Sunday Roast: The President owns the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner

Heh.  The President killed at last night’s Nerd Prom…

What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?

Pitbull is delicious.

Cue that awful woman from Alaska to whine that the President is attacking her.  Ha!  I think Michelle didn’t know that one was coming. 

This is our daily open thread — Enjoy!

89 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The President owns the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. I’m just glad I happened to change the channel about a minute after 10 PM, or we would have missed the president entirely. The crawl on the bottom of the C-SPAN coverage kept saying they would both appear at 10:20 PM ET. When I did change it, Obama had already started, so I’ll have to play the first minute to see what we missed.

    He was great! I didn’t think he would go there with the pitbull joke, and he made a few other dog-eating jokes, too. Now it can’t be an issue in the campaign, while Mitt’s lies about Seamus can. (Romney claims the dog lived a long happy life at his sister’s farm, but his sons were heard saying the dog ran away once they got to Canada.)

  2. I am enjoying my Sunday morning and my cat just walked across the table like she owned it and sat her butt right down on the only single 8X10 piece of paper on the table. What is it with cats and having to sit on paper?

  3. Watching Meet the Press now and I’d love to slap David Gregory upside the head. Lets Ed Gillespie spew all kinds of lies and than Robert Gibbs comes on and he cross examines him like he’s on trial. What a jerk.

    • It gets worse when Rachel gets on. You’ll want to smack Gregory and Castellanos both in the head. And that Stepford wife Repug rep they had on, too.

      • You are so right. My usually low blood pressure has exploded. And on top of that Gregory cross examined Robert Gibbs like he was on trial.

  4. I had to leave the Sunday Suckups for a live Indycar race from Brazil. I can’t watch them later on DVR, because I won’t get the live timing and scoring on the internet during the event.

    Three ladies in this race, Katherine Legge, Ana Beatriz, and Simona de Silvestro, but they are at the back of the grid. Rain is expected during the race, so anything can happen, if somebody calls the right tire change strategy in changing from slicks to rain tires.

    • Wow, according to the commenters Obama has now killed more people than Bill Clinton. Didn’t Bill supposedly kill someone with a train?

      • How many did Dubsy do in? I’ve heard estimates of anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 (or more) in Iraq alone. Course, them’s A-rabs, so no worries.

        Strange world, this one.

      • This commenter had the “I Support Newt” gravatar:

        In response to another commenter remarking “Obama death toll – so far”

        Don’t forget Vince Foster, friend to the Clintons who was killed during the 2008 campaign cycle…
        Reply · 7 · Like

        hmm, never mind the fact Vince committed suicide in 1993!

      • With a lead pipe. Seriously, I am stunned by the paranoia in that crowd. And the sheer stupidity. Can’t believe they’re still convinced that Breitbart was “taken out” by Obama’s minions. It seems he was a far more important nutbag than I knew. And if it wasn’t for me wasting hours on lefty blogs, I would never have even heard of Breitbart — or Saul Alinsky. Weird netherworld over there.

        • Agreed. I feel slimy after reading some of that stuff. It embarrasses me that they are human. It’s almost as if they live an alternate reality, (which some of them do… take that North Bend, WA guy who killed his wife and daughter, escaped to the woods and killed himself).

  5. Just in case any of y’all are willing to sign this petition:
    This case stunned my community. The state police claim the officer said his arm was caught in the window of her Jeep (with hand crank windows) so he shot to free himself. Then he emptied the gun into the back of the vehicle as it continued to drive away. Several witnesses say the arm was not in the window. Most of us just want to know what the heck went wrong here.

    • How would firing a gun free an arm from a car window? And if he did do something that stupid, I sure as hell would want to get away from him ASAP.

      Why is it okay to shoot someone who is trying to get away from you? Clearly, the danger is no longer present, and the cop had to have her license plate number already, so they could just drive up to her house later on and say “WTF was that about?”

    • Done.
      Ten weeks! Ten weeks of silence/cover up/thinking of a better “excuse” to murder someone. That is unacceptable – especially since the police officer is still working. He should at least be removed from duty.

  6. I read this a couple days ago but it’s getting more traction now. Martin Wolf is chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, London. This is a bit wonky but…

    “Historically, the emergence of huge inequalities in wealth and political power has destroyed democratic republics, turning them into entrenched oligarchies, instead. This is bad politically. It is almost certain to be bad economically, too, as the oligarchy uses its power to reduce economic competition.

    In sum, the assumption that the right thing to do is to lower top tax rates still further is very hard to justify. Indeed, the wealthiest people, who live off their capital, pay very little tax, relative to their true incomes. The case for reform has become overwhelming.”

  7. It’s comforting to know that if Romney was president, he would have rescued GM with the very plan that he devised all on his own.

    • Delusional syndrome:

      “[Romney’s] position on the bailout was exactly what President Obama followed. I know it infuriates them to hear that,” Eric Fehrnstrom, senior adviser to the Romney campaign, said.

      “The only economic success that President Obama has had is because he followed Mitt Romney’s advice.”

  8. Dan Savage causes a walkout at an anti-bullying talk at a high school journalism conference when he points out that we’ll make some progress on bullying when Christians treat the parts of the Bible that mention homosexuality the same way that they treat the parts that mention slavery. My guess is these kids are Young Republican/Christianists.

    • But if those empty-headed children can’t hate and bully the gays, who will they hate? Most of the kids stayed, and that is heartening.

      Love the way he handled it. Being a homophobe and getting called a “pansy ass” by a gay dude has got to sting. 😀

    • I like Dan’s approach!

      The ‘walk out’ seemed to have been pre-planned meaning that many people weren’t affronted by the moment of the speech.

      • “Open minded” enough to sit in a room where a gay man speaks, but brainwashed enough to be unable to hear criticism of the instruciton manual they ignore.

        Yeah, I bet it was planned ahead of time. Avoid ridicule by peers for not showing up, but the first sign of insult to their religion is their excuse to leave.

    • My husband and I were traveling recently and I usually opt out of the nekid screeners that they use and was participating in the local TSA meet and grope before heading for our plane… there really isn’t anything to do besides nod and let them feel you up, so I usually just crowd watch at that point. And I started noticing that there is this TSA desk with a large yellow “flammable” cabinet (like the kind we used to use in the lab) behind it and I got to wondering what kind of chemicals might be in one of those…. and I remarked to my husband later, that
      they won’t let you take flammables on the plane, but here was one big cabinet that was sitting out in the open like that.

      • Could be where they keep the nekid pictures?

        I don’t fly anymore, haven’t since before 911 even, and have no plans to ever do it again. In any case, we’re actually closer to a rail depot here than we are to an airport, and could fairly easily catch a train to AZ (Flagstaff) or CA (LA) or even points east (where I have no interest in going in any case). I’ve always enjoyed rail travel, and on our next visit to AZ (if indeed we ever decide to go) will probably either try the train or else drive. I’ve gotten too crotchety in my old age to put up with TSA idiots, esp. since I never travel with a bomb anyway, and therefore there’s no need for them to bother me.

        • I agree. Bombs are just too unwieldy to carry, so I just leave them at home and get “bombed” on the plane instead.

  9. Pictures of the book bag and pencil case I made for my niece’s graduation gift — she’s off to the Texas A&M genetics program in the fall!

    I hope she likes this little monster on the side of her bag. 😉

    • Johnson came to the same conclusion I did this morning, and also Mugsy, that Castellanos was incredibly condescending. Nicole Belle had a technical issue this morning, and her thread didn’t post. I was commenting on the Open Thread, while Mugsy was using the Mike’s Blog Roundup thread.

    • That tone he takes with Rachel is infuriating. It’s the same tone my ex used to take when he was assuring me that yes, I actually fucked up in the head, and it’s not him at all.


  10. I’m watching a war criminal, Jose Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service, on 60 Minutes, trying to justify Bush’s torture of detainees. He’s explaining many of the details of the procedures.
    By the precedent set at Nuremburg, this guy is as guilty as any of them. Following orders was not an accepted defense.

    They weren’t trying to thwart future attacks, they were trying to justify their illegal war.
    He claims he ordered the interrogation tapes destroyed to protect his agents’ identities. I bet.

    • Ahh, well, he’s not technically lying, is he? See, he DID have to destroy every interrogation tape (which, I would have THOUGHT was in and of itself a major crime…) to protect the identities of his agents who gleefully participated in torture in direct contravention to national and international laws. See, he just left off that last bit.

      He wasn’t protecting his agents from “the enemy”, he was protecting them from prosecution for their war crimes.

    • This war criminal has absolutely no idea the damage that Bush’s, actually Cheney’s, demands for made to order intel damaged the organization he worked for. Good people resigned or retired in shame and disgust. I know it’s wrong, but I hate this person. He does not in any way represent the good men and women of the CIA.

    • I saw that segment… shameful. Says he destroyed the tapes after the administration didn’t give him instructions yes or no… at least not where there is any tapes of if…

  11. Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell On State Of The Union

    Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer mentions something I had not heard before, about the Keystone pipeline, at around 3:30+ on the clip.

    Crowley: “Let me pick up on the Keystone pipeline, because I know it’s something you support, the president may support it in the future, has supported parts of it. But there’s, you know, the fact of the matter is this is a pipeline that would move energy or oil and gas for oil from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico. And the president so far has put the brakes on its completion.”

    Schweitzer: “Well, let me add to that. Actually it would also move Montana oil. I negotiated with TransCanada when we gave them a permit that they would build 100 million-dollar on-ramps so that Montana oil… ”

    Crowley: ” You’re upset with the President, right, for stopping this?”

    Schweitzer: “Actually, pipelines are permitted state-by-state. Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, we’ve all permitted it, but Nebraska, they’ve said no, not so fast, Trans-Canada doesn’t even have a route yet. You can’t have an application approved, Bob knows that, because he approves pipelines in his own state — until you have a route. As soon as Nebraska allows a right of route across Nebraska, TransCanada can make a completed application and then the president and the State Department need to act.”

    So the real holdup is not Obama, but the state of Nebraska. That’s not how John Boehner and company have been telling it, is it? Obama said they could build the lower part of the pipeline, as it has already been permit-approved by the relevant states. He’s not stopping them.

    Nebraska’s Governor is in favor of the pipeline, so why has the new route not been approved by their state? Trans-Canada is on board with changing the route.

    • Is everyone so all-fired fucking concerned about MONEY that they forget about the Oglalla Aquifer? Tar sands oil is really dirty and nasty stuff, and they want to pump it right over the aquifer.

      That is insanity!

      • Last year, TransCanada had something like one major leak a month in the smaller pipelines it has strung across the Dakotas and such; one of which dumped some 20,000 (gallons? barrels?) of shite. (Climate Progress noted this, even as the MSM did not.)

  12. On a note completely unrelated to anything, I would like to posit that wedding ceremonies and the endless stream of forced “memorable moments” that go with the receptions are inventions of primal forces of darkness that hate humanity. Enough with the, “And NOW we’ll have the special “New Mother-in-Law Dance With the Third Cousin’s Sister’s Best Friend’s Roommate””. Ooooohhhhh! Everyone keep those cameras out. Only 147 more “memorable dances” before we think about letting anyone eat any food……

    (o.k., maybe I’m bitter because I was sober and hungry…. however, the tornado sirens and major hailstorm did make it intersting for a while. And some people are quite stupid — hail, tornado sirens… let’s all go stand OUTSIDE and look at it….. … in my defense, I was merely following my Lady — I’ll be damned if SHE’S going to OZ without me….)

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