The Watering Hole: April 9 — Texts from Hillary

The coolest internet meme out there these days is “Texts from Hillary.”  i guess that’s what happens when you’re a truly awesome Secretary of State, looking elegant on your big ole airplane in your sunglasses.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — How would you caption a “Text from Hillary?”

103 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 9 — Texts from Hillary

  1. U.S. Senator Tip: Avoid calling the President ‘dumb’, when your name is Grassley and you’re from Iowa.
    Srsly, Obama could school Greassly on all things Constitutional.

  2. Gingrich all but quits presidential campaign | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

    This week, Newt Gingrich will hold events in North Carolina, New York, Delaware and Missouri as he maintains a packed 2012 campaign schedule. But the former House speaker’s activity belies what is quickly becoming the certain end of his presidential bid.
    Asked by “Fox News Sunday” host Brit Hume Sunday if he’s resigned to the idea of Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, Gingrich flatly agreed. “Well, I think you have to be realistic, given the size of his organization, given the number of primaries he’s won. He is far and away the most likely Republican nominee,” Gingrich said, adding a preemptive endorsement. “And if he does get to 1,144 delegates, I’ll support him. I’ll do everything I can this fall to help him defeat Obama.”

    • Newt’s idea of helping Romney will be sitting on a yacht in the Mediterranean. The last thing that Newtie’s gonna do is help Romney. Unless Newt’s staying in the race is what he’s doing now to help Mittens in order to keep Satorum from getting the nomination by winning more primaries.

  3. Only on Fox… would they take Easter as a chance to bash Jefferson (who was a founding father, but not one the righties seem to like much), and find some scholar who sees the laws of the universe (which constrained Jefferson in believing in a divine power) as some proof that there is god (aka Intelligent Design). And only on Fox would they somehow find it ironic that someone who they consider to not be of the proper level of faith would seek to guarantee Religious freedom for all. They clearly miss the point of Jefferson’s era, the founding fathers, and the separation of church and state.

    Jefferson’s View Of The Resurrection Was Not So Divine | Fox News

    America’s First Amendment guarantees millions of Christians the right this weekend to boldly celebrate their faith’s holiest day of the year, Easter, when Scriptures say Jesus rose from the dead. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is foundational to Christianity.

    But ironically, a man and future president who worked to safeguard religious freedom, Thomas Jefferson, could only believe in an earthly Jesus. Jefferson, the third U.S. president and principle author of the Declaration of Independence, created his own version of the Bible, now on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History.

    • Jefferson…created his own version of the Bible, now on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History.

      Douay; St. James; New International Version; New American Standard (NAS); American Standard Version (ASV).
      All figments of someones imagination..
      how can they dis Jefferson for his own interpretation/version?

      • Well there is a version of Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace where Jar Jar Binks is edited completely out …. to use the Fox Straw Man meme ‘*many people* consider it superior to Lucas’ original’

    • Well, IF there had ever been a resurrection and/or a son of God to begin with, or a God at all, for that matter, then maybe they’d have something worth talking about. As it stands today, the only real bone I have to pick with TJ and his first amendment is that he didn’t specifically guarantee, in terse lingo, (a) ABSOLUTE, TOTAL, AND COMPLETE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE — in those non-minceable words so there would never be any room for question — and, (b) absolute and total freedom FROM religion. Seems to me that while I agree that people who want to believe in any sort of god myth should and do have that right, I even more firmly believe that those of us who care not a whit for supernatural mythology have the right to live lives totally and completely free from the imposition(s) of said mythology. Wish TJ would have been a little more direct, i.o.w., in his first amendment language (and the second as well, for that matter. Probably all of the B.O.R., in fact.)

    • A dangerous addiction.
      It starts out innocuously enough.
      First, you find you’re running to “Joanns” for that shade of thread that can’t be matched.
      Then you need more diversified machinery.
      Bernina sewing machines, several of them.
      Surgers and so forth.
      Cutting tables for fabric etc.
      A loss of a sense of time creeps in.
      An entire room is added to the house with your son adding an extra electrical panel with several dedicated circuits because circuit breakers are blowing several times a day.
      People leave bags of fabric on your doorstep like orphans.
      Then, all of a sudden you’re a famous local artist and galleries ask you to display your work.
      This is the road you are going down.
      Just want you to be aware.
      There’s no turning back.

  4. As Krugman points out, it’s one thing to be a self-described centrist, above the partisan fray; it’s another to simply be so wishy-washy as to be unable to take a stand.

    The Gullible Center –

    Well, ask yourself the following: What does it mean to be a centrist, anyway?
    It could mean supporting politicians who actually are relatively nonideological, who are willing, for example, to seek Democratic support for health reforms originally devised by Republicans, to support deficit-reduction plans that rely on both spending cuts and revenue increases. And by that standard, centrists should be lavishing praise on the leading politician who best fits that description — a fellow named Barack Obama.
    But the “centrists” who weigh in on policy debates are playing a different game. Their self-image, and to a large extent their professional selling point, depends on posing as high-minded types standing between the partisan extremes, bringing together reasonable people from both parties — even if these reasonable people don’t actually exist. And this leaves them unable either to admit how moderate Mr. Obama is or to acknowledge the more or less universal extremism of his opponents on the right.

    • I am a non-violent person, but sometimes when I’m in the garden I will pick up a rock that just feels so perfect in my hand that I want to slip up and whack a guy like this right on top of the head. It’s not like he’s really using his brain for anything.

      • I’ve never attacked another person in my life but I don’t think some of these freaks would survive a ride in an elevator with me. I probably wouldn’t kill them but I think I would enjoy punching them in the throat and watching them gasp for air.

        • pete, the “best weapon” would be for three or four women to step on the elevator with this misogynist.
          Raising no weapon or fist he’d brown his shorts wondering when the “beat down” would begin. (There would be none. The mere idea of women that close to him would be frightening)

          • True. But would he even have the guts to get in an elevator with a group of women? He strikes me as the type who takes great effort to avoid any situation where he might feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

    • And where, pray tell, does this twit think that all those little lawyers come from? Certainly not from females who had a career before birthing the little darlings.
      Margaret Atwood had such a handle on how these smug turds think; re-reading A Handmaid’s Tale is just about as chilling as re-reading 1984.

  5. On a completely different tack:

    Since it’s been too windy to fly my new model glider I’ve been learning how to paint foam. The fuselage and tail are done, look pretty darn good, and I only added about 10 grams to the weight. If any of you are in need of advice to get a shiny paint job on foam? Just ask and I’ll ramble on for hours.

    On a funny side note: Apparently, Home Depot is required to ask thoise who purchase spary paint if they are over 18. When the gal asked me if I was old enough to but spray paint I said, “I think I have socks that are old enough to buy spray paint”. A hearty laugh was shared by all!

      • Playing the video does show all four off the ground.

        In 1877, Muybridge settled Stanford’s question with a single photographic negative showing his Standardbred trotting horse Occident airborne at the trot.

  6. Well, the bright idea to use some fabric I’ve had hanging around for about 100 years turned out badly.

    I’ve long forgotten what it was made of, but it now looks like I ironed it with an accordian. Not exactly what I was aiming for. Boo.

      • Ha! That reminds me of the first time Zoo Jr ever saw one of those polka music box sets commericials with the polka dancers on TV. He was transfixed, and when it was over he said, “Is that some sort of Saturday Night Live joke?”

        My mom almost choked herself, she was laughing so hard.

    • But it’s going to get below freezing where I’m at tonight. That’s proof that there’s no global warming.

      Ugh, I really don’t get how righties can really use that sort of argument.

      • I don’t know why Mother Nature is punishing me. It’s been too windy to fly my new model glider and, now that the wind has shifted a few degrees to the north, it’s even too windy to paint the damned thing. Oh well, at least it will force me to be extra diligent in my sanding.

        (NOTE: Spray polyurethane tastes awful and burns the eyes and nose.)

        • (NOTE: Spray polyurethane tastes awful and burns the eyes and nose.)

          Safety first, pete. Mask and goggles, sir, will prevent such things.

          • Back in my fledgling days in the hobby we used to cover the planes with silk and then applied about 70 coats of dope. That stuff would really mess you up. Then they invented colored mylar that one would apply with a iron and a heat gun. Much easier, better looking, and one could cover a plane in a closed room with zero danger. Now, since they make most planes out of foam I have to relearn my atrophied painting skills. Actually, one can just leave them unpainted and apply the cheesy decals, or depend on factory paint jobs, but I like the shiny surface. The bare foam just looks like a cheap toy.

  7. Just a quick “Hi” to fellow old school TP’ers and current Zoo aficionados. I’ve missed you all! Current circumstances have prevented me from posting periodically like I used to, but you are still in my liberal heart!

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