old souls

Slowing down and looking at the subtle forms in the geology, I encountered this sensuous sculpture in the sandstone, and added my own enhancement in the form of a rock for an eye.

Lazing at her feet, my eye missed this acolyte lounging in the afternoon sun till we were eyeball to eyeball.

Further on I found the remains of a previous pilgrim to the shrine…

6 thoughts on “old souls

  1. Sadly I’ve departed this amazing landscape, and am now on my way (again, still) back home, and to work.
    Durango, Colorado… this place has sure changed. Lots of neck tattoos and those huge ear plugs.

    • Thinking about those ear plugs, here’s an idea:
      ear phones!
      They’re certainly large enough to contain the speakers, maybe even a wireless device. When not in use, or you want to start a party, they can hang down and bob around. When you want to listen, simply fold the lobes up and plug in! No more messy wires to get caught in your zipper or hair, and you’ll never wonder again where you left the damn things!

      • Not to be disparaging, and I only came through on the highway, stopping at the vast Wal-Mart on the east end of town. I remember Durango from 20 years ago, hence my observation.

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