The Watering Hole: March 31 – Don Quixote

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Alonso Quijano was a retired country gentleman nearing fifty years of age, who lived in La Mancha with a niece and housekeeper. His reading of books of chivalry to an excess has caused an effect on him, leading to a distortion of his mental state. He accepted every word of the facets of chivalry to be true while chivalry was clearly fiction. Otherwise his wits were intact. He went out as a knight in search of adventure. He donned an old suit of armour, renamed himself “Don Quixote de la Mancha,” and named his skinny horse “Rocinante”. A neighboring farm girl became his lady love and he renamed her, the Dulcinea del Toboso, of which she knew nothing.

He set out ended up at an inn, which he believed to be a castle. He asked the innkeeper, whom he assumed to be the lord, to dub him a knight. He spent the night holding vigil over his armor and became involved in a fight with muleteers who tried to remove his armor from a horse trough so that they could water their mules. The innkeeper then dubbed him a knight just to be rid of him, and he went on his way. Don Quixote, next, “freed” a young boy who was tied to a tree and beaten by his master by making his master swear on the chivalric code to treat the boy fairly. The boy’s beating continued. and Don Quixote had a to-do with traders from Toledo, who denounced Dulcinea as a falsehood and severely beat him only to leave him on the road. He was later found and returned to his home by a peasant.

After recovering, Don Quixote approached a neighbor, Sancho Panza, and enlisted him as his squire, bestowing him governorship of an island. The uneducated Sancho agreed, and the pair sneaked off in the early dawn. It is here that their series of famous adventures begin, starting with Don Quixote’s attack on windmills that he believed to be giants. The two next encountered a group of friars accompanying a lady in a carriage. They were cloaked, as was the lady, as protection from the hot climate and dust. Don Quixote thought the friars to be enchanters who held the lady captive. He knocked a friar from his horse, and was subsequently challenged by an armed Basque travelling with the company. As he had no shield, the Basque used a pillow to protect himself.

In the course of their travels, the two protagonists met innkeepers, prostitutes, goatherds, soldiers, priests, escaped convicts, and scorned lovers. These encounters were intensified by Don Quixote’s imagination into chivalrous quests. fgoes.Don Quixote’s tendency to intervene violently in matters which did not concern him, and his habit of not paying his debts, resulted in many privations, injuries, and humiliations with Sancho always getting the short straw. At the end Don Quixote was persuaded to return to his home village.

Now this tale popped into my mind whilefollowing the campaign of Mitt Romney. Only falsehoods are used to fortify this modern errant knight in his drift to the Republican nomination. For the nation’s well-being, I can only hope that ‘Don’ Romney returns to his village. Otherwise, this nation is destined to enter the fray against imagined enemies!

This is our daily open thread — speak up!

87 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 31 – Don Quixote

  1. I don’t know, Walt, I think it’s more of a Santorum thing, fighting against things that only HE thinks are major problems. Although, of course, all of the R candidates are delusional and tilting at windmills. 😦

  2. The difference between the GOP and the Don is that with Quixote there at least comes attached a romantic mythology of sorts, while with the GOP all that EVER travels with it is the insulting aroma of intellectual putrefaction.

  3. I think my computer is about to die. The last couple of days have been frustrating with it shutting down with “blue screen” errors, sometimes occurring while rebooting from one.

    I was concerned that my cat was about to die when he got sick Thursday and quickly forgot about the computer. I sat up with him all night and he seemed to appreciate the attention and loving touching. Yesterday he went outside for a while and he began eating again. He seems much better today.

    I’ll know more about the computer when I hit the button to post this…

    • Well, your comment made it, did you have to reboot afterward?

      Those ads on tv for fixes to problems like yours, blame viruses and malware. While I am suspect of anything advertised on TV, maybe you should try to access some site online that can run a deep scan and root out what’s messing with you. I have Comcast-provided Norton, which has a deep scan option that can be selected. Plus I routinely delete cookies and browsing history.

      • Yes I did, damn it.

        So, while I had my attention on the computer, Smokey “disappeared” inside the building. After checking some places where I’ve seen him entering or leaving on other occasions, I found him curled up in the bathroom sink. The funny part is that I had looked in the bathroom 3 minutes earlier and didn’t spot him then!

      • I have the “factory” boot disks from a previous virus meltdown and started from square 1 a week or so ago and updated as necessary.

        Automatic updates don’t always install and one in particular, a security update for XP (KB952004) has downloaded over 100 times but evidently never installs.

        • I strongly recommend Malwarebytes, which I used to recover from a really bad infestation of bots that my antivirus software had not blocked or caught. You can download it for free, completely functional, but I got such excellent support from them that I bought a license. I was getting email tech response almost in real-time, and from the same tech at all times of the day over several days. He walked me through downloading some associated utilities, each of which produced a log file I sent him for diagnosis.

          I think the paid version may be required for quarantine feature, but I’m not sure.

          • I have Malwarebytes already. Yesterday, while scanning with Malwarebytes, the computer crashed. That has happened with MS Security Essentials also and when I reboot the software tells me its outdated, even though I updated it before I began the scan.

            • Pachy:,

              If MalwareBytes ( excellent program that I use) crashes while scanning , then it sound to me that you probably have a “rootkit” infection, which is pretty much the worst kind of virus because they tend to be designed to principally screw up your antivirus/anti-malware utilities (after which some other nefarious worm/virus/redirector/keylogger/bot can take advantage).

              I have experienced a couple of root-kit infections myself (luckily not on my own PC but on others).
              I found that Kasperky’s NDS-killer, used in Safe Mode, took care of the problems.
              Kaspersky provides an entire A-V/Internet security suite, which is very good, but they also provide this small standalone “NDS-Killer” program for free that deals only with a rootkit infection.

              A “Rootkit” will tend to stick itself in the root directory, user directory, the Temp directory and thus in multiple locations in the Registry. I’e done a manual elimination of a rootkit, and it has taken me hours. I’ve used the Kaspersky NDS Killer too, which takes seconds.

              Suggest you Google “rootkit” and check out several of the search results to compare precise symptoms ad circumstances because the solution may not be Kaspersky’s effort in this case. No matter who provides a rootkit solution or offering, it shouldn;t cost you anything–it’s very specific and therefore makes no business sense to charge-money for,



        • Hiy Pachy,

          My two cents:

          CAT: ( Smokey) : In the bathroom sink? I’d say that would be a naturally cool place. Maybe Smokey has a fever? (Maybe from Feline influenza? ).

          Is Smokey’s nose dry? Any teariness in the corner of the eye, or inflammation of the third eyelid? ( I’m recalling the symptoms of one pf my cats (“Sextus”) who was born with influenza—life-threatening for a kitten but we nursed him to decent health by giving him a lot of condensed milk—basically high-protein and high carb/fat to help his natural immune system is how it appeared to work. He always thereafter had the sniffles and one constantly mildly irritated eye, but he went from being the absolute runt of the litter to reaching 22 pounds and stretching 3 feet nose to tail!)

    • I’ll be joining in.

      Also, folks check with your local energy company about their polices regarding renewable energy. In Minnesota, for example, there is a state law that requires you (as the consumer) to be able to buy renewable energy for your electricity needs. Now this doesn’t literally mean, that the electrons flow from the wind turbine to your light bulb, but it does require the electric company to reduce their non-renewable purchases by the amount you use, and increase their renewable purchases by that same amount.

      It does cost a little more, but I have to say it’s a great feeling knowing one can do their part individually. (And I feel less guilty if I leave the lights on sometimes, or not turning off the computer.)

      Check it out. Will vary by state, but your states may have a similar program.

  4. The story of Don Quixote de la Mancha became a musical, with the hit song “The Impossible Dream.”

    Wayne, it might be a pleasant diversion for you to have a go at a parody….

    • I’ll give it a shot, BnF:

      To dream … the impossible dream …
      To fight … the unbeatable foe …
      To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
      To run … where the brave dare not go …
      To right … the unrightable wrong …
      To love … pure and chaste from afar …
      To try … when your arms are too weary …
      To reach … the unreachable star …

      This is my quest, to follow that star …
      No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
      To fight for the right, without question or pause …
      To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

      And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
      That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
      when I’m laid to my rest …
      And the world will be better for this:
      That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
      Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
      To reach … the unreachable star …

      Parody: (re: the GOP race in general).

      To dream … the impossible dream …
      To fight … the imaginary foe …
      To bear … the arms we have a right-to …
      To run … using calls of robo…
      To Right … and then make it more Righter…
      To love … messing with your vagina…
      To try … when John Boehner’s too teary…
      To impeach …President O-ba-ma…

      This is my quest, to follow that car…
      With the dog on the roof, no matter how far …
      To fight for the right, without question or pause …
      To ignore that my champion has been banging whores,

      And I know if I’ll only be true, to that sweater-vest,
      That I’ll deny, he’s from the funny farm,
      when I’m put to the test …
      And the world will be better for this:
      That one man, scorned and covered with fat
      Still strove, with his last ounce of umbrage,
      To reach … a really low bar …

  5. The Don Quixote comparison seems more apt of the GOP as a whole rather than Romney. in particular: Self-appointed champions of violent tendencies, imbued with deluded nostalgia for the past, fighting for imaginary causes with the assistance of the ignorant peasant who suffers the consequences of his heroic masters action’s but none of the rewards—if there are any rewards at all yet still remains loyal.

    My overall impression of Mitt Romney is that he’s not “in it to win it” but rather “in it to be in it”, because, …why not? .
    To be a politician one simply has to have more certitude than average, which may manifest itself in admirable leadership or obnoxious arrogance.
    Mitt seems to exhibit neither characteristic—even his arrogance is mild, apparently derived from easy privilege, He’s not driven, as a politician should be, he’s lazy.
    Rick Perry and Donald Trump are also lazy—Perry for assuming that his Governorship of Texas made him automatically viable; Trump for seizing on the singular turd of Obama’s birth h certificate, bronzing it and then trying to sell it as an investment to others .

    Cain is lazy too, and even more stupid than Perry: Perry is just ignorant and careless whereas Cain appeared to believe he had a winning formula to feed the masses, along the lines of “everyone likes pizza” + “I’ve worked in the Pizza business” x “politics and policies are like making pepperoni sausage” = “everything is Pizza” therefore “Pizza for everyone!” ,

    Compare to Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul,—all deluded but passionately-so.

    Paul never stood a chance because he’s actually a quite determined libertarian purist—his biggest disqualifier amongst the Republicans is that he really does want smaller government, whereas most Republicans actually want exclusive control of Government (and thus smaller government only for non-Republicans).

    Bachmann had to quit because of Santorum—they are essentially interchangeable, except that Santorum is a MAN, baby (and Bachmann doesn’t do the sexy like Palin).

    Gingrich has the megalomania and insufferable supercilious arrogance of the Koch brothers or Dick Cheney, which is why he is automatically disqualified as a Republican front-man—his proper position is in the background (He’s too snooty to generate popular appeal).

    That leaves Romney as the default candidate–whose only ‘strength’ is that appears to be that no one either likes him or therefore loathes him enough to eliminate him from the race.

    Even though Obama’s popularity has dropped significantly since his election, he still polls better nationally than Romney by a significant margin, and Romney simply doesn;t have the personal killer instincts that Republicans so admire, to effectively undermine Obama—personally or politically.

    This is why the Republican 2016 campaign appears to me to be getting started: Jeb Bush Gov-FLA and Marc Rubio (Senator, R-FLA) and Bush41 have endorsed Romney. IMHO not because is awesome and viable in 2012 but because the bushes and Rubio are positioning as power-players for an attempt to dial-back the GOP’s recent extremism ( with Florida being the focus as a state with significant electoral college representation and a swing-vote potential that has to be controlled in the GOP’s favor). .

    • Romney will most likely get the nomination, which pretty much saddles us with another repiggie who desperately wants the presidentin’ job, but who doesn’t actually want to DO the presidentin’ job. Frankly, the entire repiggie field is made up of that type of candidate, except Newt Gingrich, who I think wants the job and and would do the job — in a terrifying manner.

      All this sets us up for another possible repiggie presidunce who is simply a meat puppet for the Koch brothers and their type — another GWB, if you will — but who have much more power and money than Dick Cheney.

      Obama wanted the job and he’s doing the job. I don’t always agree with him, but I really don’t think he’s out to do the American people harm.

      • Quite so Zooey.
        If Gingrich hadn’t been such an obvious asshole in 1994 and just acted as a “team-player/team leader” he actually might have taken Dubya’s place for 2000–but he’s SO megalomaniacal that he just couldn’t help himself. .

        Obama really wanted the job, but apparently thought the job required compromises up the wazoo. It seems he saw himself as a Chairman with influence over dialog rather than a Chief Operating Officer with real power to ire, fire and forcefully direct . He totally disregarded or had no clue about the nature of his political opponents.

  6. You can set your system back to a known good point by using “Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.”. McAfee has some scanning tools that can clean up your directory.

    Beware of Directory “cleaners” that report error counts in the hundreds. They tend to be the “snake oil” of the Windows’ era.

    The surest path to system forgiveness is Apple. Very few hackers are out there who are after Apple systems and I think that they all work for Microsoft.

    I steer away from Norton antivirus programs because if you go on someone else’s system that does not use Norton, Norton can send updates to that machine which will render it unbootable, not exactly the way to win friends. McAfee seems to be friendly with remote pass-troughs from all anti-virus tools that I can find.

  7. Hate Quote of the Day:

    “In other words, [Obama]’s a racist hatemonger. Just to be clear. So much for hope and change. Hope is what he promised. Hate is what he’s delivering,” – Glenn Reynolds.

    The post is given extra whackjob, hate juice from having been written at 3.18 am.

    • Right-wingers have gotten away with changing the actual meaning of words for so long (enabled by a cowardly and increasingly stupid and co-opted and then co-operative Fourth Estate) that it is now impossible to engage in political debate, let alone debate actual policy.
      There isn’t even the option to “agree to disagree” because there is no common language, vocabulary or frame of reference any more.

    • The “Alaskan mistake”, as well as BillO’dorous were touting this “President full of hate speech”.. I wonder where that little booklet that tells them what the meme o’ the day is.

  8. The similarity I see between Don Quixote and Rmoney or the Republicans in general is both live in a delusional reality they have a hard time getting others to see. The difference is in Quixote’s case it was most likely senile dementia and people recognized it as such and told him to go lay by his dish.

    As to the computer anti-virus program, we use AVG. It is a free download and has been very effective. I’ve used Norton, MacAfee and CA and the AVG is more effective and less intrusive. For what it’s worth.

  9. Sorry, pachy. If you’re getting the blue screen after a system restore you might have a hardware problem. is a place that sells refurbished computers with no monitor. Several of my friends and I have bought systems from them, under $200.00, and none of them have crapped out. Personally, I use a Linux operating system for most of my surfing. About the only time I boot up windows is to play games or to do my taxes.

    • I agree that the problem is probably hardware related at this point. The $200 is also a problem at this point. Meanwhile between MS’s Fix-It software and free commercial software I trudge on. I have tried AVG, Iolo and others. One software that is heavily advertised that said I had over 1700 Registry errors with their free scan!

      • Yeah, that’s bullshit.

        I’ve never found an “across the internet” scan that was in anyway truthful. It’s an easy scam.
        Proper protection has to be run LOCALLY, not over the Internet.

        I mildly disagree with Pete’s analysis ( and Terry’s support) of a hardware problem.

        Blue screen is in general the result of software failing to load, thus breaking an execution process.
        Failure to load may be a result of corrupted software,
        That corruption may be due to a media failure, or internal transmission failure, in which case there might indeed be a hardware failure involved (and as you are still running XP. I’d guess your hardware is relatively old and may be reaching a life-cycle failure point).

        However, one has to look at the dependencies of which there are many. Basically, what works and what doesn’t and how are these related? .

        Pete writes: “If you’re getting the blue screen after a system restore you might have a hardware problem”.

        Not necessarily so. System Restore is better than Last Known Good, but it isn’t perfect. What are the odds of a media/hardware problem being confined to an exact logical memory address AND physical location, amongst the thousand of data files and thousands of locations the hard drive provides?

        I’d suggest that if you can recover, in some fashion, from a Blue Screen and the PC is basically operational then the failure is more likely logical than physical.

        That said, I don’t want to get into a pissing-match with anyone about this! 😀

        I would suggest, though, Pachy, that if you explore the various theoretical and practical considerations expressed in this tread in response to your PC problems fail to demonstrate any satisfactory progress, you should consider finding a way to preserve your personal data and then ‘rebuild’ your PC from scratch—which would involve running ‘checkdisk’, to mark bad sectors as unusable, formatting and reinstalling XP and then reinstall all your programs and lastly your data. to truly restore your PC to a stable state (which will probably take a week to do).

        FYI: At my current ;trade-school’ the computers there are all running XP, and the most modern machines (about two-dozen out of about 90 PCs) are 7 years old compared to the majority of 10 year old hardware. With no disciplined management they still all work—except for those that utterly died due to power-supply and hard drive failures).

        In short, if your PC can get past the BIOS/Setup and complete POST, then you still have a viable PC if you can at least ‘see’, access and format/partition the Hard Drive.

  10. Hatemail of the day:

    “Obama” revealed as traitor! PROOF

    Your “president” made the worst mistaek of his crappy life when he was cought on tape conspiernig with the russian dictator medeved! Soetoro basicaly says that after hes eleected he will DISARM OUR COUNTRY AKA TREASON!!! dont blame me if your muslim nigger prez turned out to be a TRAITOR! The PROOF is right thre on the tape PLEASE OBSERVE YOU STUPID PINKO FAG! There is now PROOF that liberals want our countr DEFENSLESS AGAINST RUSSIAN ATTACK!!! When does the attack start mr. Russian loving homo? WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD WOULD AMERICAN PRESIDENT SURRENDDER TO A BUNCH OF RUSSIAN COMMIES??!? Oh right BECAUSE THE “PRESDIENT ” ISNT REALLY THE PRESIDENT OR EVEN AMERICAN” Grew up in KENYA… now wants to rape this country foro revenge against the white man who owned KENYA… real religion is ISLAM please understand taht is ISLAM the father is muslim then the child is also MUSLIM so Soetoro (the “obama” is a “slave name”) is OFFICIALY A GODDAMN MUSLIM please realize that THIS IS THE LAW!! FACTS are that hes muslim and kenyan and now also a TRAITOR and CRIMINALK!!! ACTIOSN AGAINST USA ARE A CAPITAL OFFENSE SOGET READY FOR A TRIAL AND THEN ITS THE CHAIR FOR SOETORO!! But hey maybe the last meal they serve will be HALAL so he gets to die like a MARTYR! Afgan soldier in unifrom kill brave US troops and our fake “prseident” does the same… DESTROYS OU R COUTRY from inside… SUICIDE ATTACK AGINST USA AND GOD!!! Do yout hink you also get to be a martyr? No you just to to prison where the POUND YOUR TRIAORT ASS 24/7! You and Soetoro better get good lawyers but even the best jew lawyer scumbags wont get you TRAITORS off when you face JUSITCE and PRISON TIME! Say hello to your prison-rapist for me!

    • real religion is ISLAM please understand taht is ISLAM the father is muslim then the child is also MUSLIM so Soetoro (the “obama” is a “slave name”) is OFFICIALY A GODDAMN MUSLIM please realize that THIS IS THE LAW!!

      The law? Which law is that? I’m pretty sure Oregon doesn’t have such a statute. Is there a federal law that covers this? Or is this individual requiring us to apply Shariah Law?

    • mistaek
      hes eleected
      No you just to to prison where the POUND YOUR TRIAORT ASS 24/7!



  11. As kids we get to believe in lots of stuff. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and other fantasies of boogiemen. Yet when we grow up we are supposed to be mature enough to realize that is all just fantasy. And yet Western Civilization seems to be run on the biggest fantasy scam ever. Zeus, Odin, Brahma, Coyote and scores of other deities are imaginary yet there is one, who follows all the same lines is real.

  12. That’s four more bags, um…in the bag…on my special order — six in all. I busted the needle on the last seam of the bag I just finished, so I take that as sign to finish tomorrow. 🙂

    Only four to go!!

        • May I suggest a smaller version tote designed to carry bottles of wine or liquor? I would love to see one for Scotch whiskey, with a kilt. 😛

          • It’s on my list, Pachy! I just have to get some time to figure out dimensions and how to do the divider in the bag — cuz ya gotta be able to carry at least two bottles.

            But I really think kilts look better on men. 😉

            • Individual compartments with a ring of foam, inside around where the middle of the bottle would be, in each slot. Keeps ’em from clinking into each other and possibly breaking. 🙂

            • You could sew a lot of bottle pockets into a kilt.
              I like Wayne’s idea of the foam collar silencers.
              Imagine the guy walking into the Highland Games…

    • He’s feeling better. I’ve been in and out all afternoon and when I last returned he was waiting at the door and went out.

      Betty, the woman who lives around the corner, across the street from my mouse delivery man, had a party for her 85th birthday today so I’ve been walking back every hour or so checking on him in the sink. Earlier this week I buried Betty’s cat for her after it got hit by a car.

        • Thanks Miss Z and you too Ebb.

          He’s back in now and curled up inside a box I brought in yesterday, I put some aloe vera juice over dry cat food this morning and he readily ate it. I’ll tell myself that that helped since I drink it everyday and I say the same thing about it’s effect on me, it helps.

  13. Google Maps has a Quest button, where they have Map or Satellite or Earth in the top right, which will make everything in old 8-bit graphic format. Apparently an April fools joke of sorts. (Too much time on their hands?)

  14. Back to Pachy’s computer. It’s been years since I played with installing XP but doesn’t it do a checkdisk when one installs from the factory disks? If not? It would indeed be the next logical step.

    Another test would be to try running Linux from a LiveCD. Pachy, if you can make your computer run long enough to download a big file and then burn a CD, it would be a good check to see if your problem is hardware or software. The beauty is that one can run it without actually installing anything on your computer. Here’s the link and just ask if you need help.

    • Thanks Pete, I’ll see what I can do.

      On at least 2 occasions this past week the computer did a multiple-stage disk check on its own while rebooting from a crash. I’ve also had instances where, after a crash, no desktop appeared, no icons or task bar to click. They came back after rebooting. Sometimes when watching streaming video the video freezes but the audio still plays.

  15. ‘UNSURVIVABLE!’ New tornado warnings aim to scare – Yahoo! News

    Laura Myer, a social science research professor at Mississippi State University, said people she has interviewed want more advance warning about a potential tornado strike and more information on the specific locations where the storms are expected to hit.”We have found in Mississippi and Alabama and various other Southern states that people feel they would constantly be going to a shelter if they heeded every tornado warning,” she said. “For people in mobile homes, that’s the craziest thing.

    I think one of the problems is that warnings are county-wide. In some states, the counties are as big as the state of Rhode Island. They do need better locale info for the warnings as well. That would also cut down on the “cry wolf” problem.

    • You know, if I lived in a place that had so many tornado warnings that I “would constantly be going to a shelter if [I] heeded every tornado warning,” I would definitely move somewhere else.

      • I always wondered why tornadoes were good at finding mobile homes until I realized that the reason the land was cheap enough to buy and park a mobile home on was because the area was subject to tornadoes. Which people would consider before buying such a place to call “Home, While It Lasts”.

        • Heh, at least a regular home has a foundation to help hold it down. Mobile homes only have tie-downs at best.

          Tornadoes scare me more than earthquakes.

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