Sunday Roast: Fatal crashes increase around April 15

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According to an article in Time, a research study by Dr. Donald Redelmeier of the University of Toronto shows that fatal car crashes increase about 6% on and around tax day.

Examining 30 years of road crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, researchers led by Dr. Donald Redelmeier of the University of Toronto compared the number of fatal car accidents occurring on tax day (April 15 or whichever weekday that taxes are due), one week before and one week later. Their results show that 19,541 people were involved in fatal crashes on the 30 tax days — that’s 404, or 6%, more than on the non-tax days the researchers studied.

The study posits various possible causes, such as fatigue, stress, and distraction, but doesn’t mention the one cause I thought of first:  Suicide. 

I guess we can’t really know a driver’s intentions regarding suicide, unless they leave a note or proclaim on the way out the door, “There are only two sure things in life — death and taxes — and they can’t get taxes out of the dead.”  Well, they can, but that kind of ruins the drama of the moment. 

I also wonder if such crashes could be attributed to drivers be distracted by enjoyment sunny Spring days, and looking at bright yellow daffodils after a long gray winter. 

I’m not saying the study is bogus, after all they did look at 30 years worth of data, this is just the way my brain works.  Or not…

Like it says in the article, being stressed out sometimes causes us to forget basic safety precautions, so be careful out there.

This is our daily open thread — Got your taxes done?  Tomorrow’s the day!