The Watering Hole: Tuesday April 3, What to watch out for..


As Romney seems to be The Inevitable one now, there are a few things that we still can watch out for in the primaries.

Turnout. If I am correct turnout will be low. As in: Really Low. Mitt Romney is not an inspiring candidate at all, not for the Republican base. Nor for anybody, except maybe for those making 200’000 plus, I dare say.

Santorum is just running his mouth now, but not much else. I can’t see any indication that the Santorum supporters are fighting back, I cannot see much trace of them anymore in the comments sections where they used to hang around.

Paul? Well, nuff said.

Gingrich? Well, nuff said indeed.

Watch out for other races, too. Incumbicide is rampant right now. There may be a few surprises coming on this side.

…in November:

That no Republican gets the White House for a while. Honestly, if it is only to avoid further activist Supreme Court judges.

A whole set of polls can be found as usual here at realclearpolitics. Nevermind they are really conservatives, when it comes to politics I want to see what the other side is thinking and be prepared for the worst case.

This is our Open Thread. What do you think?

126 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday April 3, What to watch out for..

  1. I tend to agree, that turnout should be low (due to the right’s lack of enthusiasm with Romney). However, there will likely be a bunch of state referendums/constitutional amendments and the like to try to get voters (particularly right-wing voters) out in key states.

    That’s what we have to watch out for.

  2. The only thing more bizarre about the state of the GOP than its current crop of loser and crackpot candidates is the fact that nearly half of American voters will vote for one of them. That little tidbit says all about the deteriorated state of this nation that could ever be said in a dozen words or less.

    On a brighter note: the day after Thanksgiving, 2011, I decided it was time to drop some accumulated weight and get in as good “shape” (using the word loosely) that a 70 yr old ca manage. Strict diet, lots of walking, no booze, all the shitty things in life combined are now in their 19th week, and this morning I’m down 80 lbs (and minus one pair of shoes after having walked just over 375 miles since I started the daily treks 12 weeks ago). Twenty lbs to go . . . after which I can start eating, drinking, lazing around, and putting it back on again. Sigh. Gettin’ old’s a bitch.

    • I didn’t watch anything after the business about Holland. I guess the mouth breathers on the Right will take every word of this as gospel since Faux hasn’t told me to do otherwise. Amazing that someone with a very real possibility of running in the general (if Rmoney drops dead) can’t even make up plausible lies, and who feels the need to lie like a rug, on camera!

      • I always was taught by my Christian mother that lying was not appropriate, even sinful. Makes me wonder about the depth and validity of Sicko’s Christerism.

        Well, not really. Course, I’ve never wondered about the validity of $3 bills, either.

      • The following was part of one of my columns, which I originally titled “Does This Sound Sane?”, but the editor made me change that – I ended up titling it “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie”:

        ““They have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands, but half the people who are euthanized every year, and it’s 10 percent of all deaths, half of those people are euthanized involuntarily in hospitals, because they are older and sick…So elderly people in the Netherlands don’t go to the hospital. They go to another country. Because they’re afraid because of budget purposes they will not come out of that hospital if they go in with sickness.”

        The only factual part of this is that they DO have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands. According to Carla Bundy, spokeswoman for the Dutch embassy, voluntary euthanasia cases were “…2.3 percent of all 136,058 deaths in the Netherlands in 2010.” You can imagine that the Dutch were pretty ticked off at Santorum’s statement.

  3. I’m impressed, Frugal! I can’t do the walking or the diet, but since I’ve been back to work, I’ve lost some fat and gained back some muscle. I’m staying around 225, but I would like to get to 200 or so. I just got a free bicycle, so that may help without making my feet worse.

    • Bicycling is great. I used to ride all the time, then I had brain surgery and both my vision and balance went to hell in a handcart. I can walk ok, so long as the surface is flat. I’m SO tempted to try cycling again, but don’t know if I can manage it or not.

      Maybe after the snow melts …

      Speaking of which, no walking today, but I suppose shoveling snow burns off a gram or two of fat as well, no?

  4. Fair warning to all who live east of Colorado. After a high temp last Sunday of 85, this morning we’ve got heavy snow — 6-7 inches — coming down fast in blizzard conditions. I just shoveled the driveway so I could take Debbie to work, got over it once and had to go a second time to get the additional two inches that fell as I was making my way toward the road! Miserable, positively miserable!

    • Okay, that’s just insane,frugal.

      Fortunately, our local 10-day forecast should be decent spring weather, highs ranging from low-50s to low-60s. Too bad that today I have too much shit to do inside the house…

    • Passing through Green Cove Springs, FL at 7:10 this AM it was 64 degrees. On the return trip at 11:04 it was 87 degrees/

  5. Caption Contest:

    Rmoney (R – Planet Kolob) Do you know what the secret of life is? This. One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean shit.

    Republican Ignoranti: But, what is the “one thing?”

    Rmoney: [smiles] What is it you want to hear?

    (from a concept by Jack Palance and Billy Crystal)

  6. Caption Contest (the obvious one):

    “On the roof, he was on the roof and I had to hose the shit off him OK?”

  7. Caption Contest (and I really think I’m winning….. 🙂 ):

    And I’ll tell you what I stand for…
    A corporate Super PAC for every Republican Congressperson!
    A tax cut for every millionaire!
    A pipeline for every Koch brother!
    A bomb for every Iranian!
    And a vaginal probe for every woman….. or maybe my finger…. this one here.

  8. Caption Contest:

    I am the 1% and you’re fired!
    Well, ummmm, maybe not because you’re already unemployed.

  9. Caption Contest:

    No! I will not sing:
    Ding dong lama wanee jumpin with an ice pick she thinks I’m goin in.

  10. Isn’t it strange that the same court that seems intent on striking down the individual mandate to ensure universal coverage has just removed what shred is left of the Fourth Amendment?

    We get irritated, annoyed and pissed off by airport scans, but there is no outcry that any cop who arrests any citizen on any charge can strip that individual entirely before jailing him or her.

  11. Irony Alert:

    While leaving the local Trader Joe’s this morning, I saw plumes of black smoke rising up not too far away. And no sirens yet. So I headed toward the smoke and arrived about the same time as the Fire Dept.

    On fire was the building that houses my local Arrowhead Water supplier.

  12. Personally, I hope that the Republican Primary keeps going on… I’m not ready to start hearing negative ads about Obama from now until November. I am willing to continue to wait a few months for that to happen. Let the R’s continue to beat each other up.

    • I’ve received a lot of pro-Obama (probama?) mailers already. It’s nice to see the DNC spend some money on VA voters. I am dreading the part where I get robo-called to death.

  13. Ugh, why does Thom Hartmann have Peter Ferrara on his show? He is completely unable to recognize truth or facts, calls Thom a despicable liar, and then demands an apology from Thom when Thom points out that something he said is a lie — which he did not receive.

    • Since Mr. Zimmerman is a retired magistrate, and not one from the Sanford, Florida, area, I would call what he did “obstruction of Justice.” It would be ironic if George Zimmerman gets away with no criminal charges (though I’m guessing Trayvon’s Family would be able to sue in civil court) and his father does time for obstruction of Justice. The father would be doing time for a crime his son committed. Sort of.

      I’m sorry, but crimes have been committed and a young man is dead and nobody is under arrest yet? As Harvey Keitel said in “National Treasure,” “Somebody’s gotta go to prison.”

      • The problem is that, since virtually nothing was entered into evidence, it would depend on the personal testimony of people I wouldn’t trust as far as I can kick them up a hill. If the cops and the Zimmerman’s stick together? No one will spend so much as a night in a cell.

    • I dearly love the big wading birds. It’s fairly rare for the sandhills to make it quite this far east in Minnesota but egrets and herons of all sizes are abundant.

      On a related note; Mother Nature is taunting me! I watched a migrating flock of pelicans circling around in a big thermal and I would have given anything to have my model glider so I could have joined them. Heck! I would have settled for having my camera with me.

      • White pelicans are fantastic flyers, both soaring and gliding above the water…

        I’m mudded out of where I’d like to be with the camera, it snowed here last night and turned sections of the road to my hut in Corvustan to greasy clay goo.
        Camped closer to town, I’m hoping for an evening break up of the clouds and maybe get some pictures. I’m grateful I wasn’t out there last night, cause I’d still be there and not writing this comment.

        • Yeah. I love all soaring birds but pelicans might be my favorite because of the way they chase each other around in a thermal even if they are not individually as skilled as an albatross or condor. Now that I think of it, the glider I’m getting is built much like an albatross with a long tail. If it weren’t for my old eyes I could even leave it white but, based on previous experience, soaring birds don’t seem bothered by garish colors. When one is lucky enough to share a thermal with a hawk, eagle, or vulture they actually seem curious about the funny looking “bird” and will fly quite close. Now that I have the camera with a 15x zoom I might even be able to get some film if I can find a volunteer cameraman or train another pilot. I think I might have a couple prospective students.

          Last week one of the park workers stopped by to watch on his lunch break and seemed very thoughtful when I told him that one can get a basic plane for less than $150.00. Then, yesterday evening, a guy and his grandson stopped to watch and Harold figured that he will probably have to get one, eventually, for said grandson. Elijah is still a bit too young but I’ve taught a six year old to steer a glider around a bit. It would be nice to get a little informal club going at the local park. I enjoy the solitude while I’m regaining my old skills but it’s much more fun if there are a couple people to encourage showing off.

          • It seems a game the pelicans play, stealing another birds air or trying to throw each other off balance.

            Interesting that soaring birds will check out the glider.

            Maybe you could operate the camera with your teeth if you got one of those things Bob Dylan uses.

            • Birds, as you no doubt know, are smarter than most people realize. They are obviously curious when approached by a model airplane. I have had many check out gliders and more than a few who even approached powered airplanes, with their very noisy engines, in an effort to figure out what the Hell that thing is. Waaaay back when I was slope soaring in San Diego a few intrepid modelers even built model seagulls. When they mixed with the real gulls it became damned hard to tell which was which. I’m sure that some are still doing it but I haven’t seen any recent examples and, of course, the ones I saw were well before we had video cameras.

              One of the model shops offers a cheap 3x video camera with a head strap but even at 3x the chance of getting interesting video of a bird/plane formation is pretty damned small. Still, I’ve seen more expensive cameras that could be strapped to a hat but that’s a purchase that will have to wait. Alas, as much as I like my new camera it’s a bit unwieldy to fashion a head mount.

          • With a few devotes, you could set up a WWI ace duel with real weapons. M80’s as bombs and AK47’s for air-air combat (What is the carry weight of a Styrofoam model?).

    • I saw that story earlier on my local paper’s site and there were a few fundies with their usual crap about “carbon dating doesn’t work” and “quantum physics says science can’t pove anything”. I always enjoy it when someone, who doesn’t realize that carbon dating only works for fairly new organic matter, tries to profess an understanding of quantum physics.

      • They don’t trust science. They trust centuries of scribes copying down the same story lifetime after lifetime. Other than throwing in a few changes from time to time at the direction of their overseers, scribble scribble until the printing press was invented.
        Now they can grip the same tired old tale in hand and wave it in your face.

  14. Santorum seems to be getting a little shrill lately.
    He’s going to turn out to be not simply a loser, but a bad loser.

    • Obama zeroed in on Ryan’s budget. Jonathan Chait believes this will be Obama’s 2012 message:

      “The Republican strategy has real strengths. The party’s sheer bloody-minded refusal to compromise, and its devotion to ever more radical policy agendas, has helped it to shift the terms of the debate steadily rightward. Even keeping tax rates at Clinton-era levels is now a position too left-wing for Democrats to advocate. The weakness of this strategy is that it opens you up to political attack by allowing your opponent to claim the center. That is the ground Obama has gleefully seized.”

  15. From the “it’s not new but it sure is silly” file.

    For some reason I hadn’t noticed that no one is calling the Tampa Bay Devil Rays “Devil Rays” anymore. Sure enough; they changed the name of the (baseball) team because “Devil” made the Florida fundies feel icky.

  16. Oh, and 23 percent of Wisconsin’s Republicans think that Rick Santorum is not conservative enough. Ponder that for a while.

  17. Have I ever mentioned that, at my best, I’m a master manipulator? I successfully lobbied for setting up a birthday party on Saturday, though my actual B-day is tomorrow, for myself with my old flying buddies and I won’t even have to drive or buy booze. It sounds like there’s even a good chance of getting the old band back together. I just have to bring the steaks and I get to try out the new glider out in the wide open spaces instead of the local park and can even fly my old, extremely noisy, alcohol powered monster plane.

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