The Watering Hole, Thursday, April 26th, 2012: Odds & Ends, From Local to National

Let’s start off local and go on from there:

First: A follow-up to my recent mention of the local lack of enthusiasm for (or knowledge about) Tuesday’s New York Republican Primary. In Putnam County, just to the south of us, about 1500 people did their civic duty, a third of the number who turned out in 2008. Surprisingly, some voters cast their ballots for both Rick Santorum and New Gingrich. All in all, about 30% chose “Not Mitt RMoney.”

Second: Fanning outward a tad, five Democrats are now vying for the opportunity to unseat U.S. Representative Nan Hayworth (R-NY19.) Although this article from the Southeast-Brewster Patch is a few months old, it’s a very informative rundown on four of the five campaigners, who had participated in a forum back in January. The issues discussed (as seen in the article), all reflect concerns that are national in scope. (Note: Wayne and I met one of the candidates, Matt Alexander, at the local Dems holiday party back in December, and had a good chat with him. Nice guy, well-spoken without being ‘slick.’)

Third: Still focused on New York State, but, again, with national implications: For at least the 5th time, a medical marijuana bill should be introduced shortly in Albany. Apparently, this particular bill, at this particular time, may have a ghost of a chance; even the Wall Street Journal seems to believe there’s a glimmer of a possiblity. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that New York becomes the 17th State (plus the District of Columbia) to legalize medical marijuana.

Next: A article regarding former President Jimmy Carter’s comments about Mitt Rmoney; in another Newsmax article, Reince Priebus tries to wax enthusiastic about Mitt RMoney and the Republican chances in November.

Finally, just for laughs: a link from Newsmax led me to this too-funny-to-be-taken-seriously video. I could only watch about five minutes of it, but I found it pretty goofy – hope you do, too.

This is our daily open thread — What’s on your mind today?

152 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, April 26th, 2012: Odds & Ends, From Local to National

  1. A riveting 90 minute documentary telling me there’s a monster under my bed.
    Heavens to Betsy! What should I do?

  2. I watched the video… I love the use of horrible tornado footage as they describe the financial meltdown. And their point that the 50’s were the last great generation. And in their little B-roll footage they show photos of Carter and Clinton as he keeps talking about how horrible our situation is, and how it’s going to get worse. lol

    Then he has a guest on who is hawking something called a Master Limited Partnership, and a company called BWP.

    Funny, they rail upon politicians who are the cause of this; they show Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Gore, Dukakis, Bush II… but no Reagan. Curious that.

    One point they do make that I do agree with is that the privatization of profits and the socialization of risk is the core problem. And it is.

    But, if you watch the whole video, a button appears where you can get a free copy of Generation 0; a free book from a guy they had on the video; and all you need to do is send them $47 for a year’s subscription to this guy’s newsletter. But if you’re not satisfied you may cancel and get a full refund, but the gifts are yours to keep. I wonder if I can substitute steak knives instead of the video?

    So… we go from it’s the end of the work, but for $47 you can survive it. lol

    Here’s the link they give at the end of the video. Watch the first few minutes if nothing else, then click on the link to see what a gimmick this is.

    • Sorry I lost my coffee when Newt, Yosemite Sam, Lou Dobbs and Dick Morris were referred to as “champions of freedom”. I have still no idea who is under my bed now.

        • True; yet, if you are true GOoPer/paranoid the non-sequitur pulls you into shelling out money for book/magazine.

          I only watched a very few minutes as it reminded me of an evangelical/700 club dire warning that gawd will strike us at any moment.

  3. I just discovered an asshole bigger than Rush Limbaugh.

    BILL WHITTLE (all caps= his legal strawman)
    He’s a smug little asshole.
    Hosts a show called afterburner.
    I guess that means he sniffs his own farts and then renders an opinion.

    • Either that or he lights his own farts on air…
      Lotsa wackos in the rw radio space, Mr Wiener snuggling right up to RushAssboil as the premier fart lighters.

    • I thought birth certificates proved that a baby is here legally. Or in the case of McCain, his parents citizenship was sufficient.

      There is so much paranoia out there coming from both the extreme right and the extreme left. Some people lack sensibility.

    • But if life begins at conception, don’t you just have to prove that you were conceived in the US to be a citizen?

  4. I couldn’t watch that video that was promoting a bunch of dumpkofts as experts. Some people live for conspiracies.

    Looks like the NY voters were just as bored with the GOPer choices as the PA voters.

  5. Regarding medical marijuana laws, we need to start pressuring Congress to change the drugs laws. Marijuana should be legal, taxed, and regulated just like alcohol. The war on drugs was a failure from the start and all it does is allow illegal gun sales, boost the power of the cartels and kill innocent people. People are already addicted to legal drugs manufactured by Big Pharma. The difference is “profits”. Big Pharma makes profits on the drugs that they manufacture and makes no money on drugs that can be grown almost anywhere. Years ago, Big Pharma wanted to patent herbs like St. John’s Wort which can be grown in common gardens. They found out that they couldn’t do that. My guess is that Big Pharma is blocking the legalization of marijuana. All the hemp used in manufacturing has to be imported from Canada or China thus raising the cost of goods. We live in a backasswards country. Gotta go get ready for work.

    • Federal marijuana laws are a carryover from the end of Prohibition. It was deeply entrenched in racism and quite probably just an excuse to prevent hemp from competing with Dupont’s products. Pretty good discussion on this at Wikipedia.

  6. Speaking of assholes. Is there anyone more annoying than Reince Priebus? Doesn’t it show the stupidity of the GOP that they make him their spokesperson?

    • I think the hilarious thing is that he has difficulty saying the word “caterpillar,” but just had to compare women to “caterpillars,” and in doing so was forced to say “caterpillars” several times. He sounded like he was sounding out words in first grade reading class.

  7. I wonder if Timmy Thomas shook Joel Ward’s hand after the Bruins lost to the Capitols last night? Karma is a bitch Timmy.

      • I see it more as a case of “I reject your reality and insist on creating one of my own”. I realize that inSeannity hates the black guy in the White House so much that he can’t control himself but his insistence that “Obama added 5 trillion dollars to the debt” while Raygun “didn’t add to the debt” raises his dishonesty to the level of pathology.

  8. vinyl & pete, in particular, others in general may find this interesting about urban birds:

    Peregrine falcons in United Air Lines hanger (sic) at SFO

    .. __works at the hanger (sic) told me that the falcons have a nest inside the hanger (sic) and they
    leave the door open for them. They keep finding bits and pieces of bones etc.-
    signs of their prey – seems they like the “friendly skies”.

    [not yet confirmed – the falcon (female) is/may be one from ’09 San Jose nest. It is becoming clearer that some birds just don’t go far for dispersal. ]

    • What needs to be emphasized is that:

      A) Conservation programs work

      B) Eliminating toxins from the environment provides measurable gain.

      C) Doing the right thing is not always painful or expensive

  9. The Scots know a total penis when they see one. And there was one in Edinburgh yesterday.

    “He (Trump) claims the turbines will ruin the environment and will be bad for tourism.

    And that was *after* Trump had raped the pristine coastline of NE Scotland. I really hate golf.

    “The (Trump’s golf) course was built on sand dunes despite protests from locals and environmentalists. The dunes, which were home to rare wading birds, were bulldozed to make way for the fairways in 2009 and 2010.”

    Seems though that the Scots laughed at him and “Sent him home, tae think again”

    • Trump is such an arrogant s.o.b. Glad the Scots can bring him down a peg or two.
      (and I hope the wind farm is fully visible from his precious golf course)

      • I’d like to see that squirrel get blown off his head by one of the turbines…

        The Scots seemed to have executed a pretty solid Scottish scam on The Donald – here – build us our new golf course and we’ll have your money and the jobs that come along with it. Oh, you expected us not assert our sovereignty by doing whatever we want with our coastline? Well f*** you Jimmy.

        Seems like Salmond gave the Donald a ‘Glasgow Kiss’ and sent him ‘haem’

      • Alex Salmond is a very canny politician. I don’t like his political philosophy, but I yet to see anyone get the better of him. I wonder if some of the sh*t flying around Rupert Murdoch will stick to him.

    • Ha. They should get rid of the turbines and put in an offshore oil rig… I’m sure that that is much prettier…

  10. ok – seems WP doesn’t like links to the SF Chronicle site. The spam bin eats them up for some reason!
    I’ll not link to it anymore.
    Please rescue my post from the bin. Thank You!

    • Maybe we can get Ann Romney to ‘unzip’ the ‘real Mitt’ and then we can get a tape measure out and just be done with it – no stupid ads, no debates, no robo-calls, no election fraud, no corporate money….. just swear in the ‘winner’ next January.

  11. Sen. Butters (Lindsey Graham) recommends “3am” barracks check or “spotcheck” for Secret Service agents on assignment overseas.

    Butters now wants the Secret Service to be treated like kids at summer camp.

  12. Ayn Rand Fanboy Paul Ryan Now Says He Rejects Ayn Rand’s Philosphy

    Perhaps finally realizing that praising the cruel, shallow philosophy of a second-rate novelist — then writing legislation which pays tribute that philosophy — isn’t a big winner in American politics, Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his partners in crime at the National Review now want us to believe he was never an Ayn Rand disciple at all.

    • Someone noticed the disconnect between Rand and the Holier Than Thou crowd? Ryan has been planning the Good Catholic card of late. Hard to square that with an ardent atheist.

    • As the election gets closer we will see much more of this. Republicans who want a shot at being elected bailing on the Tea crowd will become the norm.

    • You can take the Ayn Rand books away from the boy, but you can’t take them OUT of the boy… he has so ingrained that thought process, it’s terminal.

      • I read something today (TPM?) in which Ryan claimed he’d read the books as a kid many years ago blah blah blah — except he had been praising Rand and giving out copies of her books in the last decade. Sucks that everything politicos say and do is on record these days.

    • Wait a minute…. He’s going with Thomas Aquinas as his alternate?

      Thomas Aquinas thought that an individual should engage in charity, peace, and holiness. He saw that as the way to happiness. This is a complete flip flop from the teachings of Ayn Rand.

    • From Daily Kos:

      Catholic scholars from Georgetown University are also taking Ryan to the woodshed with their own sternly worded letter signed by a dozen Georgetown Jesuit priests and members of several departments:

      โ€œOur problem with Representative Ryan is that he claims his budget is based on Catholic social teaching,โ€ said Jesuit Father Thomas J. Reese, one of the organizers of the letter. โ€œThis is nonsense. As scholars, we want to join the Catholic bishops in pointing out that his budget has a devastating impact on programs for the poor.โ€ […]

      โ€œI am afraid that Chairman Ryanโ€™s budget reflects the values of his favorite philosopher Ayn Rand rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ,โ€ said Father Reese. โ€œSurvival of the fittest may be okay for Social Darwinists but not for followers of the gospel of compassion and love.โ€

      The signatories of the letter even gave a homework assignment: Ryan and his fellow Republicans must read the Vatican’s The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

      • Snap!

        I’ve got my problems with the Catholic Church, but I would not hesitate to work at a Catholic college or University. Ex Cordae Ecclesiae and Fide et Ratio are magnificent arguments even where they go beyond my own convictions. (Of course, they are both the products of John Paul II, rather than the ex-Nazi.)

  13. Hockey redux….

    USA Today reports: Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward, who was subjected to racial slurs on Twitter after scoring the series-winning goal against Boston on Wednesday, called the tweets “shocking to see,” but said they didn’t ruin his day.

    In a statement, the NHL said, “The racially charged comments distributed via digital media following last night’s game were ignorant and unacceptable. The people responsible for these comments have no place associating themselves with our game.”

    • No parent should ever allow their son to be in Boy Scouts. They are a hateful organization.

      I say that with regret. Girl Scouts was a totally awesome experience for me.

      • I allowed my son to be in Boy Scouts in Seattle however, we let him join after the Campfire Boys and Girls troop failed, we figured that it was Seattle, right? There wouldn’t be any prevailing attitude like this, right? We were wrong. We were really surprised with the attitude of some of the parents and I ultimately came to believe that the BS were just a proving ground for pre-military programing. We used the comments and actions of the parents as teaching moments for our values.

        But when we moved to Phoenix, it was a way for him to make new friends, so we let him stay. He ultimately achieved Eagle rank even though we had a slight issue with the “religious” aspect of belonging because we are a non-church going family.

        LL jr is 22 now. Would we let him join again? Knowing that they value discrimination like this? I don’t think we would.

        • I’m glad your son did well, in spite of the atmosphere. At least you countered the BS with teaching moments!

          My eldest was in scouts for a couple years. I wasn’t comfortable with the “Jesus people” running the group, but my son seemed to be having a good time. When he was about 10, he finally said he didn’t want to continue in Scouts. I asked why, and he said “ilm tired of the preaching.” I guess the leaders were spending a lot of time preaching the “good news” to the boys, assuming (I guess) that it was okay with the parents.

          My youngest wanted to join a Scout group in Idaho, but he lasted one meeting. I found out later that all the Scout groups in that area are run by the Mormons, and my son told me that at that first meeting, the other kids were giving him shit about not being a Mormon. He has no patience with that crap now, nor did he back then.

          Oh well!

          • Look how smart our kids are. Maybe they would grow up without prejudices if we parents would just let them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            (What? Mormons discriminate against other religions? Say it isn’t so! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

          • I didn’t even last through the first meeting. The leader was a preacher. He was a preacher first. I left when he told me I would have to learn and recite the Lord’s Prayer in order to come back for a second meeting.

            • Ugh. I don’t think I ever heard any mention of religion in my Girl Scout years. At least not some adult talking about it. I’m sure there were various prayers and such in ceremonies, which I find quite easy to ignore.

  14. Violence Against Women Act passes in the Senate

    …Passage of the Violence Against Women Act on a 68-31 vote gives momentum to the legislation, which would reauthorize more than $650 million in programs. Fifteen Republicans joined Democrats in passage. But the bill still faces hurdles in the House, where Republican leaders plan to offer an alternative proposal…

  15. Cenk is substituting for Spitzer tonight on Current’s Viewpoint. Michael Shure took over as host of The Young Turks. If Spitzer’s ratings don’t improve, I’m wondering if tonight could be a preview of a programming change. I wonder why Shuster wasn’t picked as substitute host? I thought that was why he was hired, unless he’s doing investigative reporting as a full time correspondent now.

  16. HuffPo:

    At a campaign stop in Iowa in 2007, Romney spoke about the need to “clean up the water that our kids are swimming in,” singling out “pornography, the drug culture, the violence, the sex, the perversion that bombards them day in and day out.”

    Romney continued:

    “I wanna make sure that every new computer sold in this country after I’m president has installed on it a filter to block all pornography and that parents can click that filter to make sure their kids don’t see that kinda stuff coming in on their computer.”

    — Mitt Santorum.

    • Don’t you love when politicians, even Democrats, make promises on the campaign trail that there is no way in Hell they can keep?

      I’m not at all fond of candidates who want every single thing in this country to be “safe for kids.” God, what a dull world that would be! I’m an adult, and if I want to watch pornography on my computer, who the fuck are these guys to tell me I can’t? I admit I never had children myself (and never will), but I firmly believe that parents need to take responsibility for teaching their children. I know it;s hard, and I know that your kids spend a great deal of their days outside your direct control and/or influence. but I also know that if you have a good relationship with your kids, they’ll have more respect for you and listen to you more than if you just give up and let them do what they want. We don’t need the government deciding what is and what isn’t appropriate for our children. That’s what mothers-in-law are for.

      I want to pay more attention to the kinds of things Romney and Obama promise, especially the way they phrase them. Do they make declarations like a CEO would make (as Ross Perot did) as if they were in charge of the entire government, or do they talk about how they’ll work with Congress to do things?

      • You know what’s the best way to keep kids “honest” on the internet? Keep the computer in the family (or whatever room everyone spends time). No computers in kids’ bedrooms.

        You’re right, the parenting needs to be done, not big governmental interference. It’s funny that sometimes people without kids have more sense than people with kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Children should spend more time reading the bible, because there’s no violence or sex in…. ummmm…. well, there’s no perversion, like incest or young teen girls being…. ahh… yeah… my bad.

      And I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but the tech dept. at the public school where I work told me that there is no filter that can catch everything that you want to filter out. We’ve got multiple filters, and the little darlings still manage to download porn and all sorts of “filtered” subject matter. So, I’m either ill-informed, or Mitt doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      O.k. it COULD be both. :/

            • The Cagey’s are fine. Busy, but fine. I hope that everyone here is well (I did just see about Walt…).

              The herd is up to 8 indoor and 4 outdoor cats, three racoons (one missing its tail, poor thing), 8 goldfish (…can we get some goldfish contraceptives over here, please?), and a flock of birds. We are glad that the racoons are no longer trying to eat the fish (or the plastic frog near the pond, which, for a coule of weeks, they thought was food or a threat, apparently).

            • Hello!

              Been busy working and selling some crafts on the side to pay the bills here. I am not highly competent with the computer, so this takes time, so I kinda have to have a little time to read and post (and I don’t read or post fast).

              Yeah, I dropped the “surname”. “Cagey” has kind of setled in, so I can stick with that. The full name (Cagey Cretin) is a Blue Oyster Cult song: I was posting to TP and had lost my prior tag and had a “urgent desire to post a witty retort to a troll” and had to come up with a name fast, and, heaven help me (as the phrase goes), I couldn’t come up with anything and so I just took the first song title I could think of that sounded “name-y”. Act in haste, repent at leisure. I apologize if I’m being too ‘chatty’ about it, but it has bugged me since I picked it, and I only blog here, so I feel better having explained it some. The song subject is not reflective of me (I like the song, however, being a huge BOC fan). The song is, basically, about rape — not in a ‘promoting’ way, might I add — (hence, the “cagey cretins”).

      • For some odd reason, my dad’s favorite parts of the bible seemed to be the Old Testament battles.– he made each of us kids read a bit out of the bible at dinnertime during Lent, and I remember droning on about ‘so-and-so had 10,000 foot soldiers and x-number of archers, blah blah, blah…’ There may have been some horses or camels involved. I don’t know, I’ve tried to block it all out.

        • “There may have been some horses or camels involved. I donโ€™t know, Iโ€™ve tried to block it all out.”

          I think I might have uttered that exact phrase once (or was it twice?) back in my serious drinking days. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  17. I just watched a PBS show about the Chernobyl disaster and I don’t know why this never occurred to me. One could make a very strong case that the Chernobyl disaster had more to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union than anything Raygun or Daddy Bush did. The cost crippled their economy and the sheer magnitude of the Communist Party’s duplicity, incompetence, and cronyism were impossible to counteract with mere propaganda.

  18. Fox News Now Denying Deforestation

    In a rant described by one scientist as “either incredibly ignorant” or “intentionally misleading,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld denied deforestation and distorted climate science…

    Gutfeld Tries To Disappear Americans’ Huge Carbon Footprint

    Gutfeld Claims “Americans Produce Very, Very Little CO2.” Gutfeld said, “We have to remember that Americans produce very, very little CO2. The numbers are like .0002 percent of the air. You know who produces more CO2? Termites produce 2-1/2 times amounts of CO2”. [Fox News, The Five, 4/23/12]

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