The Watering Hole, Saturday, April 28th, 2012: I Got Nothin’, So Here’s Some Skunk Kittens

Skunk Kittens!

Belz, Lissa and skunk kit
In the olden days, when I used to feed the stray cats outside on our deck, occasionally a litter of skunks would join the cats and kittens. They seemed to get along fairly well, and no one got sprayed, despite the fact that, if one of the skunk kits wanted total control of a food dish, the kit would back its butt up against the feline kittens until the feline kitten moved to another dish. I remember one time walking out the screen door with a couple of plates of food in my hands, and felt a paw grabbing at the edge of a plate – it was one of the skunk kits, standing on its hind legs next to me, apparently anxious for its dinner. Skunk kittens are almost as cute as feline kittens, and about as friendly.

Until or unless I come up with something better, this is our daily open thread — What’s on your mind today?


107 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, April 28th, 2012: I Got Nothin’, So Here’s Some Skunk Kittens

  1. Skunk kittens work for me. In your yard! πŸ˜€

    My dad used to feed raccoons in his back yard. He’d go out before daylight with the previous day’s leftovers, and the raccoons would follow him, single file, from the back door to the trough he built to put out their food.

    In ads on Current, and others, Hershey’s has a new candy bar called an Air Delight, which has as its main feature ‘airy, melty bubbles’. Who has descended so low as to believe this crap? I haven’t.

    • Last summer, we had a raccoon that would slip through the cat door and come in and eat all the dry cat food and would knock over the cat’s water fountain. In order to keep out the raccoon, we had to put a baby gate across the door. By looking at the muddy footprints left on the gate, I knew that the raccoon made an attempt to get in. It was just too big to fit between the gate and the cat door. Cats being as slinky as they are were still able to manage getting in and out of the house.

        • The raccoon only managed to get into the house 4 times until we found the proper block to keep it out. Even with the cat door locked, it was strong enough to push pass the lock. In the late evening, I could hear the raccoons outside calling to each other. If I had a dog, there wouldn’t have been a raccoon problem.

      • I guess I shouldn’t complain about the raccoons raiding the garbage outside. One did come in the garage once and tear open bird seed.

    • Hershey’s chocolate is such crap the air probably tastes better. Do you get to see Stephanie Miller in the morning ever on Current?

      • I leave for work before her show starts. I catch some of Bill Press in the mornings, if I eat breakfast at home. I get home in time to watch Cenk, and sometimes I make it to Jennifer Granholm.

        • Hershey’s chocolate tastes unique because it is a blend of child slave labor at the cocoa plantations carefully blended with corporate offshore tax hidey holes.

  2. There was one little skunk kitten we used to call “Stampy” because he would hiss and stamp his feet at you if you tried to take away the food. But he never threatened to spray. He was funny. And cute.

  3. Skunks are a real problem where I lived in Northern Arizona.
    I was not bothered by them.
    I had a gigantic pack of javelina that would bed down along side the cabin and raid the trash can.
    I thus concluded that javelina and skunk do not share territory.
    It was a good trade.
    I’ll take the javelina over skunks anyday.

  4. With these two big hunting dogs who chase everything in the yard I fear it’s only a matter of time until somebody gets skunked. The racoons raid my garbage nightly. What the heck is a javelina?

  5. All last summer we had the cutes little gray/black/white woodpecker making a hole in the cedar siding. Now there’s some kind of baby birds in the hole. Drives the German shorthair pointer crazy.

  6. Back in my younger days we lived across the street from a rather large chunk of woods and swamp. Skunks, raccoons, possums and deer lived there because the far back side of the tract led into the woods outside town. Drove my Mom crazy because me and my friends were forever collecting the various kits, pups and such. Dad was more understanding and volunteered to cart them off to one of the farms owned by relatives on weekends. My youngest picked that trait up from me. She even nursed a bat with a broken wing bone and hunted down a bat rescue group to take the little guy. I think he is a resident in the Brookfield Zoo these days.

  7. “What’s on your mind today?”

    Same thing that’s on my mind every day…hey…I’m a Scorpio, what can I say?


  8. Grrrrr. Willard’s idea of having your parents fund your business venture is fueling a rant of epic proportions.

  9. I like skunks. Also racoons, javelina, bear, deer, birds, cats, mice, dogs, wolves — love wolves — coyotes, cougars, … the list goes on. I like ALL animals, in fact, except for one particularly disgusting species, one that makes skunks smell like Chanel perfume in comparison:


    • I wonder how much of an asshole this guy was to stir up that reaction, but yeah, pretty damn stupid to put yourself in that chair.

    • nwog:

      I’m the guy in the center frame with a beige hat on. Actually the only one with a hat on. Good shot of me on the left when the crowd parts when the Grimm enters the lodge.

    • Hulu refuses to show this to me without me enabling ads. So, no. I stuck with Grimm for quite awhile when it started, because I was willing to put up with cheesy and because it’s set here in Portland. Of course, that also means that the jiggering with geography jumped right out at me, too. At any rate, I got bored. I would be curious about working as an extra, though.

      • I agree Gum. I think it’s boring too; although probably not marketed towards me anyway.
        I got the one day gig answering a Craigslist ad. 7 hours of work, two hours of driving netted me $49 large ones. Yesiree that’s $49 smackaroos. But I did have fun, met some nice people, wasn’t doing much anyway, so I would do it again.

  10. We used to have a possum that came up on the porch to eat cat food. If we scared it, it would leap off the porch which is about 4 feet high. It make a very funny “whomp” sound when it hit the ground so making the possum go whomp was a favorite family activity.

    • In our county, stray cats are considered wild animals like any other, and you can get a visit from the Health Dept and fined $1000 if you’re caught doing it. We got the visit but avoided the fine after paying about $1000 to get them all spayed and neutered.

  11. Since not everyone here is on FB, I am reposting the article below. The leading paragraph (written by Joe Romm) says

    Two leading political scholars β€” representing the conservative American Enterprise Institute and the centrist Brookings Institution – have published a must-read article, β€œLet’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.”

    Yes THAT AEI and Brookings. This is how extreme they’ve become, that their own defenders and enablers are no longer willing to play the false balance game.

  12. Bob Jones University student kicked out days before graduation for watching Glee and updating Facebook during class.

    B.J. University.


    • Not sure about the “and”: was the student (watching Glee) AND (udating FB during class)? Or was he (watching Glee and updating Facebook) during class?

      • The offenses ranked up as followed:

        – Updating his Facebook during class

        – watching the FOX TV show glee

        – Updating his status to a contemporary christian music song by Matthew West called “Only grace”

        So, just the fact he watched Glee. A.Ma.Zing.

        • We all know it’s only the Left that tries to suppress thought crimes. Right? I mean I must have heard that a thousand times from RWNJs.

          • Gum, that is something of an oxymoron. One has to be able to have a thought in order to have a thought crime.

  13. Finally. I just ordered my copy of the movie I may appear in. The film sounds interesting even if they cut me out of it.

      • The film is titled Nonames and was released 3/6/12. From the trailer it looks pretty good. Totally set in my neighborhood. Whether it is a good film, I can’t say yet.

        • Is this the one filmed in 2010 with Gillian Jacobs? She the blond from Community.

            • It does sound good. Here’s the cast list but if you’re not on it does’t mean tey cut you:
              James Badge Dale … Kevin
              Gillian Jacobs … CJ
              Barry Corbin … Ed
              Darren E. Burrows … Officer Dale
              Jamie Harrold … Miller
              Jennifer Ferrin … Cori
              Michael Chernus … Danny
              Allen Hamilton … Jack
              Bill Heck … Simon
              James McCaffrey … Mr. Williams
              Peter McCain … Dave
              Lindsey Kraft … Steph
              Alexandra Neil … Mrs. Ellis
              Casey Greig … Carter
              Dan Hopman … Rich
              Lee Ernst … Mr. Ellis
              Other credited cast listed alphabetically
              Joel Aggerholm … Mike Olson
              Joe Battaglia … Officer Reed
              Justine Freedlund … Amanda
              Garrett Frels … Young Dave
              Terry Hempleman … Pat Ryan
              Carrie Hitchcock … Kevin’s Step-mom
              Taylor Janczak … Kaitlyn Williams
              Colton Janz … Young Kevin
              Kamilah Lay … Molly
              Tyler Martin … Young Rich
              Kathleen Reynolds … Kaitlyn – 12
              Payton Sorenson … Young CJ
              Trevor Torseth … Brady
              Cynthia Uhrich … Mrs. Ryan
              Ben Wessling … Young Simon
              Jonathan West … Officer Hobbs
              Kendel Williams … Young Carter
              Evan Wirtz … Young Danny
              Rest of cast
              Suzanne Gibbons … Background (uncredited)

          • I had a shot a a couple of the supporting parts at first but in the end I played the minister (go ahead and laugh, I did))

            • Oh my, you must be a really good actor! Were you in a real church and did the walls fall down? πŸ™‚

            • The story is weird. The actual story is real and the director wanted to tell it because it was her brother who lived it. At first it was going to be all no names. local talent. As it happened and gained attention it migrated to more Hollywood.

            • All those actors at the top are big time actors with big time agents. Did you hae fun?

            • Actually Shayne, it sucked. Totally turned me off from ever wanting to be involved with making a movie. A few of the ‘big” names were sort of decent and chatting with Barry Corbin was a hoot but overall, not much fun.

          • The way it started was the director felt the need to tell the story of how her brother basically got screwed in Central Wi. She wanted to use local talent to make a nonmainstream film. As it came together, more money became available and she went with outside, known talent. The title stayed the same, no names in the movie. As production went along, names got involved and the original intent went poof. (I was originally cast as the local cop)

            • Often times the big name talent puts money in the project and that’s how they keep working.

    • Are we supposed to ‘click on something’ or is it supposed to make sense on it’s own?

          • It’s too damn confusing, for me. Difficult to follow the conversation most of the time. The damn # (they call it a hashtag – it’ll always be the number a/o pound sign me) gives me a headache. I never know if it’s addressing someone or is the addressee!
            I still check it every so often.

            • Number Signs/Hashtags (#) are used to categorize a tweet, or to indicate it is related to a certain topic, like a TV show (#uppers) or some kind of Twitter game (#makemovietitlesbetterbyaddinginmypants).

              To address or reference a specific person (called a Mention), use the “at” symbol (@) at the beginning of the Twitter Screen name (@WayneASchneider).

              Single letters & numbers R often substituted 4 longer words 2 make it easier 2 fit inside your 140-char limit.

              “RT” means Retweet, which is often done to add a comment to the tweet being sent again, and “MT” means “modified tweet”, to indicate it your repeating one part of the tweet.

              That should help you understand some of what you see. πŸ™‚

          • Hi house, I’m just getting around to addressing your comment about procrastinators. On Twitter nobody can remember what they said so they don’t know if you answer them or not.

  14. Is anybody planning on watching the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? The ‘red carpet’ portion is live right now on C-Span. CNN coverage starts at 9:30pm Eastern, and MSNBC at 10pm. Kimmel and Obama are supposed to be on about 10:20pm.

    • I’m listening to Prairie Home Companion at present. Listening to people eating dinner? Maybe later. πŸ˜‰

    • Jane and I will be watching, but not likely from this room where we can tweet or blog or anything. Your times are what I understood to be the schedule, too.

      I think Jimmy Kimmel will be good. He’s had plenty of experience doing political comedy. And let’s face it, there’s been plenty of material from which he could draw. I comfort myself with this one fact: He’s no Rich Little.

      And Obama is usually really funny at these things. He has a great sense of humor, and has very good comedic timing. He knows how to tell a joke well.

      • Wayne, I think it will be good too.

        Y’all need a wireless router so you could move a computer closer to the tv.

        • We have a TV in the computer room that can get many of the same channels, but because we’re next to my mother’s side of the house (and she reads this blog occasionally), let’s just say our ability to enjoy it comfortably is hampered. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks house, I knew there was something I wanted to watch tonight butcouldn’t remember what the hell it was. It’s on during Doc Martin. What to do?

      • What’s a Doc Martin? I know what Doc Martens are.

        I’m watching the Richmond Nascar race. It’s called the ‘Capital City 400 Presented by Virginia is for (Married) Lovers Race’. They forgot the married part in the title. Can’t be making no babies without being married no more in Virginia!

        • It’s a PBS show that has a Dr. that was a surgeon but can’t look at blood so he’s working as a family doc in a small English town. I got to it late like Downton Abbey.

  15. Just finished listening to the President and Jimmy Kimmel at the Nerd Prom, while I’ve been working on my niece’s graduation present. The President did very well, and Jimmy just okay. I liked that he claimed Jake Tapper wrote all the crappy jokes.

    Ugh, Ed Henry will be hosting next year. πŸ˜›

    • I thought Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes were good but his delivery sucked. Must have been nervous.

      • I don’t really know much about him, so I thought maybe that was his style.

        Loved the beginning of Obama’s piece, where he pretended not to know the mic was on!

    • Why? Do they expect Romney will be president? Try to picture Mittens delivering the lines that Obama did tonight. It’d be worse than open mic night at The Improv.

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