The Watering Hole, Wednesday, April 25, 2012: ???


Good Morning, fellow Zoosters.

Is it Wednesday already?

I got nuttin… got a little swamped yesterday. Is Newt stil in it to win it? How did Mr. Etch a Sketch do in yesterday’s primaries? Why is it predominantly small Red states get to pick our Presidential candidates? By the time primaries come around to New York and California, all the good candidates have dropped out. (Not that there was any “good” Republican candidates this time around – Huntsman was barely passable as “good” but then he started moving to the Reich as well.)

If Romney is elected, will he impose Mormon Law on us?



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    • A great treat to read you this morning, CheeseFlap.
      And the dessert: a tribute to Pound!

      • Thanks!

        Ideally you actually take multiple shots and over expose one (or more), under expose one (or more) and by variously amounts of over/under. And then you take one at normal exposure. This is called bracketing. Then you merge all the shots back together any software that can do HDR (High Dynamic Range); which combines the best of all, without shadows being totally black; and without highlights being totally white.

        You can fake it with a single image as it can often be pushed to 2 stops of over/under exposure. You simply make two copies of the original. Then using a tool that can fiddle with exposure (think brightness) make one brighter and one darker. Now you have your three images to merge back into a single.

        It’s a technique, like many for getting a little more out of an image. It’s great for things that have a wide range from dark to light, and a single shot isn’t always going to be able to capture all that detail. And, it can also be overdone; sometimes to dramatic effects and sometimes to the point that it looks artificial. (Everyone has a different idea of when that line gets crossed; but art is subjective.)

        Here are some beautiful examples of HDR done well (although I’ll admit there are a couple in there that I think may be a bit too far; against it’s subjective).

        • And I’d add, that HDR is not just a digital technique. Dodging and Burning were techniques to lighten/darken select parts of an image in the dark room that achieved similar effects. Ansel Adams was a big user of the dodge and burn technique.

          • I find the results tend toward surrealism; others would argue it’s some sort of hyper-realism. A little of the technique goes a long way and it’s easy to go overboard on it. Sometime’s it’s intentional to go extreme; as was my case in the photo I posted. It’s an extreme building, and I felt it needed some extreme post processing.

            • I think “surreal” is a better word. Some of that is good, and then I start wondering what the “real picture” looked like.

              Your treatment of the photo is appropriate for such an odd building.

            • I think “surreal” is a better word. Some of that is good, and then I start wondering what the “real picture” looked like.
              Your treatment of the photo is appropriate for such an odd building.

              Thanks Z. 🙂

              It’s just another tool. I try to use it sparingly, but sometimes you need to.

  1. Tweet of the Morning:

    @gingrichideas: Suspend my campaign in a cryogenic chamber so it lasts forever.

  2. Btw, can you srsly see Romney slow-jamming the news?

    Obama just has resilient charisma.

  3. The news seesm to be being generated in the Uk this week at the Leveson Inquiry into News Corp and phone-hacking.

    Now the lobbying by Murdoch of the British minister responsible for deciding a key Sky TV (another Murdoch company) deal is in the open. Read on to see how this widening case of corruption, crony politics and the life and times of the 1% unfolds. And how might this all impact the drive for full Scottish independence from the UK?

    Of course how this pandemic of corruption finds its way to the US is still to be resolved … but I noticed that even Mad Cow Disease has made the leap across the Atlantic…

    • …. for janitor at the Greyhound Bus Station in B***f***sville, Georgia.

      There, I completed it for you Newt.

    • “Listen to the Generals” isn’t that a U.S. repub cry?
      Well, Net listen to your Genreal.

  4. About last night…

    “Romney won only 56 percent of the vote in Delaware and 58 percent in Pennsylvania, home to Rick Santorum who dropped out on April 10th. While Romney avoided the embarrassment of winning with a mere plurality, never has a presumptive nominee won a primary contest with such a low level of support at this stage of the race with his chief challenger no longer actively campaigning…”

    • Rmoney got these percentages of the votes cast. Now factor in the turnout which I think Cats said in her district in PA was maybe 15% of registered Republicans. As Buddy Ebsen was wont to say…pitiful, jes pitiful.

      • Hooda – there was only about an 11% turnout total Dems and Repubs in my precinct. This is a precinct that normally has a 35% turnout in primaries and 80% turnout in the general election. There is no excitement for Romney. Santorum (no longer in the race but still on the ballot) and Paul received 35% of the Repub vote in my precinct. PA has a closed primary which really sucks.

  5. Wouldn’t you just want to curl up into a ball and hide?

    Obama attacked … by yogurt

    “I’m very embarrassed,” she replied.Obama joked about the incident later during a speech at the University of Colorado, including a reference to the embattled Secret Service.”A woman got very excited and spilled yogurt on me,” Obama said.”Hazardously, she spilled yogurt on the Secret Service,” he added. “The agent just stood there … looking at her.”

    • We’re not allowed to discuss the Mormon issue but we can still bring up Rev. Wright. Odd.

    • Reichwing reBUTTal;

      Your vagina was given to you by Gawd for the sole purpose of procreating with your married male husband.
      No pleasure should be generated from this act, only a dutiful committment to bear children as Gawd’s plan intended.
      Even before you concieve, your eggs are potential life and are therefore also
      Gawd’s property.
      Praze Gawd.

    • Shhhh… Don’t give them any ideas…. they might want to license the darn thing…

      • Or worse – female circumcision is common in north Africa and I saw some recent news about it going on in London!

        • I wouldn’t be surprised that that would be the GOPers next step… prevent women from enjoying sex and they won’t want to have sex… the problem with that is that fundies will still want to have sex with these women and without protection — so they end up preggers anyway.

    • Woah! Failure to properly display one’s yacht registration! And he gets hauled in for sassing the officer!
      Typical rich boy shit.
      Chatsworth Osborne Jr, anyone?

      • I wonder if he used the rich person’s cliche’ line: “Don’t you know WHO I am?”

        • While working as a Network Administrator for Bank of Montreal (in Chicago) I “replied all” to an email about network and security issues in which I pointed out that caution was required because allowing a virus into the computer systems was literally actionable by the company. I forget now the details (this is over 15 years ago) but I regretted at the time the specific form in which I phrased my remark, given that it was not to a specific individual. Sure enough, I got a phone call from Canada a day or two later from this individual who indignantly demanded to know if I “knew who he was.” (Fuck you, I thought) and said, “No, do you know who *I* am?” I replied.

          When I got nuthin’ my natural response is to escalate (since I can’t lose any more.) Canadian executive did a staggering few paces backward on the phone and admitted that he did not. I then proceeded to point out that that made us equals. A bit of conversation later and he understood the nature of my remark, while I still realized he was a jackass. Nothing further came of the conversation other than my smug and unsought for knowledge that I’d just beat the punk at his own damned game, and he knew I had but couldn’t fault me for it.

          • I can honestly say that no one has ever said that to me…nor have I used those words to anyone… but Now I know the perfect response. 🙂

    • He wanted is grandkids to call him “Ike” in honor of his favorite president.
      What the hell was that all about?

  6. The Axis of Stupid at the Fox Morning show are slamming Obama for his Fallon appearance.

    Calling it “nutso” I wonder what they thought of Nixon’s “sock it to me” appearance on Laugh-In.

    • It’s surprising the amount of sheer envy isn’t turning their entire studio complex green.

    • I suspect it has something to do with the fact he can be President of the US and be a human being capable of appearing on national TV without looking like a dork. This is something Republicans have tried to do but have never managed to get the stick out of their ass.

    • Yet it’s perfectly OK for Fox to provide hundreds of hours for Repubs to campaign on their decidedly non-news programming.

    • “Why he’s waiting for six more days?”

      — Maybe Callista wants “coverage” from a Secret Service agent.

  7. From the “they’re as crazy as they are dishonest” file:

    Dick Morris really laid it on thick. He claims that the “librul media” is going too easy on President Obama to compensate for being too critical of the Iraq war. The fact, of course, is that a functional media, much less a “librul” one, would have been critical before Bushco invaded a country that HAD DONE US NO HARM AND HAD NO CAPACITY TO HARM US. We who live in the cause and effect universe can even make a strong case that the invasion of Iraq is the worst crime this country has ever committed and the whole damn bunch of fascists who made it happen should be in a cell or a grave because of their war crimes.

    Fuck it! I’m going out flying for the rest of the afternoon.

    • If the liberal media was really liberal, they would remind everyone anytime that Dick Morris voiced an opinion that he was ousted from the Clinton White House for sucking on the toes of prostitutes…

    • I’m wondering if living in that alternate universe might not be a bad idea! “Opposite day”!

        • That sweet looking bird is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron!
          (do you think it may have been the inspiration for the “punk-rock” look?)

  8. Another rough day for Solicitor General Don Verrilli. Did this guy just step out of an episode of J.A.G.?

    • That must be the amateurs… the real planning started weeks before the election when it was clear (to the insiders who have access to better polling data) that Obama was going to win.

  9. I wish I was the one that thought this one up.
    Well, not really but it is still funny.

    “Having Mitt Romney at your cocktail party is the social equivalent of two people not turning up”.

    • The GOP has been trying to create a Pavlovian hate for Obama since the beginning. Then all they had to do was put up just about any candidate as long as he/she was sort of likeable.

      And then Romney happened. A cross between Godon Gecko and a used car salesman, with more gaffes than Palin and Biden combines, and more positions than there are actual issues. Generates an “oooo, ick” reaction in just about every key demographic.

  10. Well? That’s better. I flew both the planes. I attracted an admiring crowd, chased a vulture around with the glider, and got a good start on my summer tan. I think I’ll take a couple days off from politics. I don’t get headaches when I don’t grind my teeth!

  11. Colbert unloads on Cardinal Dolan at the TIME 100 event:

    “Also, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke is here tonight. Also an instant, instant feminist icon. Famously tested, testified before Congress, that Georgetown, a Catholic institution,should be required to provide insurance coverage for her birth control.

    Now, TIME 100 honoree, his eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan disagrees—sir, lovely to see you again.

    Of course, now some, some critics have said in response to this that if the Catholic church’s insurance does not cover Sandra Fluke’s birth control, it shouldn’t cover Cardinal Dolan’s Viagra.

    Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, no, no, that’s called celibacy plus. That’s how the pros do it. Because chastity is one thing, but it shows true commitment to uphold your vows when you are sporting a crook you could hang a lighter on. Oh, wow, see you at mass on Sunday, sir?

    I hope he doesn’t become Pope.

    I’m a Catholic, it’s okay. I go to confession, it will be fine. Thank you.”

  12. Obama-hating Boston Bruin goalie Tim Thomas surrenders the series game #7 winning goal in overtime.

    Bonus: it was against the Washington Capitals.

    Double bonus: the goal was scored by Joel Ward — the only black man on either team.

    • I managed a restaurant that was popular with the local sports teams and was occasionally forced to cover the bar tending duties. The football players were nice guys. The baseball players were actually fun. The hockey players were loud, obnoxious, insufferable drunks who even treated their worshipers like shit.

  13. Busy day! Finally managed to make a handbag that I can put in the shop. It’s been a bit of a dry spell. While I was busy, I made a sale that turned into a custom order. So tomorrow I’ll be re-working one of the tea wallets to make it more perfect for the sale. 🙂

      • Well of course – it would be hard to send them a Baby Jesus Hates Your Gayness Re-education Camp wouldn’t it? Admitting it would mean that being gay is a natural state, not a sin that can be ‘cured’ by more Bible and more cilices.

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