current Secretary of the Interior, was able to put the kibosh on the whole mess.
    Welcome new critters, and good day to everyone!

  3. Welcome, though I feel I know most of these folks already. I look forward to reading them, and enjoy the ideas and information I find here. If I ever blogged it would sound like Andy Rooney, something on the order of “I wonder how they make Twinkies”.

    • I posted the following at that website:

      Another commenter wrote:
      “THIS version is legal because an independent group is sponsoring the plates; they followed the same procedure as any other group wanting special interest license plates.
      The extra cost for the plates goes to the organization, not to the state.”

      In response I said:
      I believe that license plates (tags, if you call them that) on cars are, for all intents and purposes, public documents and should not be used to sell advertising space, even if you have to pay extra to get them.

      The Public Square belongs to the public and should not be treated as something that can be sold for some private person’s or group’s profit.

      Would you want to attend a town meeting and see a sign advertising General Electric, who made the lights that made it possible to have that meeting at night time? What about conflicts of interest? What if the town officials had to vote on a permit or something involving GE that they wanted to be given?

      Speaking of conflicts of interest, what if some group that wanted to abolish the democratically-elected, Constitution-supporting government of the state of South Carolina wanted to buy advertising space on license plates? Should that be allowed?

      Now, suppose the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to buy ad space with their signature line, “God Hates Fags”? Even if someone had to pay extra to get those plates and the profits went to WBC, would anyone want to see that on a license plate?

      I imagine such a proposal would be refused and rightfully so. But where does it end, and who draws that line?

      • The quickest way to find out if it is an endorsement of a particular religion would be to apply for a plate with the same “I Believe” and a picture of Satan, or the pentagram, or the Star of David, or the Darwin Fish….

        if any of those are rejected, then the State is favoring one religion over others, and over no religion.

      • How about a plate that promotes Islam? “GOD IS MUSLIM” or something equally freaky to the hyper-Christers?

        What I don’t understand and probably never will is why believers can’t just enjoy their beliefs and shut up about them. I’m perfectly willing to allow everyone else to believe whatever they want, whatever turns them on. I’ve only ever asked one thing: that they allow me the same privilege. That’s asking way too much, apparently.

        • On the other hand, I kinda like that these folks like to self-identify, that way I can choose to associate with them or not. It might just be a public service to us all when they insist on being so strident in their beliefs.

          For example, take Rick Santorum, for example, his crazy is out their for all to see, and if he becomes the Rebiblican nominee, there are a whole host of independents that will either vote for Obama or not vote at all. If Santorum hid his crazy from everyone until after the election, and then started governing from his missionary position, then that might just be worse.

          (Of course, my argument falls apart with the fact that Santorum was getting no traction at all until he kept pulling out the conservo-craziness, but I think that my point still stands… No one wanted Palin in office for the same reason.)

  4. Yeah, it’s a day late. An “extremely rare” sight from NASA, and a reminder of why it’s called the Emerald Isle:

    “Moist ocean air also contributes to abundant rainfall. Ireland receives between 29 and 78 inches of rain per year, with more rain falling in the west and in the mountains. Most of the rain falls in light showers. This moist climate means plenty of clouds and fog. According to the Irish Meteorological Service, the sky is entirely cloudy more than 50 percent of the time. There are more clouds during the day than at night, and fog is common.”

  5. “I see that both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum now have Secret Service with them on the campaign trail. And in Santorum’s case I think it’s the first time he’s actually ever used protection,” – Sen. Scott Brown


  6. Nevermind, Brown stole the joke:

    On March 2, the late-night comedian Conan O’Brien said: “As of today, Rick Santorum will be assigned Secret Service agents. This is the first time Santorum has agreed to use any kind of protection.”

    • My Maine Coon is beautiful and evil. Not very cuddly at all and loves to take swipes at you. And he has that huge feathered boa-type tail that is just soooo gay. He like to walk on top of the kitchen cabinets (visible in a prior gravatar) and I keep threatening to spray Endust on his tail and put him up there.

      He is aptly named Vissy, short for Vissious which is a mocking form of Vicious.

  7. Thanks for the welcome. I’ll see what I can come up with for a post but today it is 80 degrees out and sunny and all the nubile co-eds are taking advantage of the Spring Break gift. Looks like they brought Daytona to Wi this year.

  8. In for a penny, in for a pound: not only is Arizona going to (most likely) pass legislation stripping state funding from Planned Parenthood, their HB-2625 looks like it will allow ANY employer, health care provider, etc., to deny contraception coverage.

    Can someone else take a look at this and see if I’m reading it correctly? It sounds like they’re taking out the stipulation that it has to be a religious entity and just letting anybody deny the covereage:

  9. For a brief moment I wondered if I’d been transported back in time to, say, 1967 or 68. I mean, there it was in full view — an article co-authored by Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers! Anyway, I quickly checked the calendar and, sadly, it’s still 2012, not 1968, and I’m still an old fart instead of a young dude full of piss and vinegar. Oh well.

    Anyway, here’s the link. For those who remember them, they’ve not lost their passion; for those who are not yet ‘artifacuals’, enjoy the ATTITUDE these old ‘terrorists’ still apparently carry with them!

    And a special note to Wingnuts everywhere: Change. Your. Diaper. Now!

    • Thanks, Ebb. That one’s courtesy of old friend Denny Green. He was in La Jolla a couple of weeks back, got some stunning shots. I’ll post some of them after I get caught up on some stuff.

  10. For all you dog lovers…

    Ancient dog buried with his bone.

    An excavation led by an archaeologist from the Universityof Georgiain the city of Carthagein Tunisia, unearthed the third century A.D. remains of a young adult buried in a carefully made grave. The young person was buried with an elderly dog at its feet, and a glass bowl was placed behind the dog’s shoulder.The ‘Yasmina dog,’ named after the Yasmina cemetery inCarthage where it was found, resembled a modern Pomeranian. The dog was determined to have suffered significant tooth loss, spinal deformation, a dislocated hip and osteoarthritis. But with all that, the animal still lived into its mid to late teens, which means it was well cared for. Even in death, the young person and his dog could not be separated.

    Who’s a good dog?

    • I read recently (and if I can dig up the link), humans may not have survived as a species were it not for the bond with dogs. Dogs provided senses that humans lacked to warn them of danger, and to help with hunting.

      • That makes sense, zxbe. Their hearing, smell, eyesight, and just a general feeling for danger are much more sensitive than ours.

        Except for my mostly blind dog, who just spent several minutes protecting me from a puddle of water. 😀

        • Our cats are more likely to run to US for protection. Becca, our first Sweetie, loved to explore and climb on boxes in the back room, and if she knocked one over, she would come meowing in to Wayne and I. And I say ‘meowing’ loosely, Becca had a range of sounds more like chirping than anything else, but when startled came close to meowing.

          On the other hand, my little Mouse, who almost never meowed either, was all set to defend me one time when I opened a cabinet and let out a startled scream when something fell out of the cabinet. Mousie came storming into the kitchen, fur starting up, meowing her head off, until I reassured her that I was okay.

      • Thanks! It was inspired by a shot I took during a class assignment last weekend. It literally was a cup of multi-colored coffee stirrers sitting next to the coffee pot in the break room. That shot came out okay, but I liked the potential of it, so I bought my own bag of multi-colored coffee stirrers and I’ve been having fun trying to think of different ways to arrange them.

  11. Romney’s fiercely pro-choice position in 2002. What’s striking is how emphatic he is in defending a pro-choice position “throughout my political career”:

  12. If you thought the idea of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sounded awful, the newest trailer might change your mind. Produced by Tim Burton:

  13. I need a little advice here. I’ve been mostly absent due to spring and the need to get involved in some local issues related to a local criminal case in which a federal judge, in response to a federal habeas petition, overturned the conviction of a young man due to prosecutorial misconduct and bad doings on the part of the police investigators. The commonwealth’s attorney involved has already resigned in the face of a recall drive. The sheriff (former investigator on the case) maintains that this federal ruling is the result of a one-sided process, in which the petitioner presents his evidence and the state’s side is not heard. This seems wrong to me, as I thought the federal judge’s job was to examine the totality of the case and determine if the young man was wrongfully held. Help me smart people! I’ve read everything I can find and want an unbiased opinion before I embarrass myself, and by extension, liberal pig farmers everywhere.

    • Was the recall drive against the commonwealth’s attorney already underway before this federal judge overturned the conviction, or because of it?

      • It happened after the federal ruling was published. The threat of a recall was apparently enough. We never collected a single signature.

        • Sounds like the commonwealth’s attorney is the logical one to approach with a deal for a plea bargain. Get him to roll over on the sheriff, and maybe find out why there was a need to railroad the innocent kid. Somebody was protecting somebody else’s kid, and needed a scapegoat, hoping that would close the case.

    • If the commonwealth attorney has already resigned, sounds like the sheriff is just struggling to keep his badge.
      Hard to know without more info on the federal judges probe.

    • I guess I didn’t provide enough info. I’m looking to understand the meaning of a federal writ of habeas corpus which is granted. I don’t think that’s a common occurrence. I should perhaps stick to farming.

    • Maybe BnF, our in-house attorney, will check in and weigh in on this. Sounds intriguing!

      Now I’m going to burn off some nervous energy by cutting fabric for several new bags. What could go wrong!? 😀

      • Are they selling well? I’ve been so tempted to send you a picture of a Dooney & Burke sunflower tote, not because I want a designer knockoff, but because I want a real designer sunflower tote.

      • I’m up late, nervous, there’s now an inch of snow on the ground, and I’m a long ways from anywhere.
        What could go wrong?

          • Won’t be doing anymore hiking, can’t see agates when they’re covered with snow.
            Hope I don’t have to hike out of here.
            I’ve been keeping an eye on Moab weather, tonight I moved the spot forecast to my current location which is only 12 miles away as the birds fly, and it’s considerably different. 2 days of snow instead of one, and 10 degrees colder.

            • Stay where you are, I would guess. You have an internet connection, so if things get too hairy, we can send in the Coast Guard! Er, Desert Guard.

            • Agreed, hiking out would be dumb. No danger of starving, and I was able to complete my online job hiring process last night wearing my fuzzy gloves. If they only knew….
              No new snow this morning, and a lot of what fell earlier has already evaporated. It’s all good.

        • Somehow I don’t see you as nervous because of an inch of snow. Unless you’re at a high altitude where you might get a lot more.

          • It’s not so much the snow as the slick clay dirt roads it’s falling on. I’ve been very cautious thinking about travel in and out, but the roads can’t handle a lot of moisture before they turn to gumbo.

            • Keep it one gear higher than in dry conditions and think, ‘steer with the throttle’, not the wheel.

            • My chance to become an off road rally driver! Heading out for a recon this morning when it gets light, but things look better. The main problem is towing the trailer on bumpy roads. What starts out as neat and tidy looks like a kitchen sink omelet after a few miles.

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