Sunday Roast: Leymah Gbowee: Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls

Leymah Gbowee won the Nobel Peace prize in 2011, along with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.”  She also led a women’s movement in Liberia that helped to end the Civil War in 2003, dealing raising her children and dealing with her own challenges.

I think she has the right idea in about unlocking the potential of women across the world, and that scares the bejeebers out of the men in power — and they are right to be afraid.  Any man with sense knows that if you piss us off, we will eventually forgive, but we will never forget.

We are pissed.

UNICEF describes that gender equality “means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike.”

This statement is quite reasonable to me, but the powers that be don’t agree.  I know we women are up for this fight, and we will finish it because we are so over this “war on women,” no matter what part of the world it’s taking place.

Men?  You have wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and daughters — are you with us?  You know we won’t forget if you’re not.   🙂

This is our daily open thread — Have you bitten the head off a chocolate bunny today?

67 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Leymah Gbowee: Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls

  1. Mornin’ everybody and Happy Easter!

    I’m watching Hardball Weekend, and a guy named Evan Thomas just said to connect with voters, Romney has to be ‘relatable’, and you’re going to see a lot more of Romney ‘telling his life story’. Yeah, that’ll make him relatable to the members of the lucky sperm club, whose life story consists of growing up in the lap of luxury.
    He made his money at Bain Capital, because loopholes in tax and accounting law allow a company to be acquired, and shift the debt of acquisition onto the ledger of the acquired company, but allow the acquiring company to loot the accounts and hollow out the assets, and leave creditors and employees with nothing. That’s how the company that laid me off in 2009 did it. They bought a smaller competitior, ran them a few years, then closed it after they made back what they had risked. They didn’t lose money, and they shut down a competitor as well.

    • If Rmoney actually does make to the Whitehouse thanks to Diebold, what’s he going to do?
      Sell off the states that don’t make enough?
      Merge them with other states and then gut them?

      • More like sell off the national parks and forests, give away gas and oil leases, privatize social security and education and roads and bridges and just about everything else the gubbermint does.

  2. Okay, so the National Review Online readers are extremely disappointed that Rich Lowry fired John Derbyshire. And they don’t like the fact that Lowry shut off the comments on the post announcing the firing. So the readers took to another guy’s posts (about economics) to complain. What’s ironic is not only the overt support of the overt racist, Derbyshire, but the ad on the right-hand sidebar announcing a post-election cruise with National Review writers, including number 31, John Derbyshire.

    In case the ad doesn’t come up, here’s a link to their site for signing up for the cruise

  3. Happy Easter morning everyone, the sun came up over Timber Peak, beaming white upon the pelicans as they went about their fishy business.

    My last day of sabbatical before going back to work, it’s been an interesting time.

    I’ll ask a pardon for any feathers I may have ruffled with my satirical irreverences for the traditions of the day, and in the spirit of renewal and rebirth wish the world a view of peace and harmony.

    Jesus of Nazareth said: “Ye must be born again”.
    I believe this to be a necessary pursuit, in that consciousness can only evolve in an awareness that there is always a need for letting go of what doesn’t work, and doing more of what does.

    • Bob Corker.
      Holy crap is that guy dirty.
      She’s got a long row to hoe.
      That creep is going pull every trick there is and the money is there for him to do it.

  4. Were your questions directed at me Queen Z? 😉
    I’ve always had the ladies back, sotospeak. Raised by three women, I’ve was fully indocrinated at an early age with the wisdom of feminist ideals, and goals. They were, and always will be my mentors of the female perspective. Happy Bunny Day to all.

      • My damn internet provider is being stupid, so I can’t read the comments sections or check my email, and other things. Why they feel they have to protect me from places I’ve been going for years now is beyond me.

  5. Happy Easter everyone. Big old Ham waiting to be devoured later on.

    I know there’s not many golf fans here but any sports fan has to love it when something extraordinary happens. Louis Oosthuizen, a South African, has made an albatross! A rare feat at any time, and rarer still at major golf events. For the uninitiated, an albatross is 3 under par on one hole. His second shot on the par 5 second hole hit the front of the green and rolled all the way to the back right and smack dab into the hole for a 2!!! Unbelievable. Only one other albatross has been made at the Masters – in 1935. He takes the lead with the shot, but there is a long way to go.

    • I think it was. I started reading TP 2005? and didn’t comment just lurked. Actually it was (Mr.) (Dr.) Hunt that put me over the edge, and I began to comment from time to time. Then stopped for awhile because I joined Pete’s boycotts, and had nothing to add. Then Queen Z invited me over to here. Blame her.

  6. I’ve decided, in keeping with the spirit of this particular holiday season, to drop the Happy Easter crap as I change the name of the day from Easter to Good Sunday. It’s a good fit, first because as I walked my seven miles today I met very few cars, and second, there were hardly any golfers out to yell FORE at me simply because they can’t hit straight when I’m walking on the road alongside the 17th and 18th holes of the local C.C.

    Plus, the snow has all melted, things are greening up quickly, flowers are out, the temp was perfect, and there was NO WIND! So, to all, Happy Good Sunday!

    Oh, and when it comes to women’s issues, I’ve been called a “Feminazi” by certain wingnut acquaintances and family members; I consider such an “epithet” directed at me to be a great honor.

    • I like Happy Good Sunday frugal, for all the reasons you’ve given (no cars, no noisy campers) and because I finished my taxes, finding out I will get a sizable refund instead of having to pay as I had anticipated.
      Party like it’s 1955!

  7. My family cheerfully posted “He is risen” on their FB pages. I exercised more restraint than is normal for me, and did NOT say, “Pilsbury doughboy! That yeasty devil!”

  8. Oh yes, I do, I’m ready for the women to take the keys to the car anytime…. please take them…. we’ve had them way too long and look what we’ve done to the car.

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