The Watering Hole, Monday, April 16th, 2012: Mixed Bag-o-News

For today’s offering, I give you a selection of the stories whose headlines drew my attention from various sources.

First up, from “Save the Cato Institute, Save the World?”, a piece by Justin Logan regarding the continuing saga of the Koch Brothers vs CATO’s President Ed Crane.

Still at in the wake of Rick Santorum’s announcement that he was (finally) bowing out of the Presidential race, Joshua Keating reminisces about five of Santorum’s foreign policy gaffes in his post “Our Favorite Rick Santorum Moments.” (Keating and I agree that the ‘Dutch Euthanasia’ story was #1.)

On to here, the headline “Gillespie: Romney’s Social Stances Won’t Alienate Women” caught my eye. As I started reading the article, I was puzzled by the fact that Romney had hired Ed Gillespie, who, with Karl Rove, ran the American Crossroads Super-PAC and Crossroads GPS. This puzzlement led me to: where their April 5th, 2012, headline read “Mitt Romney Hires GOP Super-PAC Guru and Ex-Corporate Lobbyist.” I was glad to see that Mother Jones questioned the co-mingling of SuperPAC and candidate. Shouldn’t that be against even the Citizens United ruling?

Another bright shiny object from Mother Jones: “Mitt Romney Courts Big Tin Foil” – who could resist a headline like that? I haven’t delved into this one myself yet, but it sounds promising.

And lastly, from (under the category “World Opinion”): “5 Curious Titanic Stories You May Have Missed,” the first ‘curious’ story being the fact that too many younger “Titanic” moviegoers did not realize that the movie was based on an historical event. (facepalm)


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79 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, April 16th, 2012: Mixed Bag-o-News

  1. David Stockton – budget director for Reagan, on Real Time Friday night:

    “Frankly, we’ve been in a recession for 12 years. We have this monthly back and forth and everybody focuses on the numbers – the fact is that in March we had 132.5 million jobs in this country; the same number as April 2000. So we have basically been going up the hill and down the hill. We’ve had an economy that’s failing; is not generating middle class incomes – middle class jobs. We have a Fed that gives free money to Wall Street speculators – the stock market is up 100% and there are fewer jobs today than there were in March 2009.

    April 2000. Those tax cuts for the ‘job creators ought to be kickin’ in and creating great jobs pretty soon. Right?

    • Yes. The job creators seem to be doing quite well, financially. Maybe they can and will eventually get around to using all that largesse from the otherwise evil ‘gubmint’ to actually uphold their mythology and ‘create’ some jobs?

      Nah, ain’t no margin in that. Not when you got all you need to finance your next ten lifetimes.

    • Stockton is right – everything about the economy is worse today for the average Amurkan than it was in April 2000.

    • He was caught on mike over the weekend saying…
      “I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go,” Romney said. ”
      Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later.” He said he’d cut the Education Department, though not eliminate it entirely, referring again to that 1994 Senate defeat. “The Department of Education: I will either consolidate with another agency, or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller. I’m not going to get rid of it entirely.” Romney also identified specific loopholes and deductions that he’s eliminate to finance his across-the-board tax cut. “I’m going to probably eliminate for high income people the second home mortgage deduction,” Romney said, per Haake, adding that he would also likely eliminate deductions for state income and property taxes as well.

      So the middle class gets screwed again, whilst the second home mortgage deduction impact on the 1% is nil…

      • After all, they’ll need a Dept. of Education to hand out federal vouchers so the 1% can send their kids to private schools.

  2. The Neocon view of the Obama foreign policy: ‘What, no more war? Why, you lousy …”

    Events do not wait as Obama plays a delay defense

    by Jackson Diehl, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Washington Post

    Excerpt, on N. Korea:

    Obama’s delay defense can be dated to Feb. 29, when the State Department announced a bargain to trade 240,000 tons of food for a pledge by North Korea to freeze its missile and nuclear weapons programs. Diplomats talked up the dubious possibility that Pyongyang was ready to make peace with the outside world. But the more pragmatic objective was obvious: a few months of peace and quiet.

    That brings us to the weakness with Obama’s strategy: It hands control over events to the likes of 28-year-old Kim Jong Eun. Sure enough, the reprieve Obama thought he had purchased in north Asia expired after only 16 days, when North Korea announced the long-range rocket launch that took place early Friday. The agreement turned out to be a trap. Now that the Obama administration has withdrawn the promised food aid, the regime will have a cue to carry out the nuclear weapons test that many experts are now expecting.

    Diehl is similarly upset that the US is apparently not interested in going to war in Syria, or with Iran, or with the Palestinians, even with Russia. I mean imagine the horror: a peacemonger in the White House. Oh noes. How awful. No more wars? Try for peace instead? How ‘un-American’ can things get?

    • “I was glad to see that Mother Jones questioned the co-mingling of SuperPAC and candidate. Shouldn’t that be against even the Citizens United ruling?”

      Of course it is. And of course the R’s are going to ignore it. And when called on the BS, they’ll retort… What? Us? in violation? Nawww…Can’t be..

  3. The amount of negative publicity for the Koch-roaches is increasing I think. First the Cato institute takeover now more discussion on SuperPAC funding. Still nothing yet on the Koch-suckers stake in the Keystone pipeline, though.

  4. I just found out that Ann Romney’s youngest is 30. While raising sons is hard work, this woman hasn’t had a job doing that for a long time.

  5. According to the Rude Pundit article Terry linked to, Ann Romney has MS, and is a breast cancer survivor. Still doesn’t make her any kind of source for how the 99% deal with the economy. I doubt her rich friends are any better either.

    • All the more reason to understand she lives in a fantasy world. Either of those issues would create an incredible burden and under any but the most pampered circumstances cause one to realize just how fragile a person’s life really is. I have known too many hard working middle class types who have had to deal with those problems and had to fight just to keep their heads above water.

    • In a post at C&L, Ann Romney said they sold AMC stock to pay the bills early in their marriage. Bought at $6 a share, they were selling it at $96 a share during that time. I hope all the voters get to know all these tidbits about the Romneys.

    • Does the article mention when the MS really kicked in? My boss, for example, wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his 40s, but my ex was diagnosed in her early 20s. Other than the initial symptoms, which subsequently disappeared, she wasn’t disabled until well into her 30s. Ann Rmoney may not have been severely affected until her kids were effectively raised–not to mention whatever support they could afford to buy.

      I’m sorry, but Mrs. Two Cadillac I’m Not Wealthy Rmoney can stuff it.

  6. From the thread at TP, Romney claims in his book, that children of ‘non-working parents’ will be conditioned to have ‘an indolent and unproductive life’. I’ve got two stepsons leading such a life, and we worked our butts off while they were growing up. I don’t think Romney has a clue what motivates people.

    • Rmoney is clueless about life. It must be difficult not to make and keep a stand on issues. He’s never sure from one day to the next where his stance on an issue was the day before.

      • He knows that the “librul media” won’t point it out so anyone who get’s their “news” from the TV won’t ever realize that he’s never said anything he didn’t contradict.

    • So working outside the home builds character in women? And otherwise it leads to an indolent and unproductive life? How deep do you think the hole needs to be there, Willard? Or do you think it is nice to call your sweetums indolent and unproductive?

  7. The filthy repiggies have blocked the Buffett rule, like we knew they would.

    Millionaires hug their money a little more tightly this evening…

    • (the article states she was there all of 30 min.)

      From that same page:

      Hillary Clinton parties in Colombia: Photos of dancing, beer-slugging secretary of state cause stir

      And look who defends:

      “Front page picture of ‘Swillary’ Clinton is brutally unfair,” Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush and current CNN analyst, wrote on Twitter. “She drank a beer at a summit meeting event. So what?”

    • One must remember that most people don’t seek out news. They just absorb what they see on the TV, if anything, and probably tune out everything but sports and weather. These passive “news” watchers will never hear that Mittens is a pandering freak who has directly contradicted virtually every policy position he’s ever mentioned. They will never hear that he likes to fire people so much that his corporation has sent thousands of jobs off shore or eliminated them entirely. They will never hear his attacks on anyone who isn’t as fabulously wealthy as he is. They will never hear his flips and flops. And they most certainly won’t ever hear anyone call him a liar. They will, however, hear the political ads calling President Obama a Marxist radical and worse, because those ads play during American Idol, and the amount of money available for those ads is infinite and unaccounted for.

    • Seriously not. These polls fail to discriminate between states that Obama will carry, states Romney might carry, and states that are in play. The states that are in play include NH, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, OH, IN, MO, IA, ND, SD, MT, CO, AZ, and possibly TX. When you look at the electoral votes that Obama already has almost certainly locked up, he only needs 17 more from the above collection to win, while Romney needs something like 145. (If TX really is in play, then Romney needs something like 183.)

      If you look at the color map across the US, you see no real red spots and no real blue spots. Rather, you see a purple smear across the board. But that is not how the presidency is won. The reason news organizations and their pimps will keep pushing this “neck and neck” meme is because they don’t want the viewers to get board and switch channels. For myself, I’ve been predicting for a while that it is going to be a blood-bath in favor of the Democratic ticket.

      (The above analysis I owe to a friend and academic colleague.)

      • Gary, I’m seeing a similar prediction on Eliot Spitzer.
        They are crediting Obama with 242 ‘locked up’, and Romney 188. The states they show ‘in play’ are Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5), Iowa (6), Ohio (18), New Hampshire (3), Virginia (13), North Carolina (15) and Florida (29).

  8. Even though I’m feeling yucky sicko today, I managed to get 8 tea wallets cut out and prepped, and two of them completed. I’ll get the rest of them done tomorrow, and then I’ll put up a picture.

    Mother’s Day approaches!!

    • Do you have any upcoming craft fairs you could show your bags at? Mother’s Day weekend we were always at the Prater’s Mill Country Fair near Dalton, Georgia, with my mother in law’s stoneware pottery, and that kind of kicked off the craft show season for her.

    • Right, the dog loved it so much that he shit himself, and the Romneys are such loving pet owners that they hosed down a sick dog and then stuck him back in the crate so he could get chilled in the wind.

      Holy shit, these people are unbelievable. Keep talking!!!

    • “So [Obama]he’s going to try to make this campaign about the fact that I’ve been successful, that I’ve made a lot of money,” he [Romney] said.”

      Mittens, it’s really about HOW you made a lot of money, and WHERE you have it stashed to avoid paying taxes. And that’s why you refuse to release your tax returns.

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