The Watering Hole, Thursday, April 26th, 2012: Odds & Ends, From Local to National

Let’s start off local and go on from there:

First: A follow-up to my recent mention of the local lack of enthusiasm for (or knowledge about) Tuesday’s New York Republican Primary. In Putnam County, just to the south of us, about 1500 people did their civic duty, a third of the number who turned out in 2008. Surprisingly, some voters cast their ballots for both Rick Santorum and New Gingrich. All in all, about 30% chose “Not Mitt RMoney.”

Second: Fanning outward a tad, five Democrats are now vying for the opportunity to unseat U.S. Representative Nan Hayworth (R-NY19.) Although this article from the Southeast-Brewster Patch is a few months old, it’s a very informative rundown on four of the five campaigners, who had participated in a forum back in January. The issues discussed (as seen in the article), all reflect concerns that are national in scope. (Note: Wayne and I met one of the candidates, Matt Alexander, at the local Dems holiday party back in December, and had a good chat with him. Nice guy, well-spoken without being ‘slick.’)

Third: Still focused on New York State, but, again, with national implications: For at least the 5th time, a medical marijuana bill should be introduced shortly in Albany. Apparently, this particular bill, at this particular time, may have a ghost of a chance; even the Wall Street Journal seems to believe there’s a glimmer of a possiblity. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that New York becomes the 17th State (plus the District of Columbia) to legalize medical marijuana.

Next: A article regarding former President Jimmy Carter’s comments about Mitt Rmoney; in another Newsmax article, Reince Priebus tries to wax enthusiastic about Mitt RMoney and the Republican chances in November.

Finally, just for laughs: a link from Newsmax led me to this too-funny-to-be-taken-seriously video. I could only watch about five minutes of it, but I found it pretty goofy – hope you do, too.

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The Watering Hole, Wednesday, April 25, 2012: ???


Good Morning, fellow Zoosters.

Is it Wednesday already?

I got nuttin… got a little swamped yesterday. Is Newt stil in it to win it? How did Mr. Etch a Sketch do in yesterday’s primaries? Why is it predominantly small Red states get to pick our Presidential candidates? By the time primaries come around to New York and California, all the good candidates have dropped out. (Not that there was any “good” Republican candidates this time around – Huntsman was barely passable as “good” but then he started moving to the Reich as well.)

If Romney is elected, will he impose Mormon Law on us?


The Watering Hole: Tuesday, April 24, 2102: Waz up?

Anybody notice the moment Mr. Etch a Sketch became the presumptive Republican Nominee, polls showed him in a dead tie with President Obama?

Do The Powers That Be want a race so tight either one could win by a Diebold?

And if The Powers That Be really want Mr. Etch a Sketch, why is the price of gas going down? The surest way to destroy the economy is to raise gas prices above $5.00/gallon, and that’s where they were heading not too long ago?

Newt…why are you still here?

Austerity measures are being rejected in Europe. Maybe that’s because only the working class had to suffer austerity…the wealthy got wealthier while everyone else suffered. The French Government was the first to go. hmmmmm….sounds familiar…..


The Watering Hole, Monday, April 23rd, 2012: Apple Blossom Time

Old orchard in spring

Snowy Blooms

Apple Blossom Buds

Since our office is situated next to an apple orchard, these days I have the pleasure of watching the opening blossoms, like huge snowflakes, on an entire hillside of apple trees. Combined with all of the other blossoming trees – redbud, lilac, magnolia, dogwood, cherry, plum, etc. – this brief but spectacular show of nature’s beauty should satisfy something in everyone’s soul.

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Sunday Roast: Tonight’s Sky

If you didn’t go out last night to see the Lyrid Meteor Shower, you’ll probably be able to see some leftovers tonight.  I’m planning on going down to Boiler Bay tonight (er, last night), to see what I can see.  Too bad my camera isn’t up to the task of taking pictures at night.  I’ll let you know what I see!

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Person Personhood

When the debate began to focus on calling impregnated eggs a “person” with all the rights of a live-born individual, this author predicted such a move would result in prosecuting and incarcerating women who suffered miscarriages.

Unfortunately, that is already happening, and has been going on for years. Laws written to charge an attacker with homicide for killing a fetus are being used, not to incarcerate attackers, but women who miscarry.

According to the article, in South Carolina, for example, one man has been charged for assaulting a pregnant woman, while 300 women have been arrested. A law designed to protect pregnant women has been used to attack women who get pregnant, then miscarry.

As this author stated earlier, prosecutors are going after women who use drugs. Even if there’s no connection to their drug use and their miscarriage, they face incarceration. It’s not too much of a leap to go after women who drink, or smoke, or, at some point, to charge an ob-gyn for negligent homicide should the doctor’s patient miscarry.

This nonsense has got to stop. It’s not about protecting life. If it were, these same people would be avidly against the death penalty and war. It’s about controlling others, women especially.

The United States of America is a democracy, not a theocracy. Women, if you like the notion of using the government to control what goes in and out of your vagina, continue to vote Republican. Men, if you like the notion that your wife or your daughters could be jailed for a decade just for having a miscarriage, continue vote Republican.

Or, don’t vote at all. Your silence is also acquiescense.

The Chess table has been set. Which role will you play? Pawn, Bishop, Knight, or Castle? Remember this, though, a Pawn that reaches its goal is transformed.