Music Night, April 27 2012: A Bit of History

I remember rock music being more provincial in the late 60s. Yes, there were national acts like the Byrds and international acts (obviously) but they were mainstream and promoted on AM radio. What was emerging was an alternative: quiet spoken dj’s playing long cuts from people you’d never heard of, on FM radio. Not much advertising because no one bought ads on FM and much more regional music. West Coast and New York did not co-exist, while a ton of great British music went largely unheard in the States.

Somehow, I got keyed in to New York’s music (and would wait decades to hear the Pink Fairies, Atomic Rooster and Stone the Crows, but that’s another story). At this time it may be hard to imagine the Velvet Underground as obscure, or knowing only the vaguest bit about Iggy & the Stooges (they had music in the Midwest?), but for me, stuck in California, this was strange and exotic stuff. Oh, and the Fuggs. And Pearls Before Swine… But I digress.

This video is a fascinating look at a brief slice of the time.

124 thoughts on “Music Night, April 27 2012: A Bit of History

  1. This video is 32 years old…in case you’ve wondered where Lady Gaga stole her entire act. Singer Dale Bozzio was an innovator, and her husband, drummer Terry Bozzio, is still considered one of the best players.

    • I can see why she didn’t dance around in that get up. Pretty racy for the time!

      I’m so glad you Zoosters post these old songs! I recognize them, but I never know the titles or who sang them. 😐

    • Madonna thinks Lady Gaga is just stealing her stuff and being “reductive.”
      But I can definitely see elements of Gaga in this. I never saw this video but I remember the song.

    • O.k., that is too weird. Literally just a couple hours ago I had an urge to see if I could find Terry Bozzio’s drum solo from Baby Snakes (Frank Zappa).
      (Our VCR is broken, so I can’t watch my bootleg Baby Snakes).

        • Thanks, Ebb. A grin and a tip o’the derby.

          For clarity: Terry didn’t play on that particular vid, and while Baby Snakes is a song (as evidenced by the… ummm… evidence above), it was also a movie consisting of songs live on stage, backstage antics, and some really twisted and freaky claymation. Terry played an awesome drum solo in the set (I found it, but it isn’t good quality video).

    • I do enjoy Missing Persons (have posted them a few times myself). And totally agree that the Lady Gaga’s of the world owe a lot to Dale. This was always one of my favorites (not well remembered) but it has a great beat, and a I like the lyrics.

      Missing Persons – Give

  2. In the late 60s, our best FM station played classical music most of the day, and jazz at night. If it wasn’t played on the one top 40 AM station, you just didn’t hear it here (unless it was country music or gospel).
    I never thought we suffered that much.
    The Rascals People-Got to be Free

  3. This is the real Iggy Pop.
    People say it’s Kabuki but there’s no way to imitate or animate Iggy
    Can’t resist reposting

  4. From across the pond, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi, and Dave Mason had this to offer… John Barleycorn. This is one of my favorite songs. I saw Traffic perform at the old Spectrum in Philadelphia. It was one more thing that I crossed off my bucket list.

  5. I’ve been trying to remember the name of a “supergroup” , early fusion jazz band. All I have come up with is two names I think may have played in it, Larry Carlton and Stanley Clark. This by Stanley Clark is pretty fun.

    The album cover was kind of Burnt Orange, and the graphics were a cream colored link of chain across the front.

    Please, anyone, help me remember!

  6. A little something Brazilian from Pink Martini. Portland, OR is so lucky to have this orchestra so close. I saw them at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. True musical perfectionist. See them if they come near you. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Oh my. My most memorable concert was seeing Fred McDowell with 16 other people in 1971 in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in a place called World Control Studios, which was really somebody’s living room. Fred sat on the stairwell and sang every request thrown at him. I was in awe. “Good Mornin’s Lil School Girl”

  7. So not quite the smooth and easy tones we’ve been mostly listening to this evening, but I heard this familiar theme on an HTC phone commercial recently. I immediately contacted a friend from college and we reminisced about the simpler times sitting in the dorm chilling out to this…

    O Superman – Laurie Anderson – as displayed in the MOMA, New York – YouTube

    Those were the days…

    I’ve got an early day tomorrow, so have a wonderful evening everyone.

      • Were you pleased with the way your part turned out? (sorry I missed it – I’ll check on line).

        The ending – 2 heads better than one? Geesh that would set me back opening and finding that!

        • Yes. I had four or five good shots of me. They didn’t CGI our faces, so there I was in all my living glory, (gawd I look old). If you do catch it online, I’m the guy in the center frame with a beige hat on. Actually the only one with a hat on. Good shot of me on the left when the crowd parts when the Grimm enters the lodge. Academy awards will give me an opportunity to express my gratitude for being offered the part, and say thanks to all the little people I stepped on to reach this pinnacle of vanity.

    • Chris Rea , one of my homeys – catching up on Champions League games I missed this week… had to send SammytheTurtle to bed as she is playing early morning tomorrow.

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